What Is Happening in the Middle East?
- Spiritual Messages From Muhammad – (Part 1)

In addition to publishing over 1,500 books worldwide, Master Okawa shares knowledge through spiritual messages that provide unique insights and valuable lessons. Master Okawa provides us with guidance from Guardian Spirits in his spiritual message series. These messages have been presented to followers of his lectures, articles, and books. Today as part of his new volume, “What is Happening in the Middle East,” he brings us the spirit of Muhammad, the Founder of Islam, to ascertain whether He can bring a new vision of what started as “The Arab Spring”. In the following Spiritual Messages, the Spirit of Muhammad candidly presents His views on what has developed in Islamic countries since the wave of demonstrations, riots, protests and civil wars commenced in December 2010. Below is an excerpt of the Spiritual Messages from Prophet Muhammad.


The Democratic Revolution of Islam and its Spiritual Background

At this stage it is still questionable whether what is happening can be called a revolution or represents nothing more than a minor hiccup, but we can clearly see that after Tunisians started showing their anger in popular uprisings, the movement has spread to many other desert countries.

As this movement spreads in the Islamic world, I wanted to find out whether Muhammad was involved and supporting this from the spirit world.

In any case, it is clear that people in the Islamic world are engaging in revolutionary activities, and it is one of our basic tasks at Happy Science to look into the spiritual background behind these activities.

Muhammad, Founder of Islam, Messenger of God’s word,
Please descend upon Happy Science General Headquarters.
If you have any information about the uprisings in the Middle East, we would be honored to hear what you know.
Muhammad, Founder of Islam,
Spirit of Muhammad, Founder of Islam,
Please honor us with Your Presence and help us get closer to the truth.


Muhammad: Islam Needs Reforms

— Now we are seeing a major protest movement that has spread from Tunisia to Egypt and Libya,
How do you view this movement from the spirit world? Are you involved in it?

Muhammad: Happy Science is a new player in the game, and in your eyes, Islam needs reforms. Now the conflict between Islam and Christianity has stopped being the central future conflict – in addition we now have to deal with another viewpoint – yours. You think Islam needs reforms, and in a way, I agree.

Over 1000 years have passed since our religion was founded, and since then Islam has not moved an inch in terms of rituals and ideology.

Now a new religion has emerged (Happy Science), and I realize that your religion has shown a certain level of tolerance towards Islam. This makes me think that rather than letting Christianity absorb us, we could take the path of popular uprisings in the Islamic world.

Your new religion severely criticizes communism, but its criticism of the Islamic world is just as severe. You compare us with communism, saying in our part of the world “everybody is equal under the military dictatorship”, that we abuse human rights and enforce an “equality of poverty.” Today, there are voices within the Islamic world that embrace your teachings.

If you manage to give the teachings of Islam their due place, while opening up a new horizon for them, I think it is possible that we could coexist to a certain degree. This is exactly the kind of thing we are looking for.

In this sense, I feel the time has come, and this concerns me too, because only last year you invited me for a spirit interview that has opened up an immense new channel in the spirit world and allowed us to start a potentially very fruitful exchange.


It Was Elohim Who Introduced Revolutionary Ideas in the Middle East

— Is there anybody else who is actively providing guidance and advice in this sudden democratization movement?

Muhammad: I believe a higher power is involved in this.

— I believe the Great El Cantare is pushing for Islamic reforms. May I assume that He is giving you guidance?

Muhammad: Elohim is the central god of the Middle East. “Allah” is not the name of a separate god. Muslims have used many names to refer to their god.

We use the word “Allah” for our god, and sometimes, we use other names, but really, the central god of the Middle East is Elohim.
Elohim’s assistant is the one you call Zoroaster, or Mani.

The central divine force active in the Middle East is Elohim. In other words I think it is Elohim who is implanting revolutionary ideas in the Mediterranean economic sphere including the Middle East and parts of Europe and Africa.


This Is the World Revolution of El Cantare

Muhammad: The reforms in North America are still mainly governed by Thoth, while it seems like in Asia, La Mu is fighting for free defense, and Rient Arl Croud is involved in the liberation of South and Central America.

Today your new Japanese religion is trying to convert the entire globe, but I think this would require a simultaneous worldwide revolution. This has already started on a spiritual level, and we will see the world change before next year.

This is all based on the ideas of El Cantare, and is likely going to include changes in the U.S. as well as South and Central America, and as He also seems to be thinking of bringing greater prosperity to Asia, the prevalent ideology there is also likely to undergo significant changes soon.

People in the Middle East want Japan to prosper and see your religion get stronger. They place their hopes in you to end the domination of Christianity and white rule, and become a leading country in the world. They believe that this could be the way to overcoming religious and racial discrimination.

I think if we do not separate politics and the military, Islamic reforms cannot be very successful, so I believe we need to let the God of Freedom work his magic.

What Is Happening in the Middle East?
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