Prior to the Lower House Election, Master Ryuho Okawa Castigates North Korea, Japanese Government Officials, established Political Parties

On December 12th, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and honorary president of the Happiness Realization Party (HRP), delivered three consecutive political speeches, within Tokyo. He eloquently addressed the fact, as an autumn crisis, that the HRP was the only party to keep a national defense stance since three and a half years ago, while the government and the established political parties have been calling for denuclearization, tax increases, and a one-country pacifism, which will ultimately lead Japanese citizens to absolute misery.

Master Okawa, in front of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, strongly spoke, “Push for nuclear power! Hold up a banner that says, ‘We recommend nuclear power!’ Government officials are the ones who can protect the citizens.” He stated that denuclearization would lead to an increase in the electric bills, which in turn would strain businesses and households. Master Okawa also expressed his rage toward the Ministry of Finance: “Create a national defense budget right now!”

In addition, he pointed out: “Political parties who assert denuclearization, anti-nuclear power, or eventual denuclearization are all cowards. They are gravely mistaken if they think that getting rid of nuclear power generation in Japan will bring us safety; foreign countries can fire nuclear missiles at us, too.” Master Okawa also talked about the national defense, and condemned Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP’s) risky attitude towards it, saying, “You (LDP) are wishy-washy concerning nuclear power generation. You start wobbling as soon as you are criticized about the national defense force.”

At Shibuya where approximately 1,000 people gathered near the station, he named the three parties that agreed to increase the consumption tax rate: LDP, Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), and New Komei Party (NKP). He aggressively stated, “These three parties just can’t understand the consequences of doubling the consumption tax rate. It increases the risk of bankruptcy in businesses with the retail industry being the main sector; many people will face a miserable fate as a result of corporate downsizing; and protecting the lives of citizens will become impossible to do.”

Master Okawa repeatedly criticized the parties pushing for denuclearization: “They are absolutely mistaken. They only want your vote. They mindlessly call for the nuclear power plants to stop right now, but in three years, ten years, or twenty years the electric bills will only go up.” He rebuked them, and yelled, “Give back the taxes used by the Political Party Public Subsidy Act!”

The last speech of the day was in Shinjuku. Master Okawa called out to the public gathered around him, “What does it mean to be internationally just? What is global justice?” He reached out to the people by saying, “I want to ask you, ‘Is threatening the peace-loving citizens of a country, using nuclear weapons, good or evil?'”

While many politicians flatter voters, Master Okawa asserted, “Citizens are the rulers of this country, however, if those rulers are wrong, it’s the job of political leaders to reprove them! We will show the path, the right path that this country should take,” and clearly declared, “Japan has more power. It can target ten times its current level of prosperity!”

Finally, he called out to the people by saying, “Other parties have already lost. People, who can only come up with wrong ideas, will always take the wrong courses of action. What is required right now is new thought, new power. Please entrust us with the future of this country!”

Master Okawa pointed toward North Korea, and strongly reprimanded that country, Japanese government officials, established political parties, the mass media, and voters for their wrong thoughts and attitudes. Who, in which other political party, can point out and give the criticisms that he did?

What was the point of our National Teacher, Master Ryuho Okawa, in voicing such a harsh reprimand? What kind of crisis is Japan currently facing? It is crucial for voters to see the ongoing Lower House Election candidates and parties with clear, unbiased eyes; voters must realize what is right, and in which direction the future lies. The future of Japan can be changed with our own hands.


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Prior to the Lower House Election, Master Ryuho Okawa Castigates North Korea, Japanese Government Officials, established Political Parties
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