The Key Player in 2012: Xi Jinping’s Secret Ambitions 1

Summoning Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit


XJ: The guardian spirit of Xi Jinping
Interviewer: HM = Hironori Matsushima (Secretary General, the Happiness Realization Party)
ES = Eiichi Satomura (Happy Science Head of PR)
MC: Master of ceremonies


(Below is an extract of the recorded spiritual message. * stands for a long omission.)

Master Ryuho Okawa: Guardian spirit of Xi Jinping, China’s next president. Guardian spirit of Xi Jinping, China’s next president. May you come to the General Headquarters of Happy Science and reveal your real intentions.

(After about a 90-second silence, Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit enters Master Okawa’s body and starts to speak.)

XJ: (roaring with laughter) Ahahahahahahaha, haha, hahahaha.

HM: Are you Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit?

XJ: Haha, yes. Have you come to pay tribute?

HM: Xi Jinping seems to be pro-Japanese. Could you tell us what kind of image you have of Japan?

XJ: Well, you have classified me as pro-Japanese.

HM: There are many things we don’t understand, but you have been reported as being pro-Taiwanese and pro-Japanese.

XJ: That’s because Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin also had the support of Shanghai’s economic power. Because exchange with Japan was important from an economic point of view, they probably seemed pro-Japanese. Because I too have that support base, I may also seem like that. But my true intention is, in fact, not just the economy. No. My true intention is “emperor”.

HM: Emperor?

XJ: Yes. The emperor among emperors is me.

MC: There are currently large-scale anti-Japanese protests in inland China. These protests seem to be student organizations acting under government control. However, they don’t act if they haven’t been directed to. It is thought that it may be Jiang Zemin or you who are getting them to act.

XJ: This was the “signal” of a Japan-China reversal. The fact that Japan is stronger than China economically is well-known, but there are plans to overturn it this year. So I have to say that the Japanese economy has become a servant of the Chinese economy.
And I have to declare that China is now equal to America, with both countries having become grand champion of equal ability on opposing sides of the ring. I must point out that Japan is no longer a champion having fallen from the number 2 position in terms of GDP.

HM: China is also extremely good at diplomatic lobbying and manipulation, but how did you manipulate the Japanese mass media…?

XJ: Listen to what you are saying, it’s all trivial. Everything you’re talking about is trivial. We have never done anything as low as manipulate the mass media.

On wanting to “protect” Japan in the same way as Mongolia and Tibet

(Change of interviewer)

ES: Now turning to your installation as Vice President of the Central Military Commission. Just before you also talked about China’s internal power struggle.

XJ: No, that’s trivial. What power struggle? That is something commonly associated with a huge country like China. It’s the Law of the Survival of the Fittest. I don’t think it’s something to make such a fuss about.

ES: Next question, the global media doesn’t seem to have reported it much yet, so as the future president, what kind of country do you really want to make China?

XJ: The number one country. I want it to develop as a world state. I want to build a global empire like the former Great Tang Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty and show the world that the Chinese era has come. That is my big ambition.
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The Key Player in 2012: Xi Jinping’s Secret Ambitions 1
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