3 Easy Steps to Fight Depression

Think About Your Many Blessings

Depression is spreading – not only in Brazil but all over the world. We need to remember to be grateful for our many blessings.

Some may hate the fact that they were born human. But compared to animals, human beings are incredibly happy. We have a lot more freedom to do things. We should be grateful.

Most animals cannot speak. Even if they work, they don’t get paid. Police dogs work but they don’t get a salary. As human beings, if we work, we get paid, even if our salaries are small. In this way, we gain financial freedom. Respect the fact that being human is something to be grateful for.

It is important to change your perspective and recognize just how many blessings you have in your life. Do not waste your precious time abusing drugs or alcohol.

Another important point is not to compare yourself with others. There are countless people in the world, superior and inferior in many ways. Once you start thinking about it, there is no end to it.

If seeing somebody more accomplished than yourself makes you think “I’m worthless”, it is time to change this.

Instead, look at it this way: if there is somebody who has achieved more in your area of interest, rejoice in this person’s success and praise him or her thinking “I want to be like him!” or “I want to be like her. This person embodies my ideal!” By admiring successful people, you bring yourself much closer to them.

In my opinion being able to appreciate the success of others is another important step on the way to beating depression. If you keep thinking “Why did this guy get it, and I didn’t?” you will never dig yourself out of depression. Muster up the courage to praise the successful.

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3 Easy Steps to Fight Depression
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