The Mayan Calendar Prophecy for 2012 and Its Connection With President Obama

–In recent times, eschatology involved with the Mayan calendar, such as the movie “2012” which hit cinemas in 2009, has become a popular topic of conversation around the world. Could you tell us about its spiritual background?

It’s a Mayan curse. A curse on the Spanish conquest and invasions by Christian countries will be effected in 2012. For that reason, part of my soul was born in America as a black president. Revenge will be complete.
For hundreds of years, white people have committed evil act after evil act under racial discrimination and a superiority complex. During this time, the people of Africa, Asia and Central and South America have endured considerable suffering from discrimination, persecution and genocide but enough karma has not been exacted for them. So I will accomplish this.
I am complex. I live for America and will destroy America. 2012 will be the end of my glory. I will trigger that. I will trigger “the end of the world.”

–In other words, you will trigger it at the 2012 US presidential election… Is this Mayan prophecy Emperor Montezuma’s curse? Or is it the karmic retribution that the white supremacy of Christian countries has amassed?

Both. White dominance will end next year.

–So you’re saying that the end of white dominance will not necessarily mean the world will collapse?

Well, the Christian calendar will end.

–In the Mayan calendar eschatology, belief is strong that the end of the world will be on December 21, 2012, but this is immediately after the US presidential election. You just said that you will trigger the end of the world. What are you trying to do exactly?

Well…(about a 10-second silence ensues). So, the karma white people amassed over 500 years will collapse. Meaning, white domination will end.

–If white domination ended and the Mayan curse were realized, which do you think will be the next race to gain supremacy and what will their thinking and ideology be?

Well,…next it will be between China and Islam. There will probably be a battle over who will secure supremacy (omission).
As a black American president with both an “African curse” (2) and a “Mayan curse”, kind of like dual citizenship, I intend to bring an end to white civilization culminating with the US. I am a black angel of the light. I am an angel of the light of black people.

–So, are you trying to create a civilization of black dominance?

No, rather than create a civilization of black dominance,
if you were African, would you really believe that God existed these last few centuries? If you were God and you saw the suffering in Africa, and this suffering still continues today, would you be able to excuse it?
That’s why I will bring about the end of white civilization. I intend to end white civilization by sacrificing myself like Jesus who died on the cross.

–Not meaning to be rude, but are you, mentally, harboring feelings of revenge and hatred?

No, I am just trying to return justice on Earth to the middle ground.
I am trying to right the power balance on Earth. Because it seems God has, historically, supported evil people too much, I am now trying to adjust this balance and return it to the middle ground.

–But if the US goes into decline because of this, it may trigger the power balance in other countries to collapse, causing new disputes and clashes over control.

That is already occurring. Didn’t Japan try to rule the world as a yellow race and lose WW2?
That may have been the start of a switch in white rule but because Japan lost, could China perhaps be the next to attempt it? History has already shown what would happen if white people dominated and ruled the world but now a civilization experiment on what would happen if the yellow race were to control the world is under way. We are now about to see whether it will turn out the same as white people or not.
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The Mayan Calendar Prophecy for 2012 and Its Connection With President Obama
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