The Happiness Realization Party Founded by Teacher of Our Nation, Teacher of the World

The Buddha also served as a political adviser to the kings of India.


Zen Buddhist monk Muso Soseki, who was revered as a national teacher in Japan during the Kamakura and Muromachi periods.

In the history of Buddhism, during tumultuous times and national crises, the Buddhist monks have often served as teachers of the nation giving advice to policy makers, easing the chaos of war, and helping the poor.

In Japan for example, during the Kamakura and Muromachi periods, Zen monk Muso Soseki (1275-1351) converted the Hojo and Ashikaga clans as well as some members of the Imperial family to Buddhism. He told them “What fate asks of people today depends on the good deeds of the past. If the chaos of war continues, evil will be planted, and evil shall flourish.” This was how he propagated Buddhism and guided people towards peace.


How the Buddha Used the Six Powers to Teach the Policy Makers

The Buddha himself was a great national teacher. In an effort to unite Northern India, the King Ajatashatru of Magadha wanted to conquer the neighboring country Vajji, and he sent a messenger to ask the Buddha for advice. The Buddha said: “Do the people of Vajji live together democratically? Do they enjoy peace and harmony? Do they respect their religious leaders? As long as they have all these factors on their side, their country will flourish and shall not fall.” The Buddha was equipped with the Six Powers, including the Ear of Heaven that allowed him to communicate with the spirit world. His conversations with Brahma and the Devil have been transmitted to us. Another one of the Six Powers was the skill to know everything about the past , the ability to see future incarnations, and to power to understand the mysteries of karma. Thanks to his supreme wisdom and skill he was able to give political guidance in a way that allowed the rulers of his time and their subjects to move towards happiness, including the happiness of future generations.

The Buddha said the following about the King Ajatashatru, a man who killed his own father: “Karma dictates that a murderer shall be murdered.” In fact, King Ajatashatru was later killed by his own son, who got rid of him to take his kingdom and rule it himself.


Guiding the World With a Power Greater Than the Buddha’s

Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science is blessed with the same Six Powers as the Buddha, but in his case, those capacities have reached an even higher level of development. The fact that he has conducted spirit interviews (communicated with entities from the spirit world) as many as 100 times in 2012 bears witness to the supreme quality of his powers. At the beginning of the year, when Master Okawa interviewed the guardian spirit of Masaaki Shirakawa, Governor of the Bank of Japan, it became clear that Shirakawa did not feel responsible for helping the troubled economy recover, and that he subconsciously rejected economic growth. When Mr. Shirakawa’s spirit message was read to one of his former colleagues, his associate listened for an hour and a half and then commented: “These are most definitely Shirakawa’s exact thoughts. How did you get him to have such a frank conversation with you?” In short, Master Okawa is equipped with special powers, and Master Okawa is able to use the same methods as the Buddha, making him an important national teacher.

Master Okawa’s guidance is not only indispensable for Japan, but also for people all over the globe, which therefore makes him an important world teacher.

Japanese philosopher Tetsuro Watsuji named Buddha, Christ, Confucius, and Socrates as world teachers, and he called them “The Four Saints”. All four of them gave guidance to the people around them, whose time on Earth was limited, but it took hundreds of years for their teachings to make an impact on the world.

Master Okawa, on the other hand, is probably the first person in history to become a world teacher during his life time.


A Teacher Who Brings Freedom to the People of the World

At the moment, humans all over the globe are experiencing troubled times.

China, a materialist country that rejects God and Buddha, and abuses human rights, is trying to expand its sphere of influence, creating vast amounts of unhappiness under its despotic regime.

The conflict between the Christian-Jewish world on the one hand and the Islamic world on the other seems to be an endless nightmare, and wars continue to be fought in the name of God.

Japan, Europe, and America are promoting big government, suppressing people’s entrepreneurial spirit, and crushing their will to be independent. In this light, it is going to be difficult to develop sufficient economic strength to sustain a world population that is heading towards the 10 billion mark.

A problem common to all human beings is that in tyranny, war, and poverty, freedom is lost.

Somebody who preaches the gospel of freedom giving new hope to people in China, Japan, the entire Western world, and even the Islamic world, truly deserves to be called a world teacher.


The Happiness Realization Party: What We Strive For

Master Okawa passes on his teachings of “nirvana” to the world like the Buddha did before him. His main message is that as human beings we are all children of God and Buddha born into an eternal cycle of rebirth. If we are born into difficult circumstances, we can overcome them with a positive, proactive spirit. In short, as human beings we have the same free will, and the similar power to create as the Buddha, enabling us all to build a life of happiness with our own two hands.

In this spirit we need to do everything in our power to stamp out the oppressive regimes, the wars, and the extreme poverty that suppress people’s independent spirit.

In an effort to build a Kingdom of Freedom, and to spread its seeds across the globe, our world teacher Master Ryuho Okawa founded the Happiness Realization Party.

What this party strives for is nothing less than happiness for the entire human race.

Jiro Ayaori

The Happiness Realization Party Founded by Teacher of Our Nation, Teacher of the World
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