The Key Player in 2012: Xi Jinping’s Secret Ambitions 1

ES: What do you intend to do about Japan?

XJ: I have to choose my words with Japan, but I think of it as a friend because it’s such a good country. My real intention is to form a China-Japan alliance. Because it has been 50 years since the formation of the Japan-US alliance and it has passed its use-by date, forming a China-Japan alliance will lead to stability and prosperity in Asia. When I become president, I’d like to form a China-Japan alliance.

ES: “Alliance” sounds good, but isn’t it really turning Japan into “a tributary state”?

XJ: Not at all. We intend to send a few Han Chinese officials to Japan, but it will be an equal union.

ES: In that case, what will happen to, say, the Japanese Imperial system?

XJ: The Imperial system? His Majesty the Emperor will come to China annually and if he has an audience with me, the “Chinese emperor”, then I don’t have a problem with the Imperial system. That is the China-Japan alliance. If you want to protect Japan, Japan should praise China and come under our protection. That is the best and only path to protecting Japan.

ES: Rather than Japan being protected, doesn’t that mean that Japan will lose its independence?

XJ: No, not at all. We are protecting Mongolia and the Uyghurs properly, and we protected Tibet from the Dalai Lama. After a while, I’ll also protect India. I’m thinking I might also protect Pakistan, and Australia too because it’s population is not really increasing, so I might send some of China’s enormous population over.

On clearing up America’s brainwashing

ES: There will soon be the Meeting of the ASEAN Heads of Government, but the ASEAN countries you say you’ll “protect” will be scared of China…

XJ: That’s wrong. They’ve been brainwashed by America. Looking at it historically, can you say that America taking advantage of the fact it happened to beat Japan in the Pacific War and spreading its supremacy to Asia is right? Looking at these last few thousand years, can you say that Atlantic America controlling Asia is really right?

ES: Conversely, how far across the Pacific does China want to expand its territory?

XJ: Naturally, we’d like the yellow races to come under China’s control. No, “control” is a bad way of putting it. I’d like them to come under our “protection.”
It’s not the yellow race, but Africa is also a region that produces good capable people like Obama. I would like to change Africa into China’s food stores. China’s population will grow to 1.5, maybe 1.6 billion, and so to feed them all we will need to import a lot of food.
African nations are the ones who are most lagging behind. So first we will increase food production there and develop the industry. Then, because they will need to export to earn foreign exchange, African nations will become richer if China buys food, and the number of people moving up into the middle class will increase. This is also a good option for Africa. (To be continued.)

The Liberty editorial members were also present at the recording of this spiritual message. The audacious roar of laughter when Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit appeared and its extremely confident manner of speaking left a big impression.
This spirit’s self-image was decidedly that of emperor. At any rate it disliked trivial matters but enjoyed big-hearted conversation. As you might expect of a guardian spirit, it did not try to hide its profound desire to expand its territory and is considering creating a vast global empire encompassing places like Australia, India and Africa.
In this era in which China wants to rapidly progress in the world, he will take up the top spot as if by fate. And he has ambitions of overtaking America and making China the number one state in the world. Who in history is this soul? (Continued in part 2.)

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The Key Player in 2012: Xi Jinping’s Secret Ambitions 1
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