The Truth on the Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
Spiritual Revelations From Edgar Cayce / Recorded on March 13, 2014

The Truth on the Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Spiritual Revelations From Edgar Cayce
Recorded on March 13, 2014

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 (Boeing 777-200) departing from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, carrying 239 passengers and crew has gone missing. A number of countries are involved in the search for the missing aircraft, including China, Japan and the United States. The reports have been confusing, as no unusual contact from Flight MH370 was made, no automatic distress signal was made. Even speculation of terrorism or a missile attack has been suggested.

In these circumstances, Master Ryuho Okawa of the Happy Science Group, using the greatest spiritual power available to humanity, called on the spirit of the famed “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce, to conduct a “clairvoyance reading” concerning the fate of Flight MH370. This was done 5 days after the plane went missing, on March 13, 2014.

※The video recording of “The Truth About the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Accident” by the spirit of Edgar Cayce, which Master Okawa had called upon, will be available for viewing at Happy Science temples and branches across the country via urgent showing as of Friday, March 14th.


Complicated Reporting, Including Speculations of Terrorism and a Possible Missile Attack

It was reported that an oil spill found on the ocean surface 20 nautical miles off the coast of Kota Bharu in the Kelantan State of Malaysia might be connected to Flight MH370. However, it was later confirmed that the fuel did not match that used by the Flight. Moreover, various newspapers and television companies began suggesting the possibility of terrorism when reports of passengers travelling with stolen passports came to light.

A number of countries, such as America, Japan and China, are involved in the search using ships and aircrafts, but have not found the Airline as of March 14th.

When such mysterious incidents have occurred, investigative authorities often seek the advice of spiritual mediums to help uncover the truth. This has been done historically in many different countries. It is said that, especially during the Cold War era between the States and the Soviets, spiritual mediums were used by the CIA or the KGB to steal military secrets through spiritual visions and ESP.

American presidents throughout history often relied on astrological spiritual mediums as well. Franklin Roosevelt made Ms. Jeane Dixon, who predicted the assassinations of Gandhi and Kennedy, an advisor. President Reagan’s wife, the First Lady Nancy Reagan, also had an astrologer as an advisor, Ms. Joan Quigly, and consulted with her on various matters such as presidential press conferences, State of the Union Addresses, and even the timing for take offs and landings of Air Force One. It has been speculated that Ms. Quigly created the opportunity to end the Cold War when she claimed that General Secretary Gorbachev would be open to discussions.

Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science, a worldwide universal religion, possesses a special knowledge or power that transcends the “six special knowledges,” which the Shakyamuni Buddha possessed. Through such powers as the “divine ear,” with which one can hear the voice of spirits from the spiritual realm, he has done spiritual messages with over 500 persons. Further, Master Okawa can mix “divine legs” and “divine eyes” and send part of his spirit body off to “Area 51, a military base in Nevada” to conduct remote viewing. He would call forth the spirit of Edgar Cayce and conduct “time slip readings,” which revealed many facts.

On the afternoon of March 13, 2014 (Japanese time), 5 days post-disappearance of Flight MH370, Master Okawa called forth the spirit of Edgar Cayce, and conducted a “clairvoyance reading.”


“The Main Left Wing Broke Apart From Midway, During Flight, and Went Down”

The conjured spirit of Cayce first began working his clairvoyance in this situation when something unusual occurred to Flight MH370.

He stated, “The passenger flight’s main left wing broke off from around the midsection and hung down. It then disintegrated. Unable to fly straight, the aircraft spun down from the lower left. There was no time to announce anything to the passengers, and it was not a situation where the pilot could have called air traffic control. The pilot panicked and tried to do something about it, but it was realized too late that the main wing had been blown off.”

The media reported that Flight MH370 “took a U-turn heading towards the Straits of Malacca,” and that there was a “radar signal around the Straits of Malacca.” Cayce’s spirit however, has rejected these claims. He stated instead the following:

“It’s been reported that perhaps it had returned to the Straits of Malacca, but it looks like they flew straight towards Beijing’s direction, and have fallen in a very deep part of the South China Sea. The waters are quite deep there. Even at the shallowest, it has sunk at least a 1000 meters and so it will not be easy to recover the wreckage. It cannot be reached even with submarines. It will be very difficult to conduct an investigation.”


“This Was Not a Missile Attack or Terrorism. This Was an Accident”

The spirit of Cayce went on to say this about the cause of the crash:

“There was a problem with the plane. The plane had been in an accident before. They had tried to fix it extensively, but apparently it was not enough. This does not appear to be a missile attack or terrorism. This was an accident.”

It is the 15th now, and many countries are working together in search of Flight MH370, trying to figure out its flight path, and searching the ocean where it might have fallen. We can only pray that they will find the crash site and be able to find out if the plane was damaged and reveal any other causes. According to Cayce’s spirit reading, the casualties are numerous, as has been reported, and we pray for the happiness of those who lost their lives and now reside in the spiritual realm.

The Truth on the Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
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