Does God Love Gays and Lesbians?

God has not yet made a decision

That is a difficult question. Loving another person is, in itself, a good thing. The problem lies in gays and lesbians getting married and having children. I think the crux of the problem in America is marriage.

Christianity is a rather old religion, but Jesus didn’t say anything to the effect of “Love the opposite sex.” He was only thinking “mankind” because they were all God’s children. God’s love does not discriminate between male and female. Love is not only sexual. Thinking of others, thinking good of others, doing good for others. That is love.

The Catholic Church has, historically, prohibited same-sex love. In old religions, protecting the purity of husband and wife was the most important thing. Whether a child was the product of a father’s seed or not was important, so if the child of a man’s wife were the child of another man, then the situation would become very complex. For that reason, all religions taught purity.

Same-sex love is a new issue. Recently with developments in science, we are now able to decide whether to have children or not. Thus the teachings of God are now changing. In a sense, a big civilization project is progressing. It will probably take over 100 years to decide whether same-sex love is bad or acceptable. It took 70-80 years (from the birth of the Soviet Union until its collapse) to determine whether Marxism was good or bad. Because the issue of same-sex love is a test case, it is still too early to decide.

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Does God Love Gays and Lesbians?
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