“LDP should feel ashamed for stealing HRP’s policies” Lower House Election – Master Ryuho Okawa Speaks Out at Nagoya Station
Master Ryuho Okawa' Political Speech in Front of Nagoya Station

Founder and honorary president of the Happiness Realization Party (HRP), Master Ryuho Okawa, spoke near Nagoya Station on the evening of December 14. He criticized the established parties, saying that they are only declaring public-satisfying (sounds good to the ear) policies during the campaign period, and that “once they’re elected, they’ll only do what they want to do.” He strongly stated, after mentioning the contents of the HRP candidates’ speeches, “The HRP already qualifies as a large political party.”

Here are the excerpts from Master Okawa’s speech:


“I just arrived from Tokyo. I’m very thankful to all of you for your support; I know it’s a very busy and tough shiwasu (December). I think it’s been almost 30 years since the last end-of-the-year election.”

“We have power within us. I took a look at the contents of the HRP representatives’ speeches across all of the PR (proportional-representation) blocs that they give on TV, and I think they have the best policies. Not only that; each person has his or her own way of explanation, and each individual gives a unique, original talk. They don’t have a topic they can’t discuss. Upon realizing it, I thought, ‘The HRP already qualifies as a large political party.'”

“Mr. Abe is only stressing economic growth in his speeches, but what we need to declare, especially at the moment, are strategies for national defense and pro-nuclear power. It’s embarrassing. I think it’s unmanly. He’s not mentioning these issues because he thinks he’ll lose votes and be criticized.”

“On the other hand, we clearly criticize the government. You see, North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile a couple days ago.”

“Both Japan and the U.S. are now within range. We are in great peril. In addition, a Chinese propeller plane, an aircraft that belonged to the Chinese, just violated Japanese airspace by flying over the Senkaku Islands. The Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF) scrambled fighter jets to intercept it. They announced, ‘This is Japanese territory. Leave now.’ The Chinese apparently replied to the message by stating, ‘This is Chinese territory.’ It is inexcusable.”

“Furthermore, as I was watching ‘News Station’ on TV Asahi Channel around 9 pm, both reporters said, ‘Let’s consider yesterday’s North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile and the airspace violation by Chinese aircraft over the Senkaku Islands as completely separate issues.’ That’s left wing propaganda in service of China and North Korea. Local newspaper companies here in Nagoya seem to have a load of such people who are willing to produce it. It’s shameful.”

“China, after seeing that Japan was incapable of shooting down North Korea’s missile, tested us again to see if Japan could protect itself against their aircraft by flying over the Senkaku Islands. They now know Japan can’t do a single thing. They must be more than satisfied. In reality, China and North Korea possess an alliance. The mass media, which provides sympathetic arguments in support of such countries, is foolish! The media is doing its absolute best to ignore the HRP even though we are saying the right things and are trying to protect this country.”

“There’s no other political party, other than the HRP, that is truly thinking about the happiness of the citizens of Japan!”

“It’s outrageous that our party’s name goes unprinted on the ballot just for the resurgence of the established parties. The resurrection of Jesus Christ was enough.

“I’d like to add one more point. The holy lands of gods, such as Ise, Atsuta, and other shrines, are near this area. It’s disgraceful that materialism is strong here. Let’s eliminate materialism, and create a nation led by people who have the right mind, who believe in God or Buddha. Thank you very much for your support.”


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“LDP should feel ashamed for stealing HRP’s policies” Lower House Election – Master Ryuho Okawa Speaks Out at Nagoya Station
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