Interviews With Guardian Spirits of Ahmadinejad & Netanyahu
── Iran vs. Israel: Can We Stop a Nuclear War?

<An Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran>

*Ahmadinejad’s Guardian Spirit will be noted as Ahmadinejad’s G.S. from this point on.


Is Iran Developing Nuclear Weapons to Realize God’s Justice?

――You often mention that you want to eliminate Israel off the face of the earth.

Ahmadinejad’s G.S. Eliminate? No, no, no, not eliminate. I mean to massacre. On behalf of God, we are being asked to help God to do the right things.


Iran Will Finish Developing Nuclear Weapons in Two Years

――Iran’s nuclear program seems to be progressing steadily. When do you think the nuclear weapons will be ready to use?

Ahmadinejad’s G.S. Two years.

――I understand that Israel wants to take military action and attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. How do you intend to react to that?

Ahmadinejad’s G.S. They are disciples of the devil, so they are evil people. They should be “evaporated” from the earth!

――Will you be using nuclear weapons, or do you plan to retaliate sooner using other weapons?

Ahmadinejad’s G.S. It’s a top secret. But we are the owner of our Middle East area. Do you understand what I mean? The Middle East belongs to us.

――What is your opinion of President Obama?

Ahmadinejad’s G.S. Obama… umm. He has a weak heart in him. He’s very weak and indecisive. He is indecisive. Since he is indecisive, he cannot make such a big decision. That’s what I guess.


Is the Democratic Movement an American Conspiracy?

――Since last year, the Arab Spring democratic movement has been spreading through the Islamic countries. What do you think of this movement?

Ahmadinejad’s G.S. There could be some kind of conspiracy behind it. The CIA or another kind of evil political machine is probably working for that. Jewish groups from the United States of America might be receiving black money for it. We need to gather our power, all the national power we have, to resist against the evil intentions of Israel.

――We were told that the Arab Spring was being guided by Allah, or Elohim. (Note: Muhammad spoke about this in his spiritual messages, “What is Happening in the Middle East?” recorded on August 23, 2011.)

So by trying to suppress this democratic movement, you are actually defying the will of Allah.

Ahmadinejad’s G.S. That’s just about a Japanese god. The Japanese god needs oil. That’s the main point.

――Elohim is also the God of the Middle East. You are actually revolting against your God, Allah.

Ahmadinejad’s G.S. Allah, Allah. We love Allah. We are one!


Ahmadinejad’s Guardian Spirit Thinks Netanyahu Is a Devil

――I think that the U.S.-Japan Alliance is crucial for Japan’s national interest, so even if Japan cannot help Iran at this moment, I hope that in the future, Japan could act as intermediary between Islamic countries and western countries.

Ahmadinejad’s G.S. You know Netanyahu? You are planning to summon Prime Minister Netanyahu (his guardian spirit), next, right? Don’t summon him! He is a devil, so please disregard him. He intends to attack, destroy, and kill all of us Iranian and Arabian people! He is the devil of all devils!! More than Hitler!


We Hope Japan Will Be the Leader of the World

――We hope that Japan, as a country, will become more independent and be able to say our opinions to America.

Ahmadinejad’s G.S. You are so weak! Please be confident of your Japanese tradition, your splendid Japanese traditions! We, Asian people, even the Middle Eastern people, look up to Japan!! Japan must be the leader of the world.

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Interviews With Guardian Spirits of Ahmadinejad & Netanyahu
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