Typhoon Haiyan Spoke Spiritual Truths About Natural Catastrophes
Gods on a Global Scale Have Become Angry Regarding Materialist Paradigms Among People on Earth.

A super typhoon with maximum instantaneous wind speeds of up to 105 meters made a direct hit on Leyte Island in the Philippines, the largest of its kind since scientists began to record such observations in 1950s. As the world scrambled to send aid there, BBC
reporters claimed that the number of people affected has reached over 11,000,000, and 6,750,000 people have been displaced.

Furthermore, after receiving a request from the government of the Philippines, the U.S. dispatched a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Various countries, such as Japan, Australia, Britain, and Indonesia, along with the U.S. have dispatched their militaries with aid. They have been quickly responding on a large scale.

On the local levels, the government’s rescue efforts have been slow and dissatisfaction and confusion have been growing as law and order have been swiftly deteriorating. The need for foreign aid has become ever more important.

The media outlet Al Jazeera pointed to global warming as the culprit in the title, “Typhoon Haiyan highlights the global cost of climate change.”

Is the extreme scale of Typhoon Haiyan really a result of global warming?

On the 12th, Master Okawa summoned the spirit that caused the typhoon in order to gain insights into its nature.

Below is an excerpt from, “Exploring Spiritual Realities Behind a Super Typhoon in the Philippines”.

Since November 13th, the public has been able to view a video recording of Master Okawa’s session at the Happy Science temples and branches all over Japan and around the world.

Master Okawa began with this comment; “I couldn’t help thinking about the typhoon since yesterday, because it was extremely huge.” He stated that in ancient times people attributed the cause of various natural phenomena to the gods.

For instance, they would have said such things as, “Zeus has thunder, and he uses it this way,” or, “Poseidon, the god of the sea, conjures up storms, creates tidal waves, and has the power to wreck havoc on the ocean surface.”

Is there a spiritual meaning behind Typhoon Haiyan? Or is it merely due to global warming that stormy weather is on the rise?

Even though it was the first time for Master Okawa to delve spiritually into the matter of a typhoon, he invoked the spirit, which was responsible for the typhoon in the Philippines, and remarked, “It’s normal after ten million people have been affected, and around ten thousand people have died, to feel deep inside you that Providence somehow moved on Earth,” and that, “there must have been a cause, which should have taught us something about the reason.”


Gods on a Global Scale Have Become Angry Regarding the Materialist Paradigms Among People on Earth

The spiritual entity responsible for the typhoon appeared in response to Master Okawa’s invocation. At first, it bellowed forth its fury, but eventually it began to communicate with words.

It revealed that it was a god from an area in the Philippines, and the spirit laid bare its anger towards modern materialistic paradigms.

It directed its hate toward the doctrines of Communist China, which have been threatening to sweep through Asia and to spread materialism and a denial of the gods.

Although the spirit claimed, “To have a heart that fears Providence is essential for faith,” it also observed, “Gods have become angry on a global scale.” Humans have become arrogant enough to believe that they could win against the gods, and they’ve begun to declare that they created the notion of God in the first place.

The spirit warned that people have come dangerously close to evoking “the wrath of God,” and if they disobey the will of God, humanity might perish. It gave the corruption of ancient Rome as an example, and said its sibling erupted the volcano that buried Pompeii.

Typhoon Haiyan Mentioned the Janus aspect of God.

When righteous people, who live according to God’s will, lose on Earth, God causes cataclysmic changes, and crushes the arrogance of mankind.

For example, North Korea has killed millions of people, and they’ve even appeared as if they were trying to become like God. However, the spirit commented, “They are in reality, evil.” It went on to say, “If humanity does not understand the difference in power between that government and God, then they should be destroyed. There is no way the North Korean leaders should be allowed to wield power over life and death. ”


Reconstruction Aid Has Become Used for Preparations for Future Military Occupations

With warnings about possible Chinese invasions due to its materialism-based military expansionism, the spirit revealed that it intended to create advantageous positioning for the U.S. and Japan as they begin to prepare for the next war. In fact, the affected areas, broadcast on television, resembled areas that were carpet bombed during the war.

The spirit expressed frustration regarding the timid Abe administration. It understood that Chinese and Korean protests have held Japan back from taking action on the international stage. It noted, “There must be people who profit from the media stories that put Japan down.”

The spirit urged Japan to take a leadership role:

Japan is being tested, to see if it has what it takes, to reflect on the current post-war conditions, and to lead and to protect it fellow Asian countries.


Typhoon Haiyan Wishes to See a Resurrection of Mu Civilization (Note 1)

Typhoon Haiyan would like to request Japan’s active support, but why should Japan agree to help?

Typhoon Haiyan made an announcement, “They had once been together, but they separated from the Mu Empire.” The spirit stressed, “It was not the same as the civilizations of Siberia or of the Tundra.” It stated that the ASEAN member countries of Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar have become in line with ideas that could bring about a resurrection of the Mu civilization. The Pacific and South East Asia might see the beginning of a “resurrection of Mu civilization” when Japan’s governing role increases in the areas in the future.

To usher in the resurrection of the Mu civilization, it’s necessary to reflect back on history and to make amends. In specific, the spirit spoke on the necessity to make amends for the Western colonial rule of Asia and Africa, and for the destruction of the “red race” that existed on the North American continent (Note 2), (See ‘“The Truth of the Destruction of Atlantis according to the Agasha Spiritual Messages”, The Truth About Atlantean Civilization”’)

Typhoon Haiyan stated that evil overtook Christianity during the imperialist era, and materialists, who have been living beneath the surface, increased in number around the time of the rise of the scientific civilization in Europe.

