Was the Iraq War Justified?: A Spiritual Investigation of Saddam Hussein After Death

Because WMDs were not found, the Iraq War was regarded as ‘wrong’ and ‘unjust’, and even some pundits’ have used the words ‘war crime’. This has become the very reason that the U.S. is now taking a very cautious stance on possible interventions in Syria.

However, we believe it’s still too early to judge whether it was a wrong war. In the book titled “THE JUST CAUSE IN THE IRAQ WAR Did Saddam Hussein Possess Weapons of Mass Destruction?” Ryuho Okawa, CEO and the founder of Happy Science, revealed the astonishing fact that Saddam Hussein was the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, and there were clear links between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Master Okawa also brought to light how Iraq was already in possession of WMDs, which Iraqis may have thrown away before the U.N. inspectors arrived on the scene (The book is available in mid-September).

On top of that, Master Okawa publicly recorded bin Laden’s spiritual message on January 22nd, and he found out that bin Laden was still directing acts from the spirit world such as the Algerian crisis.

It is reported that if there had not been the Iraq war, Saddam Hussein would have survived, and if Hussein’s dictatorship had not been toppled, which behaved as it were led by the second coming of Saladin, the democratic political system, including popular elections, would not have been possible. Now the Northern and Southern parts of Iraq have recovered their oil production abilities, and Iraq is once again the second largest maker of oil, soon to exceed Russia in terms of its yield.

The Iraq War was well deserved based on three points: first, Iraq actually possessed WMDs; second, there were links between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden; and third, it opened the door for political reforms that have brought into being the preconditions for a complete religious reformation of the Muslim world.

The U.S. must remind itself of its roots as a country that was founded with a belief in liberty and justice. If it becomes too timid to realize its cause, its people should no longer refer it as ‘America’.

We hope that the U.S. can overcome its sense of regret and guilt, and it can fulfill its mission as the world’s policeman.

We will present a portion of his message here, which ought to cause historians to rewrite this chapter of world history.

An Extract of a report on the public spiritual message (see note 1)

Recorded on February 4th, 2013

Note 1: These spiritual messages were channeled through Ryuho Okawa. However, please note that because of his high level of enlightenment, his way of receiving spiritual messages is fundamentally different from other psychic mediums who undergo trances and are completely taken over by the spirits they are channeling.

Each human soul is made up of six soul siblings, one of whom acts as the guardian spirit of the person living on earth. People living on earth are connected to their guardian spirits at the innermost subconscious level. They are a part of people’s very souls, and therefore, exact reflections of their thoughts and philosophies.

However, please note that these spiritual messages are opinions of the individual spirits and may contradict the ideas or teachings of the Happy Science Group.
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Saddam Hussein (1937-2006): President of the Republic of Iraq from 1979 to 2003. He presided over the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88) and the Invasion of Kuwait (1990). Although he lost the Gulf War (1991) during which he came under fierce attack by multinational forces, he remained president. When the synchronized terrorist attacks occurred in the U.S. on September 11th, 2001, President Bush started the Iraq War in 2003 on the grounds that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. He gained control of Iraq’s capital, Baghdad. In December of that year, Hussein was discovered while he was hiding in an underground hole. U.S. Special Forces captured him. He was executed at the end of 2006.

Saddam Hussein’s Spirit Was Isolated at the Bottom of a Cave in the Spirit World

Beforehand, Master Okawa remarked on the objective of this spiritual message.

“With regards to the Algerian hostage crisis, I saw some experts explain that crisis in terms of the independence movement towards colonial rule.”

“I put out Is There Justice for Islamic Extremists? Confronting the Spirit of Osama bin Laden (The English edition will be published in June) in response to it. The book reached the conclusion that although Islam itself is right, God’s justice doesn’t extend to extremists that are involved in terrorist organizations.”
“This investigation is not over yet because it has one more source. That source is Saddam Hussein.”

“When Bush Jr. was president, he launched the Iraq War, saying that it was Iraq’s Saddam Hussein who was pulling the strings of the Islamic terrorists and that Iraq was also concealing weapons of mass destruction.”

“However, no such weapons could be found. But Bush went so far as to take control of the capital, drag out Saddam Hussein, put him before a military trial, and put him to death.”

“As one of the factors that lead to his re-election by a razor-thin margin, President Obama emphasized the results of: the withdrawal from Iraq, the defeat of bin Laden, and the withdrawal from Afghanistan; the fact that it was he who was continuing to withdraw troops and he who overthrew his enemy mastermind; and it was the Republican Party that was wrong, since it committed the big mistake of attacking Iraq twice and created a budget deficit with mounting military expenditures.”

“I would like to look into the authenticity of it. Where is justice? Where is Hussein? Is he supporting terrorist acts? Are those fighting a jihad going to Heaven? Are there teachings that are partly wrong, among Muhammad’s, that are flowing like muddy water?”

“Because hostages died in the recent incident in Algeria, the background for these acts must be sought, and because I believe I am the only person capable of possibly searching for it. I would like to take this venture upon myself and put the questions to rest. This is going to provide an important conclusion with regards to how global history will be recorded in the future.”

After this introduction, Master Okawa endeavored, as he previously did with bin Laden, to investigate where in the spirit world Saddam Hussein was trying to hide.

