The Gospel of John Resurrected in Modern Times
"Jesus Manifested Miracles With Words" "John in the Gospel, Speaks About Jesus"


What are spiritual messages?

“Spiritual messages” is a phenomenon wherein the words belonging to spirits from the spiritual realm are channeled down. The ability for this belongs to those with a high level of enlightenment, and it is different from “psychic phenomenon” (the phenomenon where one loses consciousness and enters a trance, and the spirit alone talks). Further, in cases of non-Japanese spirits, it is possible to send spiritual messages by selecting words out of the spiritual medium’s native language, and thus have them understood in Japanese. For more information→ What is Master Okawa’s super spiritual power, “spiritual messages”?


What kind of a person was Jesus Christ? Did he really create miracles as they were described in the “Bible”?
To understand the mysteries of Christianity, Master Okawa conjured the spirit of John, the author of the Gospel.
According to modern biblical studies, the “Apostle John” and “John the author of the Gospel” are often treated as different persons. But with this spiritual message it has been revealed that they are one and the same person, as has been told from times past. The Gospel of John starts with “In the beginning was the Word,” and compared with the other 3 Gospels, it focuses heavily on the words of Jesus, and emphasizes love and faith.
The spirit of John started with fascinating details such as the appearance of Jesus and what his sermons were like. He stated that Jesus’ miracles “were all done through words”, and emphasized their existence. He stated that at the foundation of such a huge religion was a shocking miracle.


God Does Not Abandon Anybody

The spirit of John stated that, “Jesus wanted to say that God does not abandon anybody, no matter what their circumstance may be”, and that Jesus blessed especially those who appeared to be abandoned by the love of God. He stated that the essence of God and Jesus was to be found in universal love.
Furthermore, John talked about the truth behind Jesus’ words when he was on the verge of death, “My God, why have you forsaken me”, on the merits and demerits of Peter, critique of the theology of Paul, and on Mary Magdalene. Any one of these may potentially rock the legitimacy of traditional Christianity.
The spirit of John concluded with a sincere message to Christians and Muslims. Indeed, this spiritual message is one that makes us think about the future of religion.

The Gospel of John Resurrected in Modern Times
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