The Mayan Calendar Prophecy for 2012 and Its Connection With President Obama

–Talking about the connection between China and the 2012 prophecy, Xi Jinping is set to be chosen as the next Chinese leader at the National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party to be held in Autumn 2012.

That’s right. That and the end of the first term of my presidency will clash. This clash could change the history of the world.

–In a previous life Xi Jinping was born as Genghis Khan, someone who created a global empire, and if we travel back even further, he was an Assyrian king who ruled the Ancient Orient at the time. He was the king of a country that overthrew the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Frankly speaking, he is an enemy of Christianity.
I think he is an enemy of Christianity and Judaism. Such an enemy of Christianity becoming the leader of the world’s biggest country, as well as someone with experience in conquering white people becoming the president of the world’s most powerful nation, is an act of fate.
When China takes up expansionism, it will certainly be justified. The justification is simply that it will be using the same means that Japan used in the previous world war. It will justify it as reaping the karma of colonial rule under whites.

–Are you hoping to be assassinated?

Yes. I always dream of being assassinated. I travel the world but it doesn’t matter what hotel I stay at, I always dream I’ll be assassinated.

–Time-wise are you thinking around December 2012?

Ha. No one would be stupid enough to actually say that.

–Are you yourself able to predict whether you will be re-elected as president?

Hmm, that’s difficult. But I may be if I am not assassinated.

–If you are assassinated and a Republican president comes into power, how will the world change?

If there is a Republican president, the US will go to war against China.

–Does that scenario have anything to do with the 2012 prophecy?

That is a devastating scenario. China and the US will go to war.

–If the US withdrew, China would…

I would withdraw.
If I am re-elected, the US will pull out. China will inevitably become a hegemonic nation. (omission) The US is also, in a sense, despised by the world, and has been withdrawing from various areas since the Vietnam War. There was a lot of opposition to Bush’s attacks on Iraq, which is perhaps one of the reasons I became president, so withdrawal is part of the course of events. Therefore I may decide the fall of the US. (end of the spiritual message extract)


Since President Obama took office, the US has gradually retreated from the top position both militarily and economically. If that is Obama’s subconscious trying to end the dominance of white civilization with the US at its pinnacle, then it all makes sense.


His subconscious seems to want to be assassinated and be remembered as a great legendary president like Lincoln, but what souls imagine and predict are not always realized, and the future can be changed by what was revealed in the background to the prophecy. We at Happy Science neither want Obama assassinated nor a US-China war, so we have dared to make this spiritual message public in order to call on people around the world in an effort to avoid such a future.


We will reveal the spiritual message of Xi Jinping’s subconscious and what the hopes are for the world beyond 2012 in a separate article here on this website.

(1) Based on Buddhism’s “law of cause and effect”, karma is the accumulation of good and bad deeds of individuals and groups that stay with souls even when they are reincarnated. Karmic payback is where, for the purpose of reflection and atonement, similar events to those you did in the past follow you from one life to the next and happen to you.
(2) Montezuma talked about things linked to Africa’s past by fate in the parts of his spiritual message not quoted here.
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The Mayan Calendar Prophecy for 2012 and Its Connection With President Obama
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