The Truth Behind the Algerian Hostage Crisis (Part 2)
"Do Islamic Extremists Have Justice?" Bin Laden’s Spirit Talks About the Truth Behind the Algerian Hostage Crisis


Bin Laden Is Planning to Assassinate Leading Figures From Various Nations

Bin Laden also revealed that the Islamic extremists interact closely with the Chinese, saying that China offered to cooperate and help by providing a lot of weapons to Islamic forces. He added that if their partnership are successful, then they may be able to defeat the West.

Moreover, he explained that they even had a cooperative relationship in the spirit world.
He mentioned that the Chinese are now saying, “The West created colonies and did evil things. China was also colonized, which left it scarred. You should consider Japan and the West as places that demons inhabit. Let’s stand side-by-side and join together in solidarity so we are not invaded to any further extent than we have been.”
“I think that because the Islamic world and China make up about half of the world’s population, we can adequately oppose the West if we join forces.”

He also revealed that the targeting of leading Western figures was the objective of terrorism, saying, “Moving forward, we will at least assassinate Obama. We will not forgive him” and “I want to kill those that are the descendants of the English and French that previously colonized Africa and are now chiefs”.

He also touched on President Obama’s father (who died in a car accident in 1982 and was a Muslim, citing the startling spiritual fact that he is now a hostage in the spirit world chained up and tortured daily, burnt by hot pokers as punishment for (his son, Obama) making Muslims suffer.

In addition, Bin Laden’s spirit revealed the intentions of other Islamic extremists, and made mention of the points below, which included the fact that he has had an incredibly close friendship with China and that they are planning to assassinate leading figures of various nations together.

  • What other aims to destroy did al Qaeda have in carrying out 9/11?
  • What reasons do Islamic extremists have for also hating Buddhism?
  • Is he thinking of attacking Israel with regular armies and non-official military units?
  • Why is China providing large numbers of arms to the Islamic forces?
  • Does Bin Laden still think that he’s alive?
  • What is the “global equality” that Bin Laden is thinking of?
  • Who are the leading figures of various nations that Bin Laden is considering assassinating?
  • Will there be more terrorist attacks in Africa in the future?
  • What kind of being does Bin Laden think Allah is?


The “Wind of Freedom” Must Also Blow Through China and the Islamic World

Master Okawa suggested that Bin Laden’s spirit is not in Heaven. Bin Laden’s spirit may not be able to recognize that he is in Hell since Hell is not written in the Koran.

Master Okawa also judged that no justice exists for Islamic extremists.
This is also what Master Okawa said after he finished the spiritual message.
“(The Islamic world) must add some individualism to where they are uniformly being made to do the same as China and free itself. They have to create a way for individuals to become wealthy through education. The wind of freedom must blow.”

We will not yield to revolutionary power through violence like that of indiscriminate terrorism or to a totalitarian atheist state like that of China, instead we’ll oppose it with a peaceful revolution or ideology. Master Okawa reaffirmed that Happy Science is charged with a global mission as the “world’s religion”.

Again, this was just one part of the spiritual message.
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The Truth Behind the Algerian Hostage Crisis (Part 2)
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