How Would China Appear If Viewed by Sun Yat-sen?
A spiritual message from an angel of light and a revolutionary

<The Chinese People should learn more from the ‘wisdom of the Japanese’ >

China still has too many problems within their own country, although the government only publicizes what they’ve achieved. You may remember when bullet trains fell from an elevated line; Chinese authorities buried those carriages immediately following the accident without any investigation. The Chinese government doesn’t even respect basic of human rights yet. They are more concerned with saving face than respecting lives.

The Americans in the era of Abraham Lincoln might’ve had a better understanding of human rights than the Chinese do today. The Chinese government doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice human lives for the sake of its rule.

In my view Japan should become the leader of the world. Well, at the very least, it must be ‘the leader of the East.’ You can’t deny that Japan is one of the world leaders and that China can learn so much from its infinite wisdom. The Chinese people should learn from the positive traits of the Japanese, such as diligence, indomitable spirit, and morals, which made Japan’s quick catch up to the West after the Meiji Restoration possible in such a short time.

I also feel that the teachings of Happy Science will be the key element to assisting China in some way as it progresses toward democracy.

If your teachings and utopian ideology become accepted by the people who are seeking true prosperity, then it will be possible to bring on a peaceful revolution. I sincerely hope that you will assist China in making progress similar to that of Japan following the Meiji Restoration.

◇Editor’s note regarding Sun Yat-sen’s spiritual message◇

When the party congress is held this fall, Xi Jinping is highly likely to be the next Communist General Secretary of China, and in effect, the powers will be shifted from Hu Jintao to Xi Jinping, through which the new generation of leaders will also be elected.

Last May when Master Ryuho Okawa visited and gave a lecture in Hong Kong, he made clear that SunYat-sen is the spirit who now resides in the political world of eighth dimension Tathagata Realm, and he is still giving light to the areas of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, and Shanghai which are of main concern to him.

In the latter half of the spiritual message, Sun Yat-sen stated that “I’m really hoping that China will peacefully transform and become the kind of country that I would have built, if I had lived and remained longer as the president.” We truly hope that China will be peacefully democratized following his words in the future.

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How Would China Appear If Viewed by Sun Yat-sen?
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