Does God Love Gays and Lesbians?

The point is whether you can go to Heaven when you die

Even if you are a gay or lesbian couple, it does not mean you definitely will go to Hell. If you are not evil and love each other, in a sense you may be forgiven.

I have done readings on the past lives of many people and have come across a range of examples in the process. For example, when I investigated the past lives of two males, one was male in a previous life, but the other was female and they were married. Now, they are two male friends. In a previous life they were attracted to each other as members of the opposite sex and married, but now they are close friends of the same sex.

A male and female loving each other and having children is approved and acceptable. However, in a sense males can love each other and females can love each other. They may not want to have children, but because such couples are soul mates, they can’t help but be attracted to each other.

The main point in determining the right and wrong of a person’s way of life is if they go to Heaven or Hell when they die. Regardless of whether they are a heterosexual couple, gay couple or lesbian couple, it is whether they create utopia through their work and lifestyle that is the fundamental point.

We up in Heaven are not making a decision for the time being. We need 100 years to do that. Because this is an issue that started around 1960, it will probably be 2060 when I hand down my decision from Heaven.

It’s a very difficult issue, but science has developed and times have changed. Loving another person is a good thing but causing others trouble or giving them a shock is not. Please check whether you are taking love from someone or giving love. That is all I can say at the present moment. (End of summary)


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Does God Love Gays and Lesbians?
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