The LDP Is Also Responsible for Twenty Years of Economic Downturn in Japan
December 13, 2012 - Master Ryuho Okawa Speaks at Ōmiya Station

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and honorary president of the Happiness Realization Party (HRP), gave a political speech in front of Ōmiya Station shortly after noon on December 13, 2012. Over 500 people gathered to hear him point out that Japan definitely must not show a compromising attitude toward China and North Korea, and that Japan should not send itself into a depression through an increase in the consumption tax. The contents of his speech are as follows:


There are two things Japan must do right now:

The first point is that Japan definitely must not take a compromising attitude toward countries that display tendencies for military expansionism! Japan should never compromise nor take a conciliatory approach toward evildoers. We must define justice as defeating evil and manifesting what is right.

The second point is the fact that Japan is on the verge of entering a whirlpool due to a crisis in the economy. The U.S. is currently in an economic recession, and Europe is in a major economic depression as well. The economic bubble is about to burst in our neighboring country, China. We most definitely should not send Japan into a great depression again.

What could send Japan into a great depression?
First of all, the very fact that the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), and the New Komei Party (NKP) forcefully doubled the consumption tax rate this summer through a three-party agreement could.

On top of that, those environmentally left-winged people, who use the words “denuclearization”, “anti-nuclear power”, and “eventual denuclearization” could. They are the very same people, who just a while ago, kept saying, “Stop carbon dioxide (CO2) emission.”

We will never allow ourselves to bear the brunt of foreign countries’ outrage. The behavior of North Korea and China make me think that the Japanese government should pursue a satellite launch in the direction to their countries. We must point out that China definitely has a close connection to North Korea. The Chinese Communist government opposes economic sanctions against North Korea while at the same time they say North Korea’s acts are regrettable.

We want to protect the peace and safety of this country, and the world, through a nation represented by citizens who love the world.
Let there be justice in this world! Let there be justice on Earth! People of Japan, let us stand at the top of such a world!

Please help nurture this political party because we conduct ourselves according to the truth. We are the party that will save this country!


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The LDP Is Also Responsible for Twenty Years of Economic Downturn in Japan
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