Reactivate Nuclear Power Plants!
A fault can form anywhere and everywhere; you can't save people from earthquakes even if you trace the history of the earth's crust back 400,000 years.

Time: The evening of December 13, 2012

Master Ryuho Okawa – founder and honorary president of the Happiness Realization Party (HRP) – delivered his second speech of the day in front of the JR Sakuragicho Station. He appealed to the public on the necessity of nuclear power generation by saying, “A fault can form anywhere and everywhere; you can’t save a single person from an earthquake even if you trace the history of the earth’s crust back 400,000 years.” He said this in response to the recently surfaced possibility of decommissioning all nuclear power plants in Japan due to active earthquake faults, starting with Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant in Fukui Prefecture, and strongly stated the necessity of nuclear power plants.

Prime Minister Noda declared 50 minutes prior to the missile launch by North Korea yesterday: “We will be vigilant and take appropriate measures.” However, interceptor missiles were not launched. It became more than clear that the current government is unreliable concerning national defense.

Here are some of the words that Master Okawa spoke:


“What is happening in Japan at this moment, in a word, is a new case of Black Ships – the Senkaku Islands dispute; the long-range ballistic missiles launched by North Korea; and TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) issue which is asking us to open up our country in terms of trade. How shall we deal with our current ‘Black Ship phenomenon,’ our new national crisis? Great figures in the past were never shaken. They never lost. We, too, as the protectors of 3,000 years of Japanese culture and history, must not allow this country to be destroyed!”

“HRP is the one and only pro-nuclear party that is pushing for its use. The reason is this: there’s absolutely no need to worry. Those people, who oppose nuclear power, are simply kindling fear in the public. The mass media have been inflaming and inspiring fear for over one and a half years now, but not a single person died from radiation!”

“On the other hand, there were hundreds of elderly who died from heatstroke because they did as they were told by the government, and they conserved energy! Right now, there are people in the snowy regions who are about to freeze to death because they stopped using their heaters.”

“Nuclear power is similar to a Radon onsen (hot spring). Sure, people died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (See note below), but that was from the extraordinary heat caused by the bombs. Those bombs released more than ten million times the amount of the current radiation leaked from the Fukushima nuclear power plant; the heat, flames, and blast from the bomb were what killed people. There was not a single child with a genetic mutation. Fruit flies were the only genetically mutated organisms resulting from nuclear power. Humans and fruit flies are different. Take a look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki now. Houses have been built there and people have healthy lives.”

“What’s more, geologists and seismologists are now going underneath various nuclear power plants to create pseudo-scientific reports. They are saying the active faults moved 400,000, 200,000, and 50,000 years ago, and therefore the nuclear reactors must be immediately shut down. Idiots!”

“Everyone, please listen to me: the fact that a fault formed a long time ago doesn’t mean it’s going to move. A fault can form anywhere and everywhere. It can even form right here. A new fault can form in any location. A fault forms when two plates either run into each other, or pull away from each other. Countless new faults can be formed. You can’t save a single person even if you trace the history of the earth’s crust back 400,000 years. Do you understand? It’s ridiculous! ”

“Read my books if you wish to be saved.”

“We need new jobs in Japan right now. We need new businesses to develop. We need new economic growth. Don’t be afraid of the TPP, either. People are saying the fishing and farming industries could be wiped out, but by joining the TPP, tariffs on goods will be removed. Everyone, please listen: Japanese cars can be exported to foreign countries without costing a single yen in tariff duty. Toyota and Nissan could recover, and so would all of the other exporting companies!”

“On top of that, people shouldn’t take the Japanese agricultural industry so lightly. It is number one in the world. The quality, technology, and farmers in the industry are the best in the world. There’s no way we can lose. Let’s continue to beat our international competition! Energy security is the foundation of our core industries that maintain our leading position in the world.”

“Listen up, Prime Minister Noda! I know you are giving your speech not too far from here! It’s absurd that you couldn’t shoot down the missile from North Korea, after being warned, while waiting at PAC3. How embarrassing! Shoot it down like you’re supposed to.”

“Since 1994, we’ve been warning the general public about the North Korean nuclear missile crisis in public lectures and movies. It’s been 18 years now, and the only thing that the government has done is to set up interceptor missiles and the PAC3. However, they couldn’t fire one missile in ten minutes.”

“It all comes down to this: the government needs to know one or two hours before the missile is launched in order to shoot it down. In terms of national defense, do you understand that this is a crisis for Japan, South Korea, and the U.S.? If North Korea develops ballistic missiles capable of flying over 10,000 km, they can reach New York City and Washington D.C. Do you think President Obama, a coward, will help us to protect the Senkaku islands? We must protect our own country by ourselves!”

About half of the European people assume that we’re already armed with nuclear missiles, due to the fact that they know we have active nuclear power plants. There’s no problem if we have them since they believe we’re already armed with them. Only Japanese people know that we don’t yet possessed them. It’s embarrassing. We should not fear our own nuclear armament. We should produce nuclear weapons.

Do you think we’ll have trouble with discarding of our nuclear waste? Well, we could launch it at the nuclear-missile firebases in China and North Korea! That’s all!

“We must not lose! Revive Japan! Japan should be number one in the world! Vote for the HRP! Write Kofuku (Happiness) on your ballot! We can be victorious! For sure, let’s try our best!”

Note: In reference to the atomic bombs during World War II.


Reactivate Nuclear Power Plants!
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