Redefining Freedom & Equality
How to Handle the World Revolution that has Spread from the Middle East to Wall Street

The Foundation of True Freedom and Equality: The Cycle of Reincarnation

To support the idea that choosing freedom before equality is the right choice, here is the basic philosophy taught by Happy Science. As Buddhism explains, human beings are born and reborn again and again. We are spiritual beings that move between this world and the spirit world.

Based on the materialism suggested by Communism, people are not spiritual beings but simply accumulations of matter that cease to exist once they pass away. In this context it would be inexcusable to allow one person to live in abundance and let another die after living a miserable life of poverty. In Islam, too, human life ends with death, but depending on their faith and actions during life, people enter an eternity of either Heaven or Hell after they die.

Believing in the cycle of rebirth, however, the successes and failures, the happiness and unhappiness of each life are considered precious experiences while the soul is endlessly reborn striving towards the eternal progress. According to “The Eternal Buddha” authored by Master Okawa, real equality means that, whatever your past life, you have the chance to start over as a baby when you are born. And the fact that everybody gets to live their own lives from the moment they are born is true freedom.

Some say that the French Revolution made its goal to execute god, which then led to the development of materialism and totalitarianism. In 2012, as the revolution based on Islamic and left wing ideas continues in different parts of the world, it will be our task to look beyond ancient religious ideas and modern materialism, and redefine what true freedom and equality mean in a religious and ideological sense.

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Redefining Freedom & Equality
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