The Grand Strategy for Prosperity

At a lecture in Saitama, Happy Science founder and CEO, Ryuho Okawa, Expounds on “The Grand Strategy for Prosperity” for the World.

On July 8th at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama city, Happy Science founder and CEO Ryuho Okawa’s birthday was celebrated with the lecture “The Grand Strategy for Prosperity”. Happy Science boasts over 12 million faithful in over 100 nations, and the celebration became a global event with the lecture being broadcast live in over 3500 locations around the world.

Master Okawa has preached in all five continents on a variety of issues including the teachings of the mind, the secrets of the spiritual world, outlooks on life, politics and economics, and business management. Furthermore, the intensity of his activities is incredible, with over 2,200 lectures as of this May, and a total of more than 1600 publications as of the end of June.

In his lecture, Master Okawa touched upon population growth, poverty, and the multitude of problems that the world currently faces, and had this to say about seeking peace and prosperity:

“If each citizen were to believe that a bright future would arrive by manipulating policy, systems, and organizations in order to receive hand outs from the government, this is insufficient training and study for the human spirit.”

“It is necessary to return to basics, and ask oneself ‘What can I do?'”

This celebration is one of the two largest annual celebrations for the Happy Science group. It stands next to the “El Cantare Celebration” which is celebrated in December, that gives thanks to the Global God, El Cantare, and where the faithful pledge to strive to establish a utopia.

Other points discussed in this lecture include the following:

  • An assessment of the Abe Administration.
  • What is an “internal revolution”/”revolution within one’s mind”?
  • Conditions to be considered “one who excels”.
  • The problems with those who believe that “man can replace God”.
  • The “order” that the Gods in the heavens gave to man.

This lecture, that describes the path that Japan and the World should take, can be seen at any Happy Science branch office or temple around the World until July 21st.

The Grand Strategy for Prosperity
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