‘Coronavirus Is a Biological Weapon, Intentionally Spread. I Helped Experiment Its Transmissibility’
First to Report! China, WIV Researcher Makes Astounding Confession

Even though the coronavirus pandemic continues to prolong, its origin is yet to be proven with modern science. However, new evidence has fallen in place that helps uncover its origins.


Shan Chao
Shan Chao, a researcher at WIV, China. Photo from the WIV official website.



Jennifer Zeng

Jennifer Zeng
Born in Sichuan, China in 1966. After graduating from Peking University with a master’s degree in science, worked as a researcher at the Development Research Center of the State Council. After the Chinese Communist Party suppressed Falun Gong in 1999, she was arrested four times and imprisoned in a concentration camp for a year. She emigrated to Australia in 2001, and then to the U.S. in 2011. After defecting, she worked in the media industry as a reporter and an editor-in-chief, spreading the evils of the Communist Party to the world.

Covid-19 is still limiting people’s daily lives. It is forcing people to take vaccines. It is stopping people from attending the death of their loved ones. Where did the “unknown virus” that continues to affect this world come from, and how did it spread?

Uncovering the origins of the virus to prepare for the next wave is crucial to prevent a pandemic. However, the effort has not picked up pace in Japan and researchers are unnervingly silent. This contrasts to the U.S., who uses the full authority of Congress to uncover its origins.

In such a time, Shan Chao, a researcher from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), China, where the virus is suspected to have originated from, reveals surprising news that the coronavirus is a “bioweapon” created in a Chinese laboratory and intentionally spread by the Chinese authority to cause a pandemic. He participated in research to test its transmissibility.

Dr. Chao was born in China in 1985, and he received his doctorate from the Wuhan Research Institute. After working as a research assistant at the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases in Singapore and serving as a university doctoral researcher in Texas, he joined WIV as a promising young researcher.

An anonymous acquaintance of Dr. Chao, Mr. A, heard his surprising testimony. Because it was so astonishing, Mr. A secretly told Jennifer Zeng, a journalist living in the U.S., and she carefully began her research to uncover the truth. In June of this year, Ms. Zeng became the first person in the world to reveal Mr. Chao’s testimony to the world.

The editorial board of The Liberty has summarized the series of exchanges between Ms. Zeng and Mr. A, to become the first Japanese media outlet to report on the shocking revelation given by an active researcher at WIV.


Astonishing Testimony: Man Who Tested Coronavirus Infectiousness Reveals, Covid Is a ‘Bioweapon’

Zeng (henceforth Z): Tell us about what you know about Shan Chao. What did he tell you?

A: He contacted me in March 2020, about the virus that was going around at that time. He was very emotional. He was saying that he saw a lot of people die, and he felt really guilty because those strains came from his hands. He didn’t create them, as I’ll discuss later, but he helped perfect them into a better bioweapon. “Bioweapon” was his actual word.

Z: What did he help with?

A: He was given four strains of the coronavirus by his superior in February 2019. He tested those four strains on transgenic mice (*1), ferrets, and monkeys to test the affinity or infectivity of the strains. He and his team of researchers helped make the virus a “perfection,” the best unrestricted bioweapon, that will infect various organisms.

Z: So the coronavirus is man-made?

A: Yes, according to Chao Shan, it is artificial.


Pandemic Began During Wuhan Sports Games

Z: Did Dr. Chao actually try to infect human beings after they infected those animals?

A: He didn’t, but there was a Military World Games in October 2019 in Wuhan, which was an international sports tournament for military personnel. Dr. Chao did not attend this himself, but several of his research team went. They were asked to do some health inspections at several hotels where the athletes resided , and they went missing for a while. This is very strange, because the health inspections are usually done by physicians, not virologists.

Dr. Chao and I don’t have solid evidence, but he had a guess. Dr. Chao guessed that they were actually trying to spread the virus to the athletes, so the athletes could bring those back to their own countries. He didn’t know the exact procedures his team members might have participated in, or how they got people infected or who did it.

(Editorial note: In the report released on Aug. 2021 by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs that investigated the origins of the coronavirus, the reality of this sports event is described. The Luxembourg athletes who participated in this event were forced to have their temperatures taken as soon as they arrived at the Wuhan airport, and Wuhan with its population of 13 million was described as a “ghost town.” A Canadian athlete found it odd that Wuhan was locked down but was told that “it makes it easier for the participants to get around.” This athlete suffered from fever and chills upon arrival, and on the flight back to Canada, 60 athletes were quarantined in the back seats, as they displayed variety of symptoms thought to be caused by the coronavirus.)

Dr. Chao was chosen as WIV’s “Youth of the Year.” Photo from the WIV official website.


