Interviews With Guardian Spirits of Ahmadinejad & Netanyahu
── Iran vs. Israel: Can We Stop a Nuclear War?

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Will the Tensions Between Iran and Israel Lead to Mankind’s Final War

Okawa Would this become the final war? They are both extremely hard-liners; hawk against hawk. They might fight until one of them finally loses.

Israel will probably keep fighting so long as it exists. It is a horrible thing to want to annihilate the entire Arab world.

But it is true that Israel already possesses nuclear weapons. And then, if it succeeds in getting the international consensus, Israel would have complete advantage.

Iran, however, believes that it has friendly relations with Japan, that Japan is not a Christian country.

There are one billion Muslims, whereas there are only over ten million Jews. The outcome is clear if you judge solely based on numbers.

However, if Israel reasons that God is on their side and persuades the Christians to support it, on the grounds that Israel is their Holy Land too, then they could draw two billion people to their side. It would become a fight between one billion and two billion. That would truly spell doomsday for humankind.

Mr. Obama will adopt appeasement policy. So the U.S. is restraining Israel from attacking Iran. Israel will not want to wait to make a surprise attack because the earlier they strike, the more effect it will have.

This conflict originates in their differing concepts of God passed down by their respective religious leaders. Actually, Judaism and Christianity also have differences and have a history of conflicts. Here, Israel is contradicting itself.

What can I say? All we can do is to try to bring them together.

Today’s spiritual messages could be a turning point. It may sound like a Zen riddle, but by teaching them,“God’s teachings can be expressed differently depending on the times in which it was taught. So, God was guiding people back then a certain way, but he actually wanted to teach about ‘this’.” I hope this could serve as a basis for a conversation.

Will this clash turn into a final war? I want to mention that a war could start with Israel’s surprise attack. They would first start by destroying the nuclear power plants.

All they need for that is to obtain long-distance refueling aircrafts and a hundred or so combat aircrafts, so it is very possible that it will happen.

The question is whether we can convince them otherwise.

In addition, there is a high possibility that Iran and North Korea have secret ties. Iran could also be secretly negotiating with China, since China is expanding its influence into Iran.


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Interviews With Guardian Spirits of Ahmadinejad & Netanyahu
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