How Would China Appear If Viewed by Sun Yat-sen?
A spiritual message from an angel of light and a revolutionary

<The Japan-US-India alliance is a threat to Chinese maritime strategy>

Although Japanese politicians pay courtesy visits to India, they don’t really understand the true meaning and importance of diplomacy, so they are not undertaking their tasks properly.

If the “Indo-Japan Security Alliance” were to be established to forge the US-Japan-India triangle, China will be surrounded by this trilateral relationship.

The U.S. is trying to deter Chinese maritime strategy with their Seventh Fleet, but if the Indian naval fleet were to join forces with the U.S. and Japan, it will make it far more difficult for China to solve the cross-strait conflict by itself. These potential scenarios are giving Xi Jinping a big headache right now.

<The U.S.: In preparation for a potential war with China?>

Recently, the U.S. government has started bringing American citizens back home from China. This means only one thing. The US government is preparing for the possible contingencies that either North Korea or Taiwan could trigger. Also, when a Syria-type armed revolt or demonstration happens, the Chinese government could militarily intervene.

Military conflicts are possible in a broad region in 2012 including not only Taiwan, North Korea, and in the mainland China, but also in the Paracel Islands, the Spratly Islands, and the sea areas around the Philippines and Vietnam. A Sino-American proxy war is also possible over resources in the seabeds. I’m sure that the countries with interests at stake have already started preparing, just in case.

<Chinese infiltrators are successfully maneuvering the ideology behind Japanese nuclear power policy and the U.S. military bases>

The truth is that China actually feels threatened by Japan. Basically, he is trying to estimate how much time Japan needs to get equipped with nuclear arms, and how much pressure will push Japan to go nuclear.

He knows he doesn’t have to worry about it as long as the Democratic Party of Japan is in power, but he is wondering how long it will take Japan to equip itself with nuclear arms once the regime changes to the LDP.

Since the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, there have been many anti-nuclear movements happening all over Japan. This happens because Chinese infiltrators are not only amongst the protesters, but are often the instigators or financial supporters of anti-nuclear movements seeking to shut down all nuclear reactors.

In contrast, they are actually promoting nuclear power in China, like many other countries, including the U.S.

Once all nuclear reactors are shut down, Japan will have to buy nuclear materials from overseas if they want to start producing nuclear weapons.

Many of them are engaged in not only the anti-nuclear demonstrations, but also the activities near the U.S. military base in Okinawa at the moment.

The Japanese newspapers have been publishing as many anti-nuclear articles as they can, thanks to the work of the Chinese infiltrators.

China has been successfully using infiltrators in the Japan to control the ideologies and beliefs of the Japanese people.

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How Would China Appear If Viewed by Sun Yat-sen?
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