Revealing the Role of Tsukuyominomikoto, a Mystery of Japanese Mythology
"Ultra Ancient Japanese History Research ‘Tsukuyominomikoto' Who Was It"


What are spiritual messages?

“Spiritual messages” is a phenomenon wherein the words belonging to spirits from the spiritual realm are channeled down. The ability for this belongs to those with a high level of enlightenment, and it is different from “psychic phenomenon” (the phenomenon where one loses consciousness and enters a trance, and the spirit alone talks). Further, in cases of non-Japanese spirits, it is possible to send spiritual messages by selecting words out of the spiritual medium’s native language, and thus have them understood in Japanese. For more information→ What is Master Okawa’s super spiritual power, “spiritual messages”?


Tsukuyominomikoto appears in the “Kojiki” and “Nihonshoki”. Along with Amaterasuomikami and Susanoonomikoto, she is one of the “Sankishi” gods. However, compared with the other two gods, there is very little record of her and she is shrouded in mystery. Master Okawa conjured forth the spirit of Tsukuyominomikoto to reveal part of the mystery of Tsukuyominomikoto and Japanese Shinto.

The spirit of Tsukuyominomikoto described her role as, “reigning over the night” and, “serving as a bridge between this world and the next”. In the “Kiki” Tsukuyominomikoto’s gender is not mentioned, but here it was revealed that she is a female spirit.

In the “Nihonshoki,” there is a tale of Tsukuyominomikoto becoming angry and killing Ukemochinokami, who tried to show hospitality by spitting out food, saying that it was disgusting. The spirit of Tsukuyominomikoto explained that this symbolized the stopping of the unhygienic practice of making liquor by fermenting grains with saliva by putting them in the mouth, as was taught from down south. And she revealed that in addition to the method of making liquor by mixing yeast to rice, she “created the tradition of Japanese food culture, and the basis for its approach”.

In this spiritual message, one can find the relationship between Tsukuyominomikoto and Amaterasuomikami’s sun worship, the roles of the Sankishi, the secrets of the Yamato court, and what the legend of Yamatanoorochi symbolizes. This spiritual message is a must-read for those interested in the roots of the Japanese nation.

Revealing the Role of Tsukuyominomikoto, a Mystery of Japanese Mythology
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