Possible Reconciliation of Iran and Israel

(Excerpts from the Q&A session conducted at Happy Science Headquarters May 18,2012)


The people of Iran and Israel have fiercely distrusted one another for two thousand years. Is reconciliation possible? Please tell us about your hopes for the Middle East.


God works on many different levels

In this respect, we, at Happy Science have just started our work. The main point here is the name of God. Conflicts occur around the name of God and the tendency for monotheistic beliefs.

In Israel, they believe that things started off with Moses. At the time, Moses spent his younger days at an Egyptian palace. Egypt was of the Amun Ra faith, which was a form of monotheism. This had an effect on Moses, who chose the same form of religion for Israel. Moses was a psychic, and he could hear the voice of God. Yet, he misunderstood that God must be or should take the human form of a single being, and that other gods were either evil gods or primitive false idols.

However, Moses’ take was mistaken. The being known as “God” has many levels of existence. Angels, lead angels, and other higher beings are all forms of God’s existence. They are permitted by God with a capital G to be titled gods. Hence, if we look around the world, we find many different names for God.

Happy Science teaches the existence of a Supreme Being called El Cantare. We believe this God has appeared in the Middle East with the name Elohim, and is the Love of God and a Supreme Being.

Moses naturally received occasional divine revelations from Elohim, but for the most part, he had been guided by the god of the Jewish people. The Jewish god thinks almost solely about the Jews. We encounter many different religions across the world with different gods. Monotheism sometimes excludes the gods of the other religions. It is a sad fact related to our human ignorance that we cannot comprehend the different levels of God’s existence.

Sometimes, there are gods that have been rejected by the major gods themselves. This is a scenario that is depicted in the American movie, “Thor.” Thor is a god who has been exiled by the others, and it is possible that such a god did actually exist in the history of humankind.

Indeed, perhaps the Jewish god was a god much like Thor. If the Jewish god was omniscient and all-powerful, he would have been expected to be able to accept the love of God through Jesus Christ. In fact, he was unable to. This serves as proof that the Jewish god was in fact much like Thor.

Conflict would end if we could all believe in the same Supreme Being

In Iran, the people have a different problem. Mohammed was not omniscient or all-powerful, and is presumably still not. He couldn’t see what God looked like. Neither could he hear His true voice, but listened to it instead through Gabriel. The messages were received through Gabriel, and he believed that these were messages from the only God, Allah.

However, this is based on a misunderstanding. There is a section of the Qur’an that can be understood as stating there were 40 different higher spirits that sent messages to Mohammed, which brings about some confusion. Mohammed founded a monotheistic religion without knowing who the God was.

We, at Happy Science, believe that El Cantare, who is now known in the Middle East as Elohim, is the true Supreme Being in this region as well. Hence, I believe that if these two nations could come to understand this, and believe in the same Supreme Being, reconciliation would be possible.

The real cause for confusion and conflict lies in the concepts of God. Only Elohim, which is to say, only El Cantare holds power. It is El Cantare who has the rights to make all of the final decisions about the world of the gods. If they can understand that, they will cease to kill one another. Whether this can be achieved, depends on the work that we do.


Possible Reconciliation of Iran and Israel
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