America, Fulfill Your Mission From God!

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and president of Happy Science, gave a lecture titled “The American Mind” at the Happy Science General Headquarters on October 25, 2012.

In this speech, he emphasized the importance of restoring the values of justice and liberty, which America has cherished for a long time, the significance of forgiving past mistakes, and the urgency of looking for a new frontier.

Right now, the balance of power is changing in Asia as China emerges as the hegemonic state. Yet, Master Ryuho Okawa still believes in America’s ability to honor its promise and to create a better world through the universal values of justice and liberty for all mankind.

Taking all of today’s current affairs and the above elements into account, Master Ryuho Okawa stated that Americans should elect the Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney into office.

The following is an extract from the lecture titled “The American Mind.”


1. ‘President Romney’ Would Be a Good Choice for America and the Rest of the World

Master:Today’s lecture is regarding ‘The American Mind.’

In America, a presidential race is going on between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, and they are neck-and-neck at the moment. The most recent poll was dead even at 47 percent. There were three debates between the two candidates; Mitt Romney won the first, and Barack Obama won the second and the third. The conclusion, however, will depend on their ability to deal with current affairs.

Mitt Romney should win for the sake of the global economy. It is good for both America and the rest of the world. Even so, Romney and Obama are now tied, and the American media is supporting Obama because he is a liberalist. The American media cannot criticize an African-American candidate, because they wish to avoid being labeled as racist. That is why they do not criticize Barack Obama albeit all of his failures in the course of his three-and-half year presidency.

Mr. Romney is an intelligent man, of course, and he is good at earning money. He is also an expert in business. The American people are counting on his economic skills; simply put, they are hoping he will teach them how to earn more money during this economic crisis. There is a hurdle, though: he is not very skilled at getting support from the intellectuals and the mass media.

One reason is his faith. He is a Mormon, and Mormonism is a minor religion in America with approximately six million followers in the world. It’s a small sect. In the history of the United States, there has been only one Catholic president named John F. Kennedy. Aside from him, the presidents have all been non-Catholic Christians and Protestants.


2. Obama’s Spiritual Tendency and America’s Decline

Barack Obama, on the other hand, was an exception. He was not a Caucasian. He was skeptical about his Christian beliefs in a way. Whether or not he attended an Islamic school in his younger days, that in itself is a small issue; the main point of interest concerning it is whether or not his Islamic schooling has had any influence on his current thinking as president, which may be the case.

His guardian spirit taught us, as I wrote in my book 2012, that he belonged to another religion in his past life, and he sometimes has the tendency to resist against a greater power. He favors the minority. That is the tendency of his soul.

Mr. Obama is currently the President of the United States. America began its decline almost four years ago. Roughly 50 percent of all American people believe that the United States of America is declining.

Other countries feel the same way. In Asia, Europe, Africa, and in other parts of the world, people are thinking that America, the once great America, is in decline just like the ancient Roman Empire. However, the American hegemony, which was very short and lasted only 100 years, cannot compare to the 1,000 years of Roman rule.

In the beginning of the 21st century, the people of the world, especially the knowledgeable people, predicted that this century would be the age of America, because it was the supreme power in the world. They also believed that the age of America would continue through this century into the next one. However, the situation has changed. People think quite differently now under Obama’s presidency.

Mr. Obama is a liberalist and it’s not a bad thing in the truest sense of the word. From another standpoint, though, liberalists usually do nothing to stop and nothing to pressure the kinds of groups or countries that suppress human rights, whether it is in their own country, at some kind of religion or group. They are too weak to take military actions; they hesitate to use military power, and liberalists mainly depend on the power of speech or diplomacy. That’s their reality.

Yet, Chinese power is emerging now, and it is increasing as time goes on. The dark shadow, cast by that government’s power, is spreading across the Pacific. This is now a turning point in the balance of power.


3. If Mitt Romney Wins, America Could Restore Itself, and Fight Once Again to Defend the Rights of the Rest of the World

If Mitt Romney becomes the next president, perhaps he will create pressure on China as well as provide aid to some parts of the Japanese defense and diplomatic channels. America could become its real, true self again, and fight in the name of God and in the name of justice. Americans will do their best for that cause and they won’t look to profit from it. They will do their best in the name of God or in the name of the Goddess of Justice. They will do their best. Mitt Romney will, too.

America has a new illness and its roots are financial. There will appear a fiscal cliff at the end of this year. One component of the cliff is a reduction of taxes, which started when George W. Bush was in office. The other component is an automatic lessening of the fiscal budget, that is, the national expenditure, which will take effect when the year changes from 2012 to 2013.

These two components comprise a fiscal cliff. They will mark a further drop in the American economy. America will soon be unable to do anything about the economic crisis in the EU. Needless to say, America will be unable to prevent the rapid economic decline in China as well as in Japan and other Asian countries. They won’t even be able to assist the African countries.

Obama cannot overcome this fiscal cliff, and a decline in economy will extend for another four years. Someone asked me whether or not Romney could conquer this fiscal problem, and I am willing to answer that question now: it will be a tough challenge for him.

Romney wants to fight against evil as seen from the eyes of God, but he does not have enough of a budget available for military spending. He may also have to shrink the budget. It may be inevitable for him. A crisis in America will come no matter who becomes the next president.

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America, Fulfill Your Mission From God!
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