Demystified! Time Travel and Parallel Worlds

The Liberty delves deeper into the secrets of time and the universe than even the latest advancements in physics have yet to uncover. This is neither a fantasy nor a mere experimentation with scientific thought – this is reality, filled with absolute principles that the future of humanity cannot live without.

One’s lifetime, or precisely, the reality of time and space in this world is not what we think. The truth nature of time and space is being gradually revealed by Master Ryuho Okawa, CEO of Happy Science, in his numerous teachings and spiritual readings. The concepts of time travel and parallel worlds in which different worlds exist simultaneously are leading examples of Master Okawa’s revelation. We encourage you to read through with a fresh pair of eyes and not dismiss it as another sci-fi story. Theoretical studies are already being conducted by cutting-edge physicists right this second but this is an undeniable reality of the world we live in. In recent years, the U.S. government has stepped up its analysis of UFOs – that the universal perspective which we have laid out below is common sense of science for space civilizations who have already made their way into Earth.

These topics directly tie back to serious concerns for the future of humanity and international peace, and we cannot afford to lose any more time in uncovering these mysteries of the world.


Real Cases of Time Travel: Reinforcements Sent Across Time and Space



Case #1: The Angels of Mons

Time travel cases have been reported in various regions, a famous case being the “Angels of Mons,” the story of a miraculous survival of British troops in the early days of World War I. It is said that archers who fought in the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, during the Hundred Years’ War between England and France, appeared to reinforce the British troops in the Battle of Mons, crossing several centuries of time.

On August 22, 1914, the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) established a defensive position in the southern Belgian town of Mons near the French border in an effort to halt the German advance. The BEF dispatched, however, was only one-third the size of the German troops. The British troops were in a difficult position due to the overwhelming difference in the size of troops against the Germans, but not only did they succeed in evading German offense and pressuring the Germans to retreat, the British troops inflicted many casualties on the superior German army.

Only defeat seemed to await the British forces: how did they break through this seemingly hopeless situation?

A mystical phenomenon, the soldiers said. Numerous surviving soldiers and military officers testified that radiant, angelic warriors appeared in front of their very eyes. There are various theories surrounding the unknown warriors’ identity; some say they are “bowmen from the Hundred Years’ War”; another soldier said that “a tall man with yellow hair, in golden armor on a white horse” appeared; another witness said that they saw “angels protecting the left wing from the advancing German troops”. This supernatural phenomenon at Mons was widely reported in newspapers and books. The British people were ecstatic, with some believing that heaven had sent reinforcements.


A drawing appeared on the Illustrated London News depicting “the Angels of Mons.”


Case #2: Moberly – Jourdain Incident

The Story of Two English Women at the Palace of Versailles Who Traveled Back in Time

Next, there’s a famous story of two English women who experienced time travel.

On August 10, 1901, Charlotte Anne Moberly, the president of Oxford University College at the time, and her assistant Eleanor Jourdain, visited the Petrit Trianon in the Palace of Versailles in France. Before the two of them knew it, they had entered a strange world where they witnessed and interacted with people who were clearly not modern people; Charlotte and Eleanor saw pavilions and bridges that should’ve no longer existed. Upon returning from their trip, the two of them, incredulous, wrote down what they saw and began conducting historical research. After comparing their documented memories with their historical sources, Charlotte and Eleanor became convinced that they had traveled back in time, more than 100 years, to the era of Marie Antoinette.

In 1911, the two of them, under pseudonyms, published their accounts; they described how they interacted with people who were involved with the Palace of Versailles at the time of Marie Antoinette. For the architectural building they saw that no longer existed as of 1901, an old map was later discovered, confirming that the architecture they saw existed more than a century ago. This Moberly – Jourdain incident came to be known as one of the most controversial cases in occult history.


Case #3: Area 51

The Future Map of Earth: Area 51 ‘Navigates’ the Fate of Humanity

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder & CEO of Happy Science, conducted spiritual investigations and revealed that time travel has actually been done throughout the course of history.

For example, it has been brought to light that in Area 51, a U.S. military base in Nevada, ongoing research is being conducted to adjust the history of Earth based on future data from space people. They are performing simulations to find out what of the present situation to be adjusted in order to bring about an ideal future for the United States. This is documented in Master Okawa’s book titled, “Area 51: A Remote Viewing of US Military Base in Nevada,” which has yet to be translated into English.

Furthermore, even President John F. Kennedy’s decision to impose a naval blockade during the Cuban Missile Crisis was backed by future data. President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative waged against the Soviet Union, a.k.a. the “Star Wars Program,” was also based on future information; he was able to invest a ton of money in military research despite a national budget deficit because he knew, based on future data, the point at which the Soviet Union would collapse.

President Kennedy signs declaration of naval blockade in 1962.

A part of this technological mechanism is depicted in films based on information provided by the U.S. government.

