The Failure of Delayed Military Intervention The Syrian People Abandoned by the United States

The Failure of Delayed Military Intervention
The Syrian People Abandoned by the United States

The second series of peace talks held from February 10, 2014 to end the three-year-old Syrian civil war produced no concrete results. The Assad regime has given no consideration to the anti-government side’s request to set up a transitional government.

On February 2nd, when difficulties in the talks were anticipated, an article appeared in the Washington Post entitled, “U.S. Secretary of State Kerry Admits American Diplomacy Concerning Syria Is a Failure.” That is not surprising. Having abandoned their role as the “world police,” America’s timid diplomacy has had a large influence on the Syrian civil war degrading into a quagmire.

President Obama, who is trying to reduce the budget deficit, announced in August of 2012 that military intervention would be considered based upon whether or not the Syrian government force used chemical weapons. However, even when evidence of their use was revealed, Obama did not intervene.

The Assad regime had promised the U.N. they would destroy chemical weapons. But why would they keep such a promise when they see America seeking to avoid intervention? The process of delivering these chemical weapons outside of Syria, per their agreement, is in fact greatly behind schedule.

Time has gone by without any effective measures being taken, and more than 130,000 civilians have been killed.

Furthermore, the situation is becoming ever more complicated with armed and terrorist groups from the surrounding countries entering Syria in the midst of the confusion caused by the civil war. The price to be paid for the delayed American military intervention is increasing daily.

Protect the Innocent
The international community is trying to move Syria to a peace negotiation, but the autocratic President Assad seems unwilling to agree to the setting up of a transitional government.

In September of last year, Master Ryuho Okawa of the Happy Science Group called upon the guardian spirit of President Assad. Upon inquiry, the Assad spirit answered that “I’m just trying to hide chemical weapons,” and, “those who go against my will are evil.” He revealed that in order to protect his own power, he would not hesitate to massacre his own people.

The American Republican, Senator McCain, has advocated military support for the anti-government militia. However, President Obama in his State of the Union Address in January, announced that intervention in the international conflict should be avoided, and stated his decision to focus on the domestic economy and its recovery as well as correcting the disparities between the rich and the poor.

As America abandons its role as the “world police” and concentrates on domestic issues, violence is becoming rampant in a “world without a police” presence,

America ought to reflect on its responsibility as the greatest military power in the world, and act upon it. Diplomatic failure will result in a loss of trust from the international community, and give rise to even more innocent victims.

The Failure of Delayed Military Intervention The Syrian People Abandoned by the United States
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