America, Fulfill Your Mission From God!


4. Americans Should Forgive Themselves for Their Past Mistakes

The U.S. suffered a lot from the Iraqi War in addition to the War on Terrorism, so their minds have changed about those efforts. The shift in belief began with the Vietnam War, but at the time of 9/11, the military still had confidence in their sense of justice.

The U.S. military took action, and they attacked Iraq. A lot of people died in vain. At first, the reason for their attack was that Iraq apparently had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). The American military leadership said that they had to find and rid the world of those weapons in order to make peace in the Middle East as well as to prevent an attack on the United States and other countries. Contrary to their statements, no such weapons existed in Iraq.

Therefore, I propose that America should again become the country that its own people can admire. The Americans should forget about their past mistakes. Their military has been through a lot of battles, and they have killed many people.

A large number of those soldiers now suffer from their deeds, and they have nightmares in their sleep. Of course, those deeds were done in the name of God, but it is not so easy to interpret American justice nowadays. If the American soldiers still believe that their motives were decent, and they even now want to protect the good people of the world from evil powers, they should forgive themselves even if they feel that they’ve made mistakes.

A weak America is a bad symbol for the citizens of their country. Now, New York is just like Gotham City in the Batman movies. New York, known as the Big Apple, is where evil powers rule, and only one person stands up and fights the evil powers.

Their views on heroes may explain why they have lost their strategic, military thinking. Why? It is a philosophical problem. When one person kills another person, it is a sin. Sometimes it’s the reason people to go to hell. On the other hand, if a warrior kills another warrior during combat, and under the honorable command of a just leader, then it is not a sin.

This is common sense throughout the world. Fighters protect their own citizens, their own people, against evil powers. There are many reasons why they fight.

It’s simply not possible to reduce everything down to one person’s bad motives; it is a situation where people receive a command from the national leader or group leader. They even sometimes act on an unheard voice from God. Therefore, taking people’s lives are not considered murder in these cases.


5. America, Fulfill Your Mission From God!

Americans also have a very serious problem of racism now. Arabs are gaining power in the country, and some Americans are having a difficult time dealing with those people because they are very different. Americans must learn to accept new types of people. To be tolerant should be the definition of a country such as America that is truly composed of immigrants.

In addition, American life is very complicated nowadays, because domestic and international terrorists are quite active. They often act individually. Suicidal terrorists are incredibly hard to understand. The murderer kills him or herself, and also kills other people, e.g. by equipping dynamite to some body part or by setting off a car bomb. It is absolutely inconceivable and incomprehensible to the American people.

Because terrorism continues to this day, air transportation in America is quite difficult. All U.S. citizens, as well as foreigners, that decide to travel in and out of the country, must be checked one by one as if they were terrorists-to-be. This doubtful custom has decreased everyone’s overall sense of freedom and liberty. It is a cancer that is eating away at the U.S. right now. For these reasons, I think that the Americans must feel very sad regarding their loss of freedom and mercy.

If the Americans asked me to propose a new policy for the next president, I would say, “Find a new frontier.” It means to hear a new command from God. It means Americans should not abandon their destiny to fulfill their mission from God. They should not abandon their pride to protect Earth.

They may be in decline, but they are still the number one military power in the world. They must fight against evil powers. There is an evil power in Asia, and the people there do not formally believe in God. If such people expand their empire, they will destroy this world created by God.


6. ‘The American Mind’: Believe in God and Justice, and Act to Better the World

This is ‘The American Mind.’ I know very well that I am not the President of the United States, but I would still like to speak directly to the American people and tell them, “Please don’t lose ‘The American Mind.’” You may hear that you are in decline, but please never lose it.

Whether it will be President Obama or President Romney, please do not forget your mission. It’s very important. To be American is to believe in God and justice, and to act in the name of justice in order to make a better world. It is your mission as Americans. Other countries will follow you. I daresay it is your mission from God.

I’m just a Japanese citizen and I’m not an elected official like the Prime Minister. I’m certainly not the President of the United States. However, please let me state this: “Do not lose ‘The American Mind,’” or you will forsake the original spirit of your founding fathers.

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America, Fulfill Your Mission From God!
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