One example is a 2011 film titled “Source Code,” where an experimental machine reconstructs the past using dead passengers’ memories and consciousness from a train explosion. By going back in time before the explosion, the protagonist tries to pin down the serial bomber. Based on the depiction of the communicator as a female captain out of the Nellis Air Force Base, which is where Area 51 is located, as well as the timeslip being portrayed in such detail, people wondered whether an existing alien time travel mechanism had been leaked.


Pyramids of Atlantis as Time Machines


The Egyptian pyramids that remain today are said to be quite “primitive.”

Master Okawa’s spiritual research has revealed that the Atlanteans, who prospered 10,000 years ago in what is now the Atlantic Ocean, utilized the power to go back in time (*1).

Many pyramids were constructed in Atlantis, and it is said that some of those pyramids functioned as time machines. This was confidential information that was only communicated to certain “chosen ones”; in the event of significant brain damage, loss of limbs, or even the loss of life itself, a person could be resuscitated within 24 hours. This story was passed on to Egypt where people believed in resurrection (Reference: “City of Atlantis: Exploring Pyramid Power” by Master Ryuho Okawa, not yet translated into English).

Furthermore, there was a “secret ritual” for the chosen ones who had reached a certain point in their training. Selected people were able to teleport from the center of a pyramid to other planets. Time travel and teleportation both share the same principles as “space-time travel,” and thus, pyramids were simultaneously time machines.

Note (*1): The existence of Atlantis is also described by Plato, a Greek philosopher from the 4th century BC, in “Timaeus” and other works as a tale that has been passed down from Egyptian priests. Plato even describes the structure of the capital and notes that a civilization had flourished in Atlantis, an island [in the Atlantic Ocean], but that 9,000 years ago, the civilization sank overnight due to an earthquake and flooding.


The Japanese Tale of Urashima Taro: Time Travel Through Space Voyage

Master Okawa also points out that the tale of Urashima Taro, a well-known folktale among the Japanese, may have been a space voyage to a “water planet.”

The story goes that a boy named Urashima Taro rescued a tortoise who, in turn, takes him to a Sea Palace where Urashima Taro spent three years of pleasure and fun. When he returns to his former village, however, 300 years had passed.

It is understood in modern physics that when you travel in space beyond the speed of light, time and space become distorted, which causes time travel. Master Okawa suggests that the legendary tale of Urashima Taro was in fact based on a space voyage between two planets, and that a three-year stay was actually 300 years in Earth time.

During a spiritual reading of a space being, they said, “You might think three years passed when in fact it was 300 years. You can calculate this carefully and deduce which star they traveled to” (*2).

Throughout history, Earthlings have experienced time travel over and over again.

(*2) See “Space People Reading: STEM Version” (not yet translated into English). Furthermore, “The Unknown Stigma 3: The Universe” and “The Descent of Japanese Father God Ame-No-Mioya-Gami”, both published in English, points out the possibility that the legendary tale of Urashima Taro was actually about a space voyage to a “water planet”.


This Is the Principle of Time Travel.
Travel Across Time and Space by Passing the ‘Spirit World’

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In modern-day physics, you can say the invention of time machine is “almost there, but not really there.”

Since Einstein’s time, we know that time stretches and shrinks unlike our everyday sense of time. For example, the faster you move, the slower time moves (the special theory of relativity). So, if you take a bullet train from Tokyo to Hakata, a clock inside the train will move about one-billionth of a second slower. Furthermore, the stronger the gravity, the slower time moves (general theory of relativity). In fact, the Tokyo Skytree observation deck has less gravity than the surface of the earth, so the clock up there moves faster by about four-billionths of a second per day.

Today, there are a number of studies attempting to create a time machine based on these principles. There are attempts to exceed the speed of light by building a spaceship using undiscovered, hypothetical particles (tachyon), or attempts to build a capsule using neutron stars that remain after a stellar supernova explosion in order to bend time and space using enormous gravity.

While these ideas may have some potential, they aren’t realistic given today’s technologies; it is difficult to achieve these without a fundamental change in the way we understand space and time.


Why Do We See Flashbacks? The Mystery Behind Flashbacks and Our Sense of Time

The key lies within religion – considered by some to be on the opposing end of science. Master Okawa declares that the principle of the time machine is found in the “spiritual realm.”

In the “other world,” the past, present and future can exist simultaneously. There exist a “modern” spirit wearing a suit, and also a spirit from the “past” wearing a kimono. They can communicate with each other while each spirit is living in their own time. If you go to hell, you can see spirits killing each other – on one end, these can be spirits who died in a modern war, and on the other end, spirits who died during Japan’s Warring States Period in the 15th-16th century. These spirits are continuing to kill each other while stuck in their own time.

This concept may be hard to understand at first glance. However, people on earth can sometimes glimpse this sense of time. For example, some people have experienced a “hunch” or a premonition that something bad might happen to one of their friends or family members. This is because in the spiritual world, the future can occur at the same time as the present, and people on earth are feeling that with their spiritual power (Reference: “The Laws of The Sun”, English translation available, or “Kan-jizai-riki,” not yet translated to English).

