Christianity vs. Islam (Part 8)
Let’s Establish the "Millennium" of Religious Reconciliation

The Root of Religious War Is the Conflict Between Michael and Muhammad

From this stage forward, I would like to approach the root of the conflict between Christianity and Islam in light of the information on the spirit world that Happy Science has revealed. A massive shift from a history with over a thousand years of war to a conflict-free “millennium” can only take place with an investigation into the spiritual side of the issues.

There were some people regarding America’s President Bush, who led the war on terrorism post 9/11, who appeared to have a somewhat unusual belief in his leadership. The liberal and pacifist American magazine “The Progressive” even likened Bush, upon the start of U.S.-led war on Iraq, to a “prophet who has been hit by a revelation from God.”

This expression is not far off the mark. According to Happy Science’s spiritual investigation, Bush received spiritual guidance on the war on terrorism not from God himself. Instead, the guidance came from the Archangel Michael of the spirit world.

Michael is known as a Christian archangel. However, he was originally a being that fought demons and angels of other religions as a combat god, as per his description in chapter 10 of the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament that says Michael fought the archangel of Persia (Iran).

Michael is currently the patron saint of Israel, who fights Islam on issues such as Palestine. America’s right wing Christians, in whom Bush also believes, are strongly backing the State of Israel for religious reasons. Thus, Michael brought America on board in the war against Islam.


Muhammad of the Spirit World Wants to “Erase Israel”

None other than Muhammad, the founder of Islam, is now leading the fight for his religion from the spirit world as a virtual, equal counterpart of Michael. Master Ryuho Okawa, in Chapter 4 of the book, The Laws of Salvation, revealed his intentions. Muhammad’s spirit had this to say when Master Okawa made contact with him and asked what his motives were (note 1).

“I want to erase Israel off the Earth. Because fighting will go on forever as long as that country, the source of disorder, continues to exist, I want to wipe it from the face of the planet.”

Muhammad also admitted having had a hand in the Islamic extremists’ terrorism against members of Christian countries.

Both Michael and Muhammad are higher spirits. It is not a case where one of them appears to be a demon. However, the clash between them has a long karma (fate) that spans over two thousand years and indeed since before the Crusades. Conflict and competition exist between the religions even in Heaven, and both are working hard to see which can advance their civilization.

Partly due to fallible human recognition, on the part of the people on Earth, the Jewish-Christian Alliance and Islamic world are still fighting . These two groups also have a spiritual background with regards to the Palestinian issue, terrorism by Islam, and the war on terrorism (for more information refer to The Laws of Salvation and the Spiritual background to the problems in the Middle East (part 1) (part2) [The Truth about Global Conflict]) (note 2).


Both Religions Believe in “the God of the Earth”

Moreover, for an answer to the “God issue”, which is the biggest barrier between Christianity and Islam, you can read The Laws of Salvation.

When (Master Okawa) asked who he thought Allah was, Muhammad conceded that he believed him to be El Cantare.

El Cantare is the Master of the gods and the name of the supreme leader of the terrestrial spirit group. “El” means light or God, and “Cantare” stands for the Earth. “God of the Earth” is its essential connotation.

Now all the pieces of the puzzle on the issue of Gods’ names bibliographically considered in Part 7 are in place. “Allah” is a derivation of the word “El” (God), and the universal God Elohim is the same God as the one that appeared in the Old Testament as well as the God of Love that Jesus called his father. You can guess who it is, the God of the Earth, El Cantare. Therefore, the Muslims support the right idea. Allah and the God in the Bible are the same.

However, neither Christianity nor Islam distinguishes between the universal god Elohim in the Bible and the aggressive, ethnic God Yahweh. The misunderstanding and conflict between the two religions should disappear when truth becomes widely known that both believe in a common, universal element of the God of the Earth, El Cantare, not Yahweh.

(Note 1) Master Ryuho Okawa can contact any soul present in the spirit world and have a conversation.
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Christianity vs. Islam (Part 8)
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