Virus Also Spread in Uyghur

Z: How was Dr. Chao definitely sure that the coronavirus that caused the pandemic had something to do with the experiments that he did back in 2019?

A: Because, if I don’t remember wrongly, the polypeptide sequence of the virus was already out in early February right after the pandemic occurred. As a professional virologist researcher, he must have read the paper and recognized what that was.

Z: So why do you think he chose to tell you this?

A: I got a message from Dr. Chao in April 2020, when he was on a plane from Wuhan to Xinjiang. He said exactly, “I was sent to Xinjiang to do some health inspections for the people in the reeducation camps (in reality concentration camps), so that they could go home, and don’t have to crowd in the camps to make the disease spread more.” I lost contact with him since. He said that if he went missing after this, to not feel hesitant to tell people what I think is right. I followed his words, which is why I’m telling you this.

Z: So that’s why you’re telling me this. Tell us a little bit more. Why was he sent to Xinjiang from Wuhan?

A: I can only guess, but people are forced to stay in the education camps, isolated from their communities. He probably went to infect them and let them bring the virus back to their families. He was sent there to do some “health inspections” even though he was just a virologist (*2).


Innocent People of China
Sacrificed As a Tool
For ‘Greater Good’

Z: Do you really believe that the COVID-19 pandemic could be a biological war, started by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?

A: Yes. According to Chao Shan, it is artificial and engineered in the lab. The strands were sent to him to do transmissible experiments, and based on its results, one was selected for the release.

From the result I could see now, I prefer to call this “biological terrorism,” not war. Terrorism is trying to kill or damage someone, some organization, or some nation with a price. The price can be money or life, like in the case of suicide bombers. Those people who died in Wuhan are more likely to be considered as the suicide bombers. They were sacrificed for this so-called “great purpose.”

The CCP’s ultimate goal is actually to rule the world with Communism. But what they call Communism isn’t actually Communism. It is like a kingdom or an empire where everyone works for the dictator. People were only sacrificed for this greater empire. In this way, Dr. Chao’s testimony is only a small jigsaw of the whole puzzle.


‘Coronavirus Exercise’ Performed
Pre-Pandemic by China

Ms. Zeng responds to the editorial team’s interview as follows:

“What should we take away from the facts that Dr. Chao revealed? It is only one part of the puzzle, so we must complete the whole puzzle by gathering information about the Wuhan Institute and the Chinese scholars who are collaborating with the U.S. We must look at what they have done so far and what they plan on doing in the future.

The Chinese military has been studying biological weapons as a part of what they call “unrestricted warfare,” making it difficult to tell whether their efforts are military or non-military. It is hard to determine whether the coronavirus is a biological weapon or a natural outbreak, which is exactly what China was aiming to do.

To begin with, China has been conducting exercises to prevent the spread of the coronavirus before the pandemic even occurred.

Before the Military World Games in September, they simulated an infectious disease investigation and medical tests based on a scenario that a person infected with a coronavirus pneumonia was found in the Wuhan International Airport. This story is too perfect to be a coincidence.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 769.77 million people infected worldwide and 6.95 million deaths from the coronavirus (as of Aug. 17). Many countries have stopped monitoring the situation in real time, and the actual situation is covered up in China, so the true damage is horrifying, comparable to that of a world war.

China secretly created the coronavirus as a “bioweapon” by gaining the help of Western civilian technologies and has embarked on a “biological warfare” by spreading it simultaneously around the world, taking many precious human lives in the process. This great evil must be condemned.

(*1) Mice that are genetically modified with human ACE2 receptors that allows coronavirus protrusions to attach to their cells.
(*2) In Uyghur, there were almost no cases of infection in the early stages of the pandemic, but the numbers increased after May. This coincides with the period when Mr. Chao was sent to the region.


Timeline of The Pandemic, Based on Revelational Testimony of WIV Researcher

Feb. 2019: Dr. Shan Chao’s team of the Wuhan Research Institute is given four strains of the coronavirus from his superiors. He begins to test its transmissibility by experimenting with animals.

September: Chinese authorities conduct a “coronavirus exercise” at the Wuhan airport to prepare for the biological warfare.

October: The Military World Games opened in Wuhan, and many athletes were thought to be infected by the coronavirus. China probably made an effort to spread the virus to other countries.

December: Chinese authorities later announce that the first infected person was in Wuhan, but they thoroughly cover up the situation of the spread.

March 2020: WHO declares a pandemic.

March: As the virus spreads in China, Dr. Shan Chao tells Mr. A about his team’s involvement in the testing and screening of 4 strains of coronavirus.

‘Coronavirus Is a Biological Weapon, Intentionally Spread. I Helped Experiment Its Transmissibility’
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