The Truth Behind the Algerian Hostage Crisis (Part 1)
"Do Islamic Extremists Have Justice?" Bin Laden’s Spirit Talks About the Truth Behind the Algerian Hostage Crisis

“It is a jihad (holy war)….The pagans, who are pretending to make Algeria wealthy and are trying to take over the country, must be killed. I declare that the pagans should not come,” said the spirit of Bin Laden on the Algerian hostage terror crisis.
The militant group al-Mua’qi’oon Biddam (“Those who Sign with Blood”), an affiliate of the international terrorist organization al Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for a large-scale terrorist incident that erupted on January 16th in which over 140 hostages, including several Japanese, were taken. The terrorists killed many of their victims.

On January 22nd, Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder of the Happy Science Group, summoned the spirit of Osama Bin Laden, a former al Qaeda leader and mastermind of the 9/11 attacks who was killed by American forces in May 2011, in order to find out the truth behind this incident. Bin Laden’s spirit acknowledged that it was he who “directed” the Algerian terrorist incident and declared that he would carry out further attacks and assassinations of leading figures around the world. Below is a part of that startling interview that should sound off alarm bells in Japan and other countries around the world.

Osama Bin Laden (1957-2011). Leader of the international terrorist organization al Qaeda and mastermind of a large-scale synchronized terror attack on September 11th, 2001 in which pilots flew passenger planes into New York’s World Trade Center. He came from a family of prominent Saudi Arabian multimillionaires, but he took part in a volunteer army that fought the invading Soviet forces in Afghanistan in the 1980s. It is said that he then established al Qaeda as an anti-American organization opposed to the American army stationed in Saudi during the 1991 Gulf War. U.S. Special Forces killed him in Pakistan on May 1st, 2011.


Bin Laden’s Spirit Was Hiding Deep Underground!

The Algerian hostage terror crisis shook the world. There were at least 37 casualties from among the international group of hostages, with ten Japanese among the dead. It is an incident in which Japan paid too big of a price. Is there something behind the continuation of such terrorist acts? Does a path to a resolution exist?

Master Okawa spoke about this spiritual message in public in order to inform all interested parties.”The Japanese hostages were apparently killed before Algerian government forces launched their attack and presumed to be a high priority target. It is also possible that the hostage-takers had the Japan-US alliance in mind when they did that.”
“Because there has not yet been an accurate judgment on whether or not the behavior of the Islamic extremists conform with global justice, we need one.”
To identify what kind of world Bin Laden has been residing in prior to being summoned to the spiritual message, Master Okawa tried to conduct a “spirit world search” using his brilliant psychic powers. Master Okawa said, “I can see a vortex. It’s dark down there…but I’m going in. I see something that looks like a tunnel. It splits into two. I’m going to go to the right.”
Master Okawa’s search continued for a while, and he finally tracked Bin Laden’s spirit down. Bin Laden seems to have been living deep underground (in the spirit world).
According to the spiritual investigation, Ajit, where Bin Laden’s spirit has been hiding, appears to be in the spirit world near Algeria in Africa.
After Master Okawa traced Bin Laden’s spirit, he requested his presence.


“Killing Japanese People Is a High Priority Because They’re Selling Their Souls to Americans”

Bin Laden’s spirit answered with gestures, possibly because his speech center didn’t register at first, but after a while he was gradually able to speak in Japanese. Foreigners that often speak Japanese in Master Ryuho Okawa’s spiritual messages are able to do so because what the spirit wants to say is simultaneously interpreted into Japanese via an “interpreter” in the spirit world.

“Did you also direct this incident in Algeria where hostages were detained?” “Yes!”
“Why?” “Jihad (holy war).”
“Why did you kill Japanese who are of the same colored race as you?” “They came to steal Algeria’s gas. They came to rob our country. French, English, Americans, Japanese – hoards of evil people.”

Bin Laden’s spirit spoke in detail about why he launched this terrorist attack.
“They are obsessed with money because they are the minions of Satan from Hell. That’s why God’s children have to band together and fight.” “We are doing it again because we couldn’t finish the fight that we began in time of the crusades.”
He proclaimed that they drew on the crusaders that were in the war between Islam and Christianity and that they would fight to the end.

He also spoke with calm composure about having killed many Japanese civilians.
“Having seen this, the Japanese probably won’t come back. Serves them right!”
“(Killing Japanese) is a high priority. We actually want to kill Americans, but because defenses are tight around the areas where they live, they’re difficult to attack. So we’re killing Japanese instead.”


“Of Course It Was Me” Who Directed the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

On the topic of the 9/11 synchronized terrorist attacks, Bin Laden said, “That was great. We ran a worldwide campaign and it was a great success.” When asked if it was he who directed the attacks, he remarked that he was the mastermind behind them saying, “Of course. That’s why I’m a hero.”

Further, Bin Laden flaunted the fact that America has been terrified of terrorism since the terrorist attacks occurred and that was the “fruit” of their activities, saying, “We destroyed the symbol of the American fake civilization” and “Americans are scared of terrorism so it is no longer a nation of freedom and tolerance. They are terrified and live every day in fear. Our terrorist mission was a success.”

Bin Laden’s spirit judged that he hated America because it was a country that had created many slaves and that America’s secret national strategy was to try to turn all other countries into slaves according its own line of thought.

Further, Bin Laden’s idea of “justice” was “equality as Muslims”, revealing why he regards the economic prosperity of countries like America with hostility, saying, “When there are many people who serve Mammon (the god of money), their true religious faith will fail to bear fruit. Many Christians have already come to believe what Jesus had previously denied. Because they have not realized that their religion attitudes have already deteriorated, we must inform them.”

The Truth Behind the Algerian Hostage Crisis (Part 1)
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