“Kim Jong-un’s True Thoughts Directly Revealed: A Guardian Spirit Interview” (Part 2)

“I’m Determined to Take South Korea Before It’s Annexed by China”

–You have been trying to keep America off balance, and during the course of that, they have put forward a policy of dialog rather than confrontation. Are you hoping for a development such as U.S.-North Korean negotiations?

Kim: We won’t lose anything from all of this talk. We’ll simply say, “We’re going to launch a missile,” and we’ll be given stuff and get our own way. It won’t be long before the economic sanctions and other restraints are all rescinded, and the UN Secretary General comes crying to us. And if our nation thinks, “We’ve won,” then we will in fact have been victorious. America, being unable to attack (North Korea), could mean that North Korea will be recognized as a world superpower and a country that’s in possession of nuclear arms.

–Your aim is to get the U.S. army to withdraw from South Korea, isn’t it?

Kim: America can act with unexpectedly stupidity, you know. They’re actually trying to get China to persuade us. They’re really a weak country. I’d hate to have such awful leadership.

–Xi Jinping (the Chinese President) refers to you as a mere “dog”, or perhaps I should say, he seems to think of you as a guinea pig.

Kim: If I’m a dog, then he’s a “pig”. He may think that he’s using me as a guinea pig, but I don’t see myself as being used. So very soon, I’m going to annex South Korea. Unifying the Korean Peninsula will create a nuclear-armed unified state with a population of 80 million people. If we threaten Japan, the Chinese mainland will be suitably scared.

–China is now amassing their People’s Liberation Army in encampments on its border with North Korea, you know. People are saying that if you go mad, and fight with America, China will swoop in when you’re defeated, and establish a puppet government. What do you think about China’s movements?

Kim: No, China wants to take South Korea. China is trying to create vassal states, so a possibility exists that China will annex South Korea before us.

–What is your opinion of South Korea’s President Park?

Kim: She’s absolutely hopeless. South Korea has no one that’s any good. They’ve run dry on talent.

–At what point will you invade South Korea?

Kim: We’re definitely going to take South Korea. I’m determined to take it before it’s annexed by China. There can be no question of that.


“Japan Will Surrender If We Threaten to Fire Missiles at All of Their Cities”

–Have you thought out a scenario for what comes next if you beat South Korea?

Kim: Next, it’ll be a competition to see which one takes Japan first, China or the unified Korea.

–Can you beat China?

Kim: Well, we’re closer to Japan after all, aren’t we? It’ll be easy to attack Japan from Pusan.

–Are you seriously thinking about colonizing Japan?

Kim: What would happen if I said, “We have 200 nuclear missiles that can reach Japan. I’m going to fire them at all of Japan’s cities”? I really want to liven things up a bit. I’ve three times, no ten times, the brains of the Japanese.


“It Would Be Easy to Carry Out Terrorist Attacks in Japan”

Kim: I’ve got the whole world dancing to my tune. Can you see just how intelligent I am?

–You’re outwitting the man in the street, aren’t you?

Kim: If they think that I won’t attack, I will. If they think I will attack, I won’t.

–Is South Korea the first target of your planned attacks?

Kim: Who knows? If Abe doesn’t watch his words, I might just attack Japan. You see, maybe South Korea will quake in fear, and the President will surrender after they see us strike Japan, based on the ferocity of our attack.

–As one of your strategies, you’re aiming for terrorist attacks inside Japan, aren’t you?

Kim: Our platoons can deal with stuff like terrorism, so it’s no concern of mine. We can, after all, use foreign mercenaries as you know. So, terrorist attacks are really easy.


“Now it’s Getting So That Nothing Gets Done Without Asking China”

–I should warn you that you ought to be careful about your relationship with China.

Kim: You lot are still really stupid. And so is Kerry. Trying to get China into discussions with us, when China is trying to arrange things so that it becomes the leader of the world. We’re collaborating with them. We get our kickbacks for it.

Now it’s getting so that nothing gets done without asking China. The United Nations asks China, and so does America. Obama doesn’t want to go down in history as being responsible for the bombing of North Korea and causing the deaths of millions of people. He won the Nobel Peace Prize, so there’s no way that he could do anything like that. That’s why he’s trying to shift it all onto China. But soon China will be No. 1. And how do you think China will treat us then? Obviously it’ll be, “Well done. We’ll let you have South Korea.”

–In Edgar Cayce’s reading, it says that a possibility exists of a movement to crush you from China’s Shenyang Military Region.

Kim: Who knows? If Abe doesn’t watch his words, I might just attack Japan. You see, maybe South Korea will quake in fear, and the President will surrender after they see us strike Japan, based on the ferocity of our attack. Well, Cayce was an American, so he’s on the their side. You may think that Japan and the U.S. are good friends, but it has been clearly shown that you are mistaken this time.

America doesn’t want to make Japan into a military superpower. Rather than have that happen, they would like to maintain the current relationship with China and North Korea. The U.S. knows that, whatever we might say, North Korea can’t occupy America. If Japan were to become a military superpower, it would know well how to fight a large-scale war like the last one. If this industrialized nation were to build aircraft carriers, nuclear weapons, and nuclear submarines, who knows which direction it’d head in?

That’s why America hates Japan more than it does North Korea.

Thus, Kim Jong-un’s guardian spirit showed us an attitude of complete self-confidence, revelling in the way in which he has the world on a string. He also spoke about a number of other points, including the ones below.


  • The timing of the missile launch
  • When he will start the Second Korean War
  • His dealings with China’s Shenyang Military Region
  • How he regards the Governor of Okinawa, who is trying to expel the US forces there
  • Whether he is meeting up with Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il in the spirit world
“Kim Jong-un’s True Thoughts Directly Revealed: A Guardian Spirit Interview” (Part 2)
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