Interviews With Guardian Spirits of Ahmadinejad & Netanyahu
── Iran vs. Israel: Can We Stop a Nuclear War?

<An Interview with Guardian Spirit of Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel>

*Netanyahu’s Guardian Spirit will be noted as Netanyahu’s G.S. from this point on.


He Is Thinking of Attacking Iran As Soon As Today

――In regards to your timing of attack, I think you have stated that, “It is not a matter of days or weeks, but also not a matter of years. (If Iran continues its nuclear development) We are ready to strike Iranian nuclear sites within the next few months.” When exactly do you plan to launch this attack?

Netanyahu’s G.S. My wish is to do it today. They are similar to North Korea. They’re almost the same. They are like North Korea for you.


Has the U.S. Navy Fleet Agreed to Assist Israel?

――Because their nuclear facilities are deep underground, it makes it extremely difficult to destroy them. What kind of attack plan do you exactly have in mind?

Netanyahu’s G.S. I talked to Mr. Obama about that. The U.S. Seventh Fleet will assist us. [Note]

[Note] Strictly speaking, the U.S. Fifth Fleet is now in charge of the Middle East. However, most of its operating forces and facilities are rotationally deployed to the region from either the Pacific Fleet including the Seventh Fleet or the Atlantic Fleet. The Guardian Spirit of Netanyahu seemingly made his comment in response to the fact that ships from the Seventh Fleet are deployed to the Middle East, if required.


――I think that Iran fears Israel because Israel already owns nuclear weapons. I feel that Iran is developing nuclear weapons to defend themselves from Israel’s capability to attack.

Netanyahu’s G.S. Ahh, you mean the double standard. We hold the sacred place of Christianity, so the people of Europe and the United States want to protect us; it’s because of Jesus Christ. That is our strong point. They are afraid of losing the birthplace of Jesus Christ. That is our strong point.


Is Yahweh Truly the Supreme God?

――We believe that Yahweh is only an ethnic god watching over the Jewish people.

Ah, yeah, Yahweh. No, in truth, there is no name for God. Yahweh is a secret code. The Supreme God made us, Jewish people, and then other people. We are the origin of the human race.


Judaism and Islam Should Be Able to Coexist under the Supreme God

――Happy Science teaches that the Fundamental God of Christianity and Judaism, and the Fundamental God of Islam, Allah, are actually the same being named Elohim. Elohim’s real name is El Cantare. Such truths have been revealed at Happy Science. So in short, while it seems like there are many different religions in this world, all religions actually come from the same God.

Since Christians, Jewish people, and Muslims ultimately believe in the same God, religious wars and conflicts are meaningless. If all people could embrace this understanding, it would be possible for all religions to coexist peacefully.

Netanyahu’s G.S. It’s one hypothesis, and we cannot prove that. We cannot determine whether or not Allah and our God are the same, the same Supreme Being. It’s a very difficult matter, and we have been fighting about it for more than 2,000 years, or at least for 1,400 years. So, it’s not so easy.

――We believe that there are many gods guiding the various ethnic groups and religions. These spirits are competing against each other, just as companies compete against each other in business. However, there is a Supreme God who stands above all gods and deities.

Unfortunately, this competition between the gods has also caused religious wars and conflicts. I understand that the conflict between Israel and Iran is caused by this competition between the gods as well.

Netanyahu’s G.S. No, that is a misunderstanding. Gods don’t compete. Only God and the devil compete against each other. And we are on the side of God. We belong to God and they belong to the devil. That’s the simple conclusion.


Is Netanyahu’s Guardian Spirit St. Michael’s Soul Mate?

――So, as the prime minister’s guardian spirit, what sort of spirits do you interact with normally?

Netanyahu’s G.S. St. Michael. Islamic people insist that they were guided by St. Gabriel. But St. Michael has a higher position than St. Gabriel. So they should obey us. Maybe, I am a soul mate of St. Michael. St. Michael is the god of fighting, right? So, I will destroy the fortress of evil spirits.

――When we conducted St. Michael’s spiritual messages, St. Michael said that Muhammad was a High Spirit living in Heaven and not a devil.

Netanyahu’s G.S. Muhammad is a devil. He was a devil! He is a devil! He will be a devil!

――Since you believe that Muhammad is a devil, we know for a fact that you are not part of St. Michael’s soul.


What Is the True Justice of God?

――According to you, there are many countries in the Middle East that must be eliminated.

Netanyahu’s G.S. True, that’s true. Because they belong to devils. So we must save them! It is the great deed of Saviors. I’m a savior of the Middle East.

――Islam is gaining influence in Egypt and the countries surrounding Egypt. All of those countries will become your enemies.

Netanyahu’s G.S. No, no, no, no. They are under the power of devils. So we must change their mind towards a good direction. They must seek God, the real God!

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Interviews With Guardian Spirits of Ahmadinejad & Netanyahu
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