How Would China Appear If Viewed by Sun Yat-sen?
A spiritual message from an angel of light and a revolutionary

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and president of Happy Science invited Sun Yat-sen’s spirit to record his spiritual messages [Note] at the General Headquarters of Happy Science on February 8, 2012.

What did Sun Yat-sen say after he looked the present-day Chinese state? Sun Yat-sen was a revolutionary, and became known for toppling the Qing dynasty in the 1911 Chinese Revolution. He revealed the secret of Xi Jinping’s strategy, who is now deemed to become the next Communist General Secretary of China, and foresaw what preparations the U.S. are making, how Japan should respond toward his presidency.

[Note] These spiritual messages were channeled through Ryuho Okawa. However, please note that because of his high level of enlightenment, his way of receiving spiritual messages is fundamentally different from other psychic mediums who undergo trances and are completely taken over by the spirits they are channeling.

Each human soul is made up of six soul siblings, one of whom acts as the guardian spirit of the person living on earth. People living on earth are connected to their guardian spirits at the innermost subconscious level.  They are a part of people’s very souls, and therefore, exact reflections of their thoughts and philosophies.

However, please note that these spiritual messages are opinions of the individual spirits and may contradict the ideas or teachings of the Happy Science Group.

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The following is the summary of his spiritual messages:

< The ‘reign of Xi Jinping’ has begun already >

The “reign of Xi Jinping” has begun already. His reign will last at least ten years. This year, the oppression of ‘freedom of thought’ has already been strengthened by him. As a result, more and more people have been exiled. For example, the friends of the Nobel Peace Prize winner feel so threatened that some of them have started to flee the country.

China also has the cross-strait issue with Taiwan. When the British government handed over Hong Kong to China, the Chinese government promised that it would maintain Hong Kong’s capitalist system and its way of life for 50 years. Part of their strategy was to use the prosperity of Hong Kong as an example of what is to come, in order to acquire Taiwan and create “One China” without bloodshed.

My guess is that the next president, Xi Jinping, will replace the phrase “the Great Empire of China,” and introduce a new ideology that may be a fancy way to rationalize and disguise China’s hegemonic intensions. This will be a similar to Mikhail Gorbachev’s coining of the phrase, “New Thinking in Foreign Affairs.”

The biggest enemy of his political activities will be Western ideas such as “freedom of thought and belief,” “freedom of religion,” “freedom of speech and expression,” and “freedom of association.”

At the moment Xi Jinping is assessing who will pledge allegiance to him and who will not betray. So, this year is the year in which the loyalties of executive members of the Communist Party and the military will be tested. Xi Jinping will put weight on those people who stay loyal to him. He’s willing to alienate or purge those who hesitate to show their loyalty to the new leader.

<What does China fear? And why does China behave in a suppressive and hegemonic way?>

China is like a sand castle, and it will fall apart very easily unless they have tight control over the people by removing their freedom. That’s how they still view democratization.

Many different ethnic groups and various autonomous regions within China exist, so if they give their people freedom, uprisings will be everywhere and the country will surely fall apart.

Out of fear over such a scenario, the Communist government will pursue its militarization to control the domestic dissidents and to present a posture that it won’t allow any “virus” to enter its territory.

Moreover, they need to support their huge population of nearly 1.4 billion by importing vast quantities of natural resources from all over the world. This is one of the main reasons for strengthening their naval power in order to ensure the safe passage of those vessels that carry them from Africa, South America, or Australia. That’s how the world appears from a Chinese perspective.

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How Would China Appear If Viewed by Sun Yat-sen?
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