(Note 1)
More than 15,000 years ago, the Mu continent existed in the Pacific. This civilization was based on light energy, and was advanced with their scientific and religious experiments into the energy of light. It experienced a golden age when La Mu, the soul brother of El Cantare, arrived around 17,000 years ago. A full-on religion began with the three teachings of La Mu, which mandated that all Mu people must see the existence of God as the sun, that they must live according to love and mercy like the sun, and that they must live with goals for self-improvement. When the teachings became empty forms, corrupt psychic powers began to ridicule the teachings of “love and mercy,” and fog covered the whole continent. About 15,300 years ago, it sunk into the Pacific in three stages. (From Chapter 5 of “The Law of the Sun”)
(Note 2)
Atlantis held “rationality” at its core, and it was where the activities of the ninth dimensional Maitreya Buddha and Kuthumi (who were also Archimedes and Newton) became famous. Atlantis reached its golden age around 12,000 years ago when Lord Thoth, the great teacher and leader, appeared. (“The Law of the Sun” Chapter 5)

However, towards the end Atlantis fell into universal faith in science. They became very conceited to think of themselves as gods on account of their scientific knowledge and technology. They annihilated the enemies of Greenland with cooled bombs, and they destroyed the red race of America with bombs that created powerful winds. The fact that there are only whites, blacks, and yellow people today is because the people of Atlantis essentially annihilated the red race. Towards the end of Atlantis, around 10,400 years ago, 8,400 years before the Common Era, there was Agasha, the soul brother of Jesus, who was born into royalty and preached as a politician and as a religious figure. He disagreed with universal faith in science, but a school of Deists ultimately destroyed the theory.

(See “The Truth of the Destruction of Atlantis According to Agasha Spiritual Messages, ‘The Truth About the Atlantean Civilization'”)


The Resurrection of Mu and Atlantis Should Signify the Starting Point of the Advent of El Cantare

Typhoon Haiyan predicted the resurrection of the Mu civilization within the next few hundred years, and it also forecasted the resurrection of Atlantean civilization.

According to Haiyan, high crime rates, based on drug use, householders with guns, and other situations, were the results of moral decay, and they have been due to materialist perversions. It was also Native Americans and Natives in Middle and South Americas, who were killed, that cursed America, which has been the reason why it has also experienced cataclysmic events.

The spirit also announced that humanity has neared the resurrection of Atlantis. Even as it stated with modesty that it didn’t know too much about the details, the spirit claimed that the Resurrection of Mu and Atlantis ought to signify the starting point of the advent of El Cantare.

Haiyan stated that President Obama’s position showed how he “represented Central and South America,” and alluded to a decline in civilization. The spirit insisted, “Obama must have been born to sink America into a depression.” (“Will Humanity Come to an End in 2012”)


Typhoon Haiyan Also Looked Forward to a Reformation of the Islamic World

Typhoon Haiyan, on the current diplomatic negotiations regarding nuclear development in Iran, said that if the reformation of the Islamic world were to keep advancing, Islam would need to define its function. The spirit mentioned, “If people abandoned everything due to their old-fashioned ways and fundamentalism, then Islam itself might come to an end.” It said, “The world is currently hanging in limbo.”


The True Identity of Typhoon Haiyan

Poseidon a “quadruplet”, has been known “the god of sea” that rules the ocean between America and Europe, and he has been referred to as “a sea god who reigns from the center of the Pacific,” and has been called “a sea god who maintains the Indian Seas,” and finally, he has been described as “a sea god of mobility.”

“Mu-Poseidon” could also be another name for Typhoon Haiyan.

It was responsible for the flood in Noah’s time. The spirit spoke, “I could no longer stand all those I found offensive, and as they grew in number, I threw that boat on top of Mount Ararat.”


Master Okawa’s Summary

Master Okawa stated at the end of this recording that a disaster could occur when Chinese authority figures take the place of the American ones, and that a situation similar to the Mongolian invasion was on the horizon.

Heeding Japanese concerns over Typhoon Haiyan, Master Okawa asked the Japanese government and Happy Science to emphasize the necessity for infrastructure changes in the Philippines once again.

Master Okawa also noted the appearance of the Messiah, all the cataclysmic events, and the end of century phenomena were highly linked. Catastrophic events, such as the 2004 tsunami after the Sumatra earthquake, the 2005 Hurricane Katrina in the States, and the cyclone in Myanmar in 2008, were all warnings for humanity as a whole.

In general, Happy Science encourages prosperity in the material world. However, humanity is of the belief that this world is all that exists, and that it’s OK to destroy the environment, to build nuclear weapons, to create human clones through genetic engineering, and to attempt to become like God.

Master Okawa wrote in the “Law of Salvation”;

Within the next 10 years, events, which will seem like the end of the world, shall occur again and again… It’s not a problem to strive for scientific progress, but there must be a moral and spiritual growth and a deepening of faith in order to provide some balance… I believe that catastrophic events occur as messages to people, who would make a mess of this world, that is really meant to be a training ground for the soul.”

Natural disasters are messages from Heaven to humanity, and they might continue as long as humanity doesn’t truly value humility and faith.

Furthermore, Typhoon Haiyan announced that the resurrection of Mu and Atlantis should also mark the beginning of El Cantare’s advent. Humanity must realize the Messiah has come , and we must make progress towards a reemergence of faith.

Typhoon Haiyan Spoke Spiritual Truths About Natural Catastrophes
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