“Kim Jong-un’s True Thoughts Directly Revealed: A Guardian Spirit Interview” (Part 1)

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un continues to make fools of South Korea, Japan, America, and the rest of the world as he proclaims that he will fire off missiles. Just what is this seeming madman thinking of? People throughout the world want to know his “true thoughts”, and the only person capable of finding them out is Master Ryuho Okawa, Founder and CEO of the Happy Science Group, the greatest psychic this world has ever known.

Master Okawa has already summoned the guardian spirits of world leaders such as the China’s President Xi Jinping, America’s President Obama, and Russia’s President Putin to talk about their “true thoughts”, and the world is actually moving in line with their words. We have previously held guardian spirit interviews of North Korea’s leaders, the late Kim Il-sung, the late Kim Jong-il, and Kim Jong-un before he became the country’s Supreme Leader.

This time Kim Jong-un’s guardian spirit cockily roared with laughter about how he is manipulating the world and branded the American, South Korean, and Japanese leaders as fools. However, he also gave us a glimpse of his skills as a tactician and military strategist, revealing that he is not simply crazy.

This guardian spirit interview will no doubt provide precious information for the countries of the world as they consider their counter-measures against North Korea.

A part of this open spiritual message is given below.
* The English version of this spiritual message will be published in June.


Like a “Human Aegis”, Master Okawa Uncovers Secret Information About North Korea

Master Okawa: Tensions are rising on the Korean Peninsula, and things seem to be extremely difficult for Japan, America, South Korea, and China as well.
Prime Minister Abe’s guardian spirit, or rather his “living spirit”, has visited me two nights in a row. He probably can’t sleep and must be wondering when a missile might be on its way.
 Only this morning there was a terrorist attack near the finishing line of the Boston marathon, and so far we have been told that there are three people dead and 144 injured. I think that it will be very hard to find out who did this.
 Japan’s backward mass media is saying “the main thing is that they don’t fire a missile”, but I don’t think that it is a particularly good thing to put off this task as the longer matters drag on, the better prepared the North Koreans will be for their attack.
 America has powerful spy satellites for military purposes and stealth fighters, but Japan has a “human Aegis” [laughs] that must play an active role as a secret weapon.
 Our interviewee is no doubt reluctant to come, but I will use “the art of traction” to haul him over to Japan.

 Oh guardian spirit of the third-generation North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, I call upon you to come to the Happy Science Headquarters and reveal your true thoughts.

(A silence of about 10 seconds)

Kim Jong-un’s guardian spirit (Herein after referred to as Kim): Hahahahaha…

–What were you doing just now?  Where were you?

Kim: Listen here you. Shall I tell you the proper way to ask a question?  You prostrate yourself and ask.


“It’s Amusing to Keep the World so on Edge That It Can’t Sleep”

–(American) Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting China, South Korea, and Japan to talk about North Korea.

Kim: Hah!  He deserves a good kicking. He isn’t even worth talking about. Hahaha. He’s an insignificant worm.

–The world is intently focusing on your announcement about your intention to fire a missile.

Kim: Ah, I’m finally outshining the stars of South Korean pop culture. My aim is to become the world’s top leader.

–Isn’t it a waste of money to fire a missile?

Kim: We can fire as many missiles as we like. All we have to do is build some more. We’ll start raising funds. “Donations” pay for our missiles, you know. To start with, the President of Korea will make a donation, you see. And then Japan will come along and make a donation. Before very long, China will make a donation to get us to settle down.

–People were saying that you would “fire a missile around the 15th (of April)” but nothing has happened. Was that your intention?

Kim: It’s just such a laugh. The whole world is so on edge that it can’t sleep at night, isn’t it? I can keep this up for ages. I’m having a great time. The real contest will be when you lot are worn down by being on constant guard with no sleep. Haha.


“I’m 10 Times Cleverer Than Obama”

–Do you intend to fight a war with America?

Kim: Well, the most important thing is to make the world aware of how terrifying a country North Korea is. As Machiavelli said, you first must inspire fear. Japan, America, and South Korea all seem likely to rush to set conditions in the event they truly feel scared.

–America is now trying to shift to a weaker form of diplomacy, which is the use of dialog instead of confrontation. Is that in line with your strategy?

Kim: Well, doesn’t that show how I’m 10 times cleverer than Obama? That’s how it seems to me. (America) doesn’t have any money, so they’re probably trying to wage a war of words. If it’s only verbal, maybe I should send my announcer into battle.

–If fighting does break out, America might respond with aerial bombings.

Kim: Let them do that if they want to. But if they do, hundreds of thousands of Koreans might die. Maybe even millions. It all depends on whether Obama is prepared to take responsibility.

–But you still have to do nuclear tests, don’t you?

Kim: Actually, no. Our next experiment is just to launch one and see if one hits its target.

–They say that Taepodong missiles can reach America. Can they be armed with nuclear warheads too?

Kim: Well, Kerry isn’t worth my time, so at the moment I’m just waiting to see whether some bigger figures are going to get into the huddle.


“I Get a Sense of Satisfaction From Bullying Japan”

–There has been a bombing at the Boston Marathon recently. April 15th was General Kim Il-sung’s birthday, so some people think that North Korea might have been involved.

Kim: Do you think I’m going to say, “I did it”? Don’t be ridiculous.

–What do you think about this terrorist attack from the North Korean point of view?

Kim: The American people must be made aware of the fact that B2 bombing raids cannot halt terrorism. The Americans’ nerves will become shredded, and they’ll start to go crazy if terrorism continues for five or ten more years. They have to be taught that it’s not just attacks with nuclear weapons.

–If you were to plan that kind of terrorism, is Japan also a possible target?

Kim: I do get a sense of satisfaction from bullying Japan. Well, there’s a possibility of airborne troops parachuting into Disneyland. I’d like that. I’d like to capture Disneyland, and create a special administrative region for North Korea. It’d be a good source of income too, wouldn’t it?

–The People’s Liberation Army has also started a new form of warfare known as “asymmetric war”. Instead of conventional weapons, it employs things like information warfare and maneuvering, which includes terrorism.

Kim: You know, I’m a military genius. I’ve been educated in military matters for more than ten years now. So you shouldn’t think of me as a mere amateur.

“Kim Jong-un’s True Thoughts Directly Revealed: A Guardian Spirit Interview” (Part 1)
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