“Liberty” Is Another Name for El Cantare


What does the movie “The Final Judgement” mean for a Chinese audience?

At the present time, many Chinese people visit Japan for tourism or business. We, at Happy Science, are currently promoting the movie ‘The Final Judgment’ for people, and I suppose that many Chinese people have also watched the film. I wonder what meaning it has for them? It is said that many Chinese spies come to Japan, and so we must enlighten them whilst they are in Japan. Do you have a message for the Chinese people?


Master’s Answer:

The citizens take priority over national unity

OkawaThe Chinese authorities may interpret the movie ‘The Final Judgment’ as part of a movement against the Chinese government. This is correct in one sense, and it is wrong in another. This issue has to be thought of in the conceptual terms of “country” and “nation.”

I believe that a nation is created from its individual people. It is from the make-up of all the men and women. A nation is a collection of people. However, there are sometimes those who make the mistake of thinking that the nation comes first, and that the nation’s people are bound to obey and be subjugated by the state. Especially in nations with an authoritarian system people are constantly coming up against subjugation at the hands those who have been given the rights to do so, and are constantly under the watch of those in a position of power.

In these countries, the mindset of the people is torn apart and divided into two parts. The first is that of loyalty towards their nation, and the other is a kind of loyalty to their own conscience. This latter kind of loyalty towards one’s own conscious connects with a feeling of religious faith, but its expression is usually concealed.

We feel no hatred towards the Chinese people. Indeed, I believe that we should grow closer to them. However, although we open our hearts towards them in this way, the Chinese authorities understand politics and economics as entirely separate entities. They believe that while economic matters can be shared with Japan and the Western nations, it is unity and consistency that matters when it comes their political directions and governmental policy. They believe that this unification is the ultimate goal or final aim. Throughout history, the Chinese people have suffered through revolution and conflict. Because the Chinese empire contained so many small nations, unity was of exceptional importance. However, this unity sometimes entails the suppression of liberty-seeking people.


Liberty is another name for God, and a type of divine love

I want the Chinese citizens to be free. Under the name of liberty, they can seek the good, a sense of morality, and religious faith, and experience freedom of thought and speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to criticize their government.

Governments always despise criticism. The nation of China has grown too big, however, and so it is only natural that there are all kinds of different opinions about the government’s political policies and its capacity to rule. The Chinese must behave with modesty before the name of liberty.

“Liberty” is another name for God and His divine light. That is the true nature of liberty. Liberty means love from God. God’s love brings people liberty. The Chinese must create a political system where the government serves the people, instead of the people serving the government.

The ultimate objective of a nation is to give its people liberty and to lead them to prosperity and happiness. This is the final goal of a nation, and its raison d’être. The problem is that the concept of a nation and its raison d’être are wrongly understood. Simply preserving the existence of a nation is not God’s goal, and does not provide a good enough reason to use the citizens’ power to form a nation.

We must free the people of China. The people of North Korea also must be liberated. These people have the right to be loved by God, the right to be valued as children of God, and the right to be happy. My wish is simply to teach them these facts.

I have no hatred inside me. All that I have is love for the world, and love for liberty and prosperity. The people of China and North Korea have the right to believe in God. That is the reason that I made this movie ‘The Final Judgment.”


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“Liberty” Is Another Name for El Cantare
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