His search of the spirit world continued for about fifteen minutes. Master Okawa found Saddam Hussein’s spirit alone at the bottom of a cave. He was standing where the groundwater veins ran to various places. It seemed he was possibly being “isolated” there. However, when Master Okawa examined the groundwater vein-like flows, he could see that they led from the spirit world to various countries.


Iraq Possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction

The first thing Saddam Hussein’s spirit, summoned by Master Okawa, said was “Wow, it’s been a while since I was last called!”

At first, he didn’t accept that he was executed, but he emphasized a need to counterattack with “Was I killed? Because it was jihad, even though I was beaten once, I kept fighting my enemies. It’s my time to retaliate now.”

When asked about weapons of mass destruction, which former President Bush cited as the reason for attacking Iraq, he replied evasively, and remarked, “The expression ‘weapons of mass destruction’ is extremely difficult to understand. I don’t know what to say.”

He implied, though not plainly expressed, that he had possessed of weapons of mass destruction, and said comments like “If they’re still hidden, then you won’t know about them”, “I wouldn’t mind if they were disposed of” and “It’s probably better to scrap them before they’re found”.

Then, when asked about the Algerian terrorist attack on January 16th, 2013 where hostages were killed, he showed some interest and said yes, he had heard a little about it. Therefore, he admitted a connection with bin Laden in the spirit world.

In addition, when the interviewers came to Hussein’s relationship with bin Laden while he was alive during the 9/11 attacks of 2001, he showed signs of wariness and uttered, “This will be an important statement.”


“Bin Laden Was the Perpetrator, But the Idea Was Mine.”

Saddam Hussein’s spirit then veered off course, advocating his own legitimacy while citing examples of how America and Israel have committed many barbaric acts.
“Fighting will continue as long as Israel exists. Why do over a billion Muslims have to be frightened because of such a small country? Americans also killed many Japanese civilians.”

On top of that, he revealed that weapons are being imported from China into Arab nations via tripartite trade agreements. He said, “America and Japan are forming an alliance. The unification is not good, and you might be killed when you team up with America. Cracks will appear in that partnership. We are unifying our interests with China”, “(China and the Arab countries) are completely linked” and ” China supplies all of our weapons.”

In addition, what Saddam Hussein spoke corresponded with bin Laden’s previous spiritual message, “We are now trying to gather about two and a half to three billion worldwide through a consolidation of all Muslim and Chinese power”.

And he gradually started to talk about the heart of 9/11 when questioned again about the tragedy.

When asked if bin Laden consulted with him about something and if it was his idea, Saddam Hussein replied, “Well, that’s right. He executed it” and “Ultimately the profits came here.” In other words, he revealed the shocking “reality” that Saddam Hussein was the real planner of the 9/11 attacks, and bin Laden was the perpetrator.

Saddam Hussein’s spirit showed his frustration, “If only we could’ve crashed into the White House. It’s a shame we failed to do that.”


He also revealed his own thoughts and the mindset of Islamic extremists on the following points.

  • What Saddam Hussein expects of Japan.
  • What Saddam Hussein thinks about the Arab Spring.
  • What the close relationship between socialism, communism, and Islam is.
  • What the relationship between the Khomeini, Iran’s former leader and Islamic extremists is.
  • Whether or not the Democratic Party of Japan administration is an ally of Saddam Hussein.
  • Why Islamic extremists carry out acts of terror.
  • What Saddam Hussein wants to say to Muhammad.


There Is a Need For a Revolution and Inject Religious Tolerance Into the Islamic World

After the spiritual message, Master Okawa had this to say.

“It’s difficult, isn’t it? A religious reformer needs to appear in the Arab world.”

“This is the region where religious reformers will be killed unless political reforms precede religious reforms. As in the case with China, the Arab world should embrace freedom of speech, thought, and religion.”

“In terms of political reforms, revolution may happen internally, but revolution may also occur from the outside, which would mean a war. Losing a war creates a chance to change the way people have been doing things for a long time.”

“For Iraq, although it was unfortunate, they should take their experiences of being defeated in both the first and the second Iraq war as an opportunity to change their old ways. And I truly hope they can embark on new nation building.”

“Moreover, the Arab nations should pursue the ones that do not necessarily have to wage war with Israel. Both Israel and the Arab world cannot stop fighting each other due to a lack of religious tolerance, therefore both should accept that a little more.”

“It’s important that the religious teachings of Happy Science spread throughout the world and that those people who receive our teachings promote ideological, speech, religious, and political reforms in the Islamic world.”

To reform the exclusive, pre-modern elements in Islam from within, not externally, those believers need teachings that will form a core for their ideology. It has been reaffirmed here that our Happy Science teachings should form the nucleus because we preach that all religions flow from the highest God, El Cantare. Following bin Laden’s spiritual message, it can be said that this is a spiritual message that has historical significance, which reveales that there is no justice for Islamic extremists.

This is just one part of the spiritual message. For details, please see the screening at a Happy Science shojas, branches, and other places of worship across Japan and overseas.

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This spiritual message is now screening at Happy Science branches, temples and bases around the country.

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Was the Iraq War Justified?: A Spiritual Investigation of Saddam Hussein After Death
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