Or, some climbers experience flashbacks as they are falling off a cliff, and during a couple seconds as they are falling, see the span of several decades of their life. This is because everyone has a “thought tape” in their mind which hosts records of your life; when you see a flashback, you are spiritually, and instantaneously, replaying this record (Reference: “How to Live a Trouble-free Life After Death”, not yet translated to English).


Traveling Back Five Years With ‘Astral Projection’

A “time-slip reading” was conducted in which Master Okawa flew a portion of his soul five years back to the coast of Chiba.

Amid this spiritual concept of time and space, Master Okawa conducts “time-slip readings” by connecting with the high-dimensional spiritual realm.

For instance, in 2010, six college students near Chiba Prefecture, Chousei Village, encountered space people and a UFO. In 2015, five years later, Master Okawa conducted a spiritual reading to find out what actually happened. First, Master Okawa concentrated his thoughts to the precise time and location of the incident and entered a state of meditation. Less than a minute later, he began to recount the situation as if he were physically there, live broadcasting what he was seeing from high up in the air. This is beyond astral projection – his soul was traveling back in time to the scene. A part of his soul transported to the earthly world of the past via the spiritual realm, where the past, present and future co-exist. (Reference: Japanese texts of “The FACT File: Alternative Dimensions” and Master Okawa’s lecture, A Commemoration of “Novel: Straighten Up! The Memoir of Misa Udaka”).


What Are the Three Steps of Time Travel?

If only we could teleport, not only our soul, but also matter such as our physical body and vehicles to the past or future – this would become the undeniable principle of time travel.

In his novel, “The Unknown Stigma 3: The Universe The Universe,” Master Okawa documents a vivid description of a spaceship warping through time and space. He explains that this is not his imagination, but something “each one of you, or humanity, will experience in the future” (Reference: “On ‘The Unknown Stigma 3: The Universe’” in Japanese text only). The following is a summary of each warp step:

  • Enter a warp, and you’ll see that space distorts; the starry sky will begin to waver. You will enter a “mirror tunnel.”
  • Your body will become broken down as if it were golden sand; it will break down into molecules, then atoms, protons, photons and “spiritons” (Note: The photons and spiritons here refer to elements that are closer to Buddha’s original thought, or Light, and are further decompositions of the proton and other elements). Everything within the UFO will become hazy and dissolve into the atmosphere. Although your body is no longer visible, you still exist as a thinking entity.
  • The decomposed elements teleport instantaneously to the place (and time) where your will desires to travel. If the protagonist is still in the elementary stage of time travel or space travel, they will repeatedly chant the destination in their mind like a sutra as they warp.
  • Once you reach the destination, you shall restore your original form.

This process can be summarized as the following (refer to “The Leadership Study of Space People”, English translation not yet available):

  • 1. Step 1: Break down the physical body or a vessel of this three-dimensional world into elementary particles, and further convert these into spiritual energy of another dimension.
  • 2. Step 2: Within this alternative dimension, fly to the desired time of destination by means of your willpower.
  • 3. Ste 3: Restore the particles to three-dimensional physical matter, using your willpower once again.

According to spiritual research, countless UFOs that have flown to Earth have also traveled across time and space using this mechanism more or less. Records of UFO sightings that are being analyzed by the U.S. Department of Defense have been reported “ghost-like” characteristics such as the fact that these UFOs are visible to the naked eye but aren’t showing up on various radars, they are stationary and unaffected by strong winds, and they fly at ultra-high speed yet without emitting light or generating heat due to air friction. These phenomena can be explained if we assume that UFOs have dematerialized and transformed into other-dimensional beings.


The Key Lies in Buddhist Teachings

A new question arises: even if spirits return to the afterlife after death, how is it possible to transform your body back and forth to another dimension while still residing in this world?

Master Okawa says that we need to explore the question from perspectives of both religion and science, and further declares that the hint lies in the enlightenment of “emptiness” or “selflessness” taught by Buddha.

Here’s the essence: everything in this world, including “time” and “space,” is a projection of Buddha’s Light (or Will); it is a projection of the spiritual realm and all phenomena is an “illusion.” In other words, human beings are merely living in the world that is reflected on a “movie screen” (refer to “The Essence of Buddha”).

Think of it like this: If we shift our “standing” to the projector, which is the source of light, we can narrow our focus (in other words, change the state of mind) so that our image appears closer to the source of light (higher dimension); then, we can change the angle of the projector (by altering the time and place), focus on the three-dimensional world once again and reproduce the image once again.

As mentioned in “The Unknown Stigma 3: The Universe, ” We can use Buddhist terminology to explain these transitions: “Step 1: Matter → Spiritual Energy” corresponds to “Form is emptiness,” and “Step 3: Spiritual Energy → Matter” corresponds to “Emptiness is form.”

As such, Master Okawa has declared in his lecture, “Be independent and strong!”, that humanity cannot enter the space age as long as we are bound by materialism; we must enter the world of enlightenment to overcome the wall of science.


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