Japan Must Establish Friendly Relations With Russia

Russia's President Putin shook hands with Chairman Hu Jintao at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Beijing Summit, which was made up of China, Russia, and four Central Asian nations (June 2012). Relations with Russia are important for Japan in applying pressure on China and North Korea. Photo: AFP = current affairs

This Q and A session was given on January 8, 2012 at Happy Science’s Tokyo Shoshinkan.


Could you please teach me the significance of creating relations with Russia, because we have an issue with four disputed islands that sometimes gets in the way of creating friendly relations with Russia?


Master’s answer:

1. Friendship With Russia Is Essential for the Security of Japan

The Russian Orthodox religion is becoming more active in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union around Russia. The Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia, and others, attended a worship service at this Ukrainian cathedral in October 2011. Photo: Denis Kuvaev/Shutterstock.com

Russia’s presidential election will be in March (This Q&A was held in January). Putin seems to be influential, but what’s important now is that we must get Russia on our side. It will be difficult for Japan to ensure Japan’s national security unless we get Russia on our side. Considering the Self-Defense Forces’ capability, it will be impossible for us to defend ourselves from the powers of other nations, once we allow Russia to side with North Korea and China.

That’s why I think that we need to promote friendship with Russia where it’s possible. It is the mission of politics to skillfully take charge through economic development in the Siberia region and energy development so as to avoid hostility between Russia and Japan.

I think the basic strategy is to clean up the North Korea issue, and draw China closer to the values of the West while forging such relations with Russia.

It is a fact that the issue with the four disputed islands is stuck, but because what is written in Russia’s textbooks and what is written in Japan’s is different, we don’t understand each other. I think the war ended on August 15 for Japan, but textbooks in Russia say that they legitimately acquired the islands during the war. Thus what is said here in Japan does not get through to the Russians. There is no point blaming the politicians of the day now, but I think those three short weeks created discord and many tragedies.

There may be a need to understand each other and to discuss this to a certain extent, but at the very least we should transcend that interest and lose no time in forging closer relations with Russia. Yamagata Aritomo probably considered Russia a country that he really did not want to fight with. If we look at geopolitics, then we should naturally think that way.


2. It Will Be a Form of Pressure on North Korea and China

Russia lost its status as major power as a result of the end of the Cold War, but it is attempting to rise again. It is making a comeback economically and faith is also on the rise, and with the Russian Orthodox religion now starting to become active, there is the possibility of faith spreading.

In that sense, the possibility of advancing the mission of Happy Science in Russia is quite high as well. I think that promoting our mission there is also important, strategically. Introducing it in that form and interacting is important.

Because Russia has a massive scrapheap of nuclear weapons, it is very dangerous if it does not dispose of them peacefully. There is no question that befriending Russia would also exert a sort of pressure on North Korea and China from behind. I would like Hokkaido to think carefully about that.

The four disputed islands The claim that the four disputed islands are historically Japanese territory, naturally holds true, but there is a discrepancy in the definition of the end of the war that I mentioned earlier. That is certainly an unclear aspect. As for the Soviet Union, America proceeded to end the war with unexpected speed just as Japan agreed to the Potsdam Declaration. Nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan, and Russia didn’t think Japan would immediately end the war.

Russia’s real intention was, in fact, to take the eastern half of Japan, from about Tokyo to the north, and so being unable to or only taking the islands would have been extremely frustrating. Because of its frustration, like bearing a grudge, at being defeated in the previous Russo-Japanese War, I suspect Russia actually wanted to achieve a clearer win. They probably felt disappointed at “only taking islands.”

Sure, there is currently this difference of opinion, but it is possible that Putin will say, “We will return them (the four disputed islands)” in the process of promoting friendship. I think that somehow the creation of friendlier relations and the dismantling the current North Korean and Chinese government in favor of a more liberal rule, without becoming alienated from America at the same time, will lead to world peace.


3. Achieving Global Liberalization That Goes Beyond the “Wall” Humans Established

Iran’s movements have also become an issue, so I am giving frequent comments on the Islamic world now. Because I will act as a bridge between the Islamic and Christian worlds if it comes down to it, I think that one way or another I would like to avoid humans coming to a disastrous end.

Therefore, I would now even go so far as to say that “I am the person who even guided the Middle East (see note below).” The Islamic world has many places that are a little barbarous, and so, to be honest, I also think, “Gee, there have been elements that need to be innovated”. It is like China, in that, the Islamic world is full of many places that must liberalize.

If we advance our missionary work in those areas, I think that something along the lines of, “considering El Cantare’s real intention, it’s okay for this to change” will result in a compromise.

Not liking each other just because of a scarf is absurd. From the standpoint of God and Buddha, this sort of thing is insignificant. Because that is something that humans established, I think it’s fine to change it since the way of thinking should change. I would like what has become a wall between each other to improve. Because we are also promoting our mission in the Middle East, I think that, together with Africa, the Islamic world can eventually change.

Thus, our mission is very big. There are as many as 180,000 religions in Japan, a huge number of them are no longer useful or active. Now, if power is not focused on religions that are truly active, I don’t think change will happen. Instead of being jealous of each other, and dragging each other down, I think power must be amassed in places where, things that must be done, will be done. In that sense, we need to become a lot stronger.


Note: In the past, the highest God of gods, El Cantare, who the spirit of Master Okawa is at the core of, was born under the name of Elohim in a region close to the present-day Middle East. After returning to heaven, Elohim guided the people of the earth as the god of love (also called the god El) who covered the whole of the Middle East region. Further, Allah, who delivered revelations to Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was also El Cantare.


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Japan Must Establish Friendly Relations With Russia
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