America, Assist and Cooperate With Religious Nations to Stop the Hegemony of Atheist Countries
-Why We Can’t Wait-

-Why We Can’t Wait-
(Q and A session)

This lecture by Master Ryuho Okawa was delivered at the Happy Science General Headquarters on November 9, 2012


The American people are suffering through a bad economy, and the situation will only get tougher. I want to know which principles I should use to lead other people to Happy Science teachings, during this stressful period of their lives, in order to help them survive and create a bright future. Thank you.


Master Ryuho Okawa’s Answer:

1. America Should Develop a Long-Term Strategy

I agree that President Obama, of course, is a good person. He definitely is. However, the position of the President of the United States of America places a very heavy burden on the man in office. The job stretches them beyond their limits, and they must give instruction to the rest of the world.

As you know, the UN is not very effective because they gathered about 200 countries in which almost all of them are too small or have little power. The permanent members are the countries that fought against Japan, Germany, and Italy during World War II. The world has changed, and now the way people think about enemies is quite different, too. It’s unlike the time of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and United States.

China and Russia refuse to support every case of expected American intervention in world conflicts. The evilness of China is that they have hidden alliances with other countries like North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, and of course the government sides of Syria and Egypt. China is also aiming to acquire sympathies from South East Asia as well as Australia and Brazil. These countries are or were friends with Japan; now they are the next victims of China.

America’s political strategy is great, but it is far behind China. China has a strategy up to 2050, but the United States is not thinking in such a long term. For example, Mr. Obama is just thinking about the next four years. No one can predict who the next president will be, and no one is making any decisions about anything after 2016.

However, China has a strategy up to 2050. This is a problem.

The American two-party system is a typical type of democracy; this is a weak point of America. The Chinese one-party system, on the other hand, has a strong point in planning long-term strategies. So, this is a weak point of America compared to China.

America should have a main strategy, be it a republican or democrat in office. It should not depend on the party. If their strategy was to change 180 degrees, it could prevent the development of economic and political growth in the United States as the English disease had once plagued England. Two-party ruling system has been in operation for two hundred years, but now America has a new enemy. Both the Republicans and Democrats must think about how to deal with this dangerous, emerging power. It is very important that they do so.

Yesterday, Barack Obama’s guardian spirit said that he was thinking about small aims such as how to improve the American economy and reduce the unemployment rate. He’s only anticipating the next fiscal cliff. It will come next January. Obama reasons in the short-term; he is not considering from February onward. This is a problem. I would like to ask the American president and people to reflect on long-term strategy as a nation. They must think about which direction they choose to go and which countries they choose to support.


2. America and Japan Must Seek the Glory of God by Combining Strengths

If the economy were the only problem for America and if I were the American president, then I would choose China because it would be an effective partner for the growth of the American economy. Japan has a low growth rate; it is assumed now as the No. 3 GDP in the world, but is expected to drop to 10th or even down to 40th place in the next two or three decades. If this becomes a reality, then there will be no country that would want to rely on the Japanese economy. Almost everyone would choose China.

However, China is a country that doesn’t believe in God. This is a main point.

America’s prosperity comes from God. God is the starting point of the United States of America. Barack Obama made a victory speech after the election, and at the end of it, he said, “Thank God. God bless you.” This is America.

Chinese people and politicians never say, “God bless you.” Please choose based on this point.

We Japanese are just in the middle. Sometimes we deny God and Buddha, but Japan is thought as the largest Buddhist country in the world. It is true. So, I must teach the Japanese priests of Buddhism and other religious professionals what is real, what is Truth, and what the true world is. This is my mission. From this standpoint, America and Japan need to seek the Glory of God by combining our strengths. This is also a main point.

Since we are a religion, we must ask the American people from the standpoint of faith, “Do you like atheist countries or not?” Japan is now changing in terms of religion; a new and great religion, Happy Science, has the desire to save the world. In order to fulfill our desire, we need power and assistance from America. Americans, please join us!

Christianity is not our enemy. Christianity is our brother religion so we can cooperate with them. We can accomplish our desire to save the world. I can complete Christianity. Jesus Christ only worked for three years; hence he could not complete his teachings. I will accomplish his deeds. This is my mission. This is the reason that I am the Lord of the lords.

Please teach and lead the American people from the standpoint of religion. Please choose and assist religious nations to stop the growth of countries that do not believe in God. Such countries are dangerous; they are like the viruses of the world. If other countries fall under the reigns of atheist or non-believer-of-God countries, then it will be an unfortunate future for humankind. So, please persuade the Americans.


3. President Obama Should Study Drucker’s Management Theory

Perhaps a troubling fact for the American economy is that Mr. Obama does not know how to create jobs. This is the main issue. He doesn’t know because he was a social worker before he became a lawyer. Obama doesn’t know the concept of enterprise, of making a company, or of being a director, CEO or COO of a company. He doesn’t have sufficient knowledge in these areas, so he needs an expert to assist him with such matters. There are a lot of great brains in America, so he must choose someone to supplement his lack of knowledge. He must also read books on management by Peter Drucker. I don’t think he read them yet. Obama could learn hints on how to make companies greater and greater, and how to manage employees. It’s written in Drucker’s works. Thank you.

America, Assist and Cooperate With Religious Nations to Stop the Hegemony of Atheist Countries
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