For the Freedom and Happiness of 1.3 Billion Chinese

The Democratization and Liberalization of China is God’s Will

The Chinese population has been brainwashed substantially, but there are also many Chinese who want to break out of this situation. In the Islamic world, information can be exchanged freely, and the fight against dictatorships has turned into a strong movement. To avoid a similar situation, the Chinese government works hard to suppress the flow of information.

Doing this may seem like a good idea to keep the current regime strong, but in the long term, it is simply wrong to deny over 1.3 billion Chinese citizens their right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion.

1.3 billion people are being denied their right to religious freedom. There are about five traditional religions in China, including Buddhism and Christianity. But the Chinese government is persecuting Christians like the Japanese Communist party before the war, secretly spying on them, and apprehending them during services held at cafeterias etc. Their behavior is an offense against human dignity.

This is why, even if it means taking a risk, we are trying to increase the number of sympathizers for Happy Science in China. A lot of them understand the ideas of Happy Science, and I believe they are prepared to democratize their country.

We have no intentions to destroy China. We want China to be a peaceful nation that cooperates with the rest of the world. We want those who live in China to be happier. But a country where people are not allowed to breathe a word of criticism about their government, where they cannot talk about their belief in God and Buddha, where no books about these subjects can be published is simply on the wrong path.

The Chinese comprise a large part of the world’s population, and I firmly believe that it is God’s will to grant more freedom to them. I have started preaching the message of Happy Science in the South of the country, and I intend to spread the missionary work throughout the country. The Chinese are human beings just like us, who understand what we have to say.

The Chinese authorities oppress their citizens because they are afraid to lose their present power structure, but how can they go as far as having their military point its guns at their own people? If the Chinese learn to see this truth as spread by Happy Science, the government’s strategy will no longer be effective.

At the moment, China is following Japanese cultural trends very closely. The Chinese know exactly what books are selling in Japan, what movies are popular, and what people like, so I’m sure they are also aware that Happy Science has been gaining prestige, prominence, and authority over here. This means that the way people feel about Happy Science in Japan must also be reflected in China. This is how we might be able to offer our help. I hope with all my heart that we can be of use in opening up the future to the Chinese people and guide them towards greater happiness in a peaceful manner.

This month (May 2011) I plan to speak in the Philippines and Hong Kong. After Hong Kong’s return from British to Chinese rule, it has been granted special status for 50 years. If Hong Kong remains as it is, it should be no problem for me to speak there. On the other hand, I am not sure how far I can go as the Chinese authorities are already working their way back into Hong Kong, but I will say what I can.*.

I just want to make sure I don’t get arrested there as I’d like to see you all again. (laughter in the audience). Anyway, according to Happy Science international Headquarter, Hong Kong is still safe, so I’m going.

* On May 22nd 2011, Master Okawa gave a lecture in Hong Kong in English titled “The Fact and The Truth”
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For the Freedom and Happiness of 1.3 Billion Chinese
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