How is Happy Science Real “Science”?

The Ugandan government-affiliated newspaper ran an online article, “Thousands of people gather for lecture by Happy Science founder.”

Report on Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture

“In Tune with the Mind of Science”

This sermon is now showing at Happy Science branches, locations and missions.


How is Happy Science Real “Science”?

Ryuho Okawa, founder and president of the Happy Science Group, delivered the “In Tune with the Mind of Science” sermon in English on July 5. It received critical coverage by local media during the June lecture tour in Uganda, Africa, who questioned the spiritual messages of the Master, asking whether Happy Science was really science. What is real science?

Some domestic and foreign media criticize “spiritual messages”

A leading Ugandan newspaper reported that at a lecture in the capital, Kampala, Master Ryuho Okawa said, “The aim of Happy Science is to create a utopia on earth through love and enlightenment.” Meanwhile, a researcher of new religions quoted the bible from a Christian standpoint in an article he contributed. He criticized the Master’s spiritual messages from Socrates and Muhammad saying, “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists” (Leviticus 19:31). Around the same time, the Master’s Ugandan preaching tour was even reported in China, where the media was skeptical of our founder summoning the spirits of leaders including the father of China, Sun Yat-sen (Sun Wen), Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping, Wen Jiabao, and Mao Zedong. All have picked out spiritual messages, and questioned to varying degrees whether they are science.

The founders of religions could hear the words of spiritual beings

In the sermon “In Tune with the Mind of Science,” Master Ryuho Okawa explained the “science” of Happy Science as follows:

This morning I read the day’s feature article, “The God Particle Discovered.” The God Particle is another name for Higgs boson, which I’ve already predicted more than 20 years ago, saying that there are unseen particles that consist of the energy of God. And this energy of God sometimes appears and disappears in and from this world. This is the secret of the universe. The name of Happy Science sounds unfamiliar to the pastors or priests of the existing religious organization. But for me it is appropriate since I’ve been exploring the unknown secrets of the universe, including the secrets of the human beings and human minds. This is the origin of the name of Happy Science.

But I believe the exploration of science should not be limited to this third dimensional world. The nature of Science does have the aspiration to search for new knowledge or the wisdom of the unexplored world. We must be travelers with a scientific attitude towards the unknown world. This unknown world, to put it another way, is a multi-dimensional one that includes the third dimensional world of Earth. From exploring the spirit world, I have learnt that there are various worlds that transcend this three-dimensional world. This is a spirit world. In other words, the supernatural world exists.<   By referring to his recent book, The Truth about the evolutionary theory 150 years after Wallace and Darwin (The Spiritual Messages from Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace), Master Okawa explained evolutionary theory as follows: Concerning Darwin’s evolutionary theory, it may be true that the circumstances of this earth have historically had a great influence on the evolution of human being and animals. But in reality, there must have been the influence from God, too, because all living creatures aim to create a more beautiful and complete existence. It is said that they are aiming to become God-like existences; all living things have a certain direction inherent in them. This is an intention given by God. Because of this, all living creatures have an inherent desire to come closer to God; the Almighty.

So we must accept these two dimensions; the dimension of this materialistic world, and the dimension of the spiritual or supernatural world. And then we can accept the story of the God particle.

On the relationship between worldly religion and spiritual messages, the Master subsequently pointed out that “in the beginning of every religion, the founder could usually communicate with spiritual beings and was able to hear what they had to say.” Judaism’s Moses heard the voice of God and composed part of the Old Testament, and Jesus Christ heard the voice of “God the Father”, with the New Testament later created. The Master said that it was the same for Islam’s Muhammad, who heard the words of Allah through Archangel Gabriel.

He warned, however, that “if a mortal teacher that could speak with supreme beings, the Heavenly Father or the Heavenly Master, and preach their will to people were to appear in this day and age, he would be persecuted by pragmatic people.” He added that “sometimes very serious and devout followers persecute such a person. We must explore the unknown world with braveness. We should be the explorers of the future, which is the world where the unknown reality of today will become the next reality of tomorrow. I think criticisms cannot be productive unless they are accompanied by a good purpose. If they are with good purpose, then they can produce new values and horizons for science.”

He wrapped up the sermon by saying that “Only brave people are permitted to seek the new truth. You are the seekers of the new happiness for the future, and that requires you to be brave.”

Exploring the spirit world and creating happiness

Foreign journalism and Japanese media often do not understand the basic framework and culture of such religions. Master Ryuho Okawa has been exploring the spirit world, including conducting spiritual messages, for many years. He has delivered over 1,700 lectures, and guides believers in around 100 countries. His fundamental teaching is the Fourfold Path of love, wisdom, self-reflection, and progress. His teachings and his power of faith resolve economic troubles and issues as well as those related to modern human relations. Miracles are happening throughout Japan at the Happy Science branches, as well as overseas where many types of illness and diseases are cured.

Science is the exploration of the unknown world. By investigating the spirit world, representative of that unexplored world, the creation of the present and future happiness is “Happy Science”, and our name embodies this. The view that it is pseudoscience is completely off the mark.

How is Happy Science Real “Science”?
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