Parallel Universes Exists

Parallel universes are often discussed together with time travel. A universe exists that is different from the one that we live in—many science fiction films have recently portrayed this idea, which has led to increased public attention. How much truth is there to this idea?


A U.S. Researcher Experienced His Other Self in a Parallel Universe

An interesting account was given by U.S. researcher Robert Monroe (*1). He experienced many “out-of-body experiences” during his lifetime in which he journeyed around the spiritual world. He kept a record of these experiences.

In Nov. 1958, Mr. Monroe realized that there was a “hole” that he hadn’t seen before. “It was as if I was looking into the far-off universe through a window. It gave me a sense of infinite distance and space.” The hole continued to appear many times during Mr. Monroe’s experiments. He stuck his hands in, his head in and went through various experiments for two months, until he finally made up his mind to go fully into the hole.

Inside the hole, he found a civilization that was slightly “off.” The natural environment wasn’t any different from the world we live in, but scientific advancements were. In addition, their customs, habits and historical background were all different from those of our modern civilization. For instance, the width of their roads was almost double the width of ours. Their equivalent of an automobile was shaped differently: even their smallest vehicles seemed capable of fitting five to six people in a single row. They seemed to be powered by a steam engine driven by nuclear-powered heat sources. They drove fairly slowly at 20 to 30 kilometers per hour.

A person who looked very much like the “real” Mr. Monroe also lived in this world. However, the other Mr. Monroe lived as a “lone man” in a small room of a boarding house. The Mr. Monroe in our world is a successful businessman, so the two Monroes lived a completely different life.

Master Ryuho Okawa explained Mr. Monroe’s experiences this way: “there may be ‘singularity points’ in the universe that are connected to parallel universes” (*2).

(*1) “Journeys Out of the Body” Robert A. Monroe
(*2) On the Novel “Shaken” (not yet translated)





Researched by the Best Physicists, But…

A radio telescope that captures EM waves emitted by cosmological and interstellar objects.(Photo: PIXTA)

Within the physics community, the idea that there are many universes similar to our own has begun to gain acceptance.

For instance, there is the “bubble universe model” that has branched out from the “cosmic inflation theory.” This theory states that the universe began when a bubble popped out of a complete vacuum, which triggered the Big Bang and caused the rapid inflation that led to the current universe. If this were true, then it is no surprise that other universes also come about in other locations, just like ours. These theories opened the possibility that multiple universes may exist.

The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics also predicts the existence of parallel worlds and multiverses.

However, all of these theories seem to be facing a roadblock in their development. Scientists do not understand the true meaning behind the idea that our universe is made up of many dimensions, extending far into the ninth dimension and beyond.


The Truth About Parallel Universes and the Dark Universe

What kind of worlds are parallel universes? Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa reveals the truth.

“You can actually observe other planets like Earth, planets that look exactly like Earth, from space… Other Earths exist in many layers, and in the dimensions within the different Earths, there are people living in different civilizations. These people co-exist without ever meeting one another” (*3).

Other Earths were created around the same time as our Earth to experiment as to how civilizations would develop under various different conditions.

Master Okawa has revealed that, from the beginning of Earth’s civilization, the Earth GOD has occasionally accepted space people from other planets. They brought a wide array of values and traits to the planet, creating the civilization that we have today. Meanwhile, the Earth GODs of different Earths might introduce different types of space people and, by doing so, create a different flow of civilization on their planet.

Further, in each parallel world, time generally travels in a loop (if you go far into the future, you return back to the past), occasionally branching off in-between. Master Okawa stated that we can view “[different parallel worlds] as the Earth that would have existed if different decisions were made in the past” (*4). For instance, there is a spacetime (parallel world) where neither the Atlantis or Mu continents became submerged because of certain decisions that were made.

Earth is a training ground for the evolution of our souls, and many layers of civilization experiments are being conducted here.

This is true not just for Earth.

“Each ‘different Earth’ is connected to a ‘different solar system’ or ‘different galaxy.’ In this way, the structure of the universe is truly like a maze, with different layers existing on top of each other without interfering” (*3). It has been made clear that the universe exists in layers.


Space People Invade Through Singularity Points

This view of the universe is important because we have slowly started to realize that there are “holes” known as singularity points that connect various parallel universes. The fact that there are routes between different worlds means that other parallel universes can interfere with ours.

The novel “Shaken (temporary title, not yet translated)” depicts a crack in space and time—the singularity points that connect parallel universes in various ways. There is a scene where a character appears in a parallel universe after having an out-of-body experience in which he is sucked into a strong water current spiraling into a crack deep at the bottom of the ocean. The story unfolds with space people from different worlds with malicious intentions using this path to invade our world.


The Sewers” of Dark Space

This is not mere fiction.

Various spiritual investigations have revealed that parallel universes have a “light and dark” side (the conventional and unconventional), similar to how Earth’s spiritual realm contains Hell. It has been slowly revealed that this dark universe, also known as the anti-universe, has beings who have been influencing Earth and this universe for a long time.

There are many ongoing spiritual investigations into the dark universe, but the following comments have been made so far:

“On the surface, there may be the Osaka Loop Line or the Yamanote Line (a subway line in Japan), or there may be the Shuto Expressway (a major highway in Japan). However, underground, a whole network of sewers also exists” (*5).

“The universe is like a single cell. There are different kinds of cells, but there is also an existence that is encroaching on the cell” (*6).

“[In the universe,] a certain ratio of dark matters exists, and in the realm sucked in by that matter lies the ‘dark universe’” (*7).

“[Entrances from the dark universe] are related to black holes” (*8).

To explain in a simpler religious manner, the dark universe is a place where the values of right and wrong are the complete opposite of this world, where they were created by God and His angels.

In the beginning, the dark universe may have existed like a sewer system for draining sewage, but now it has become a world where cruelty is the most valued trait (*9). The novel “Shaken” implies that the concept of “survival of the fittest” is closely tied to this world.

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Poisonous Spider From Parallel Universe Remotely Advises Korean Peninsula

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An actual example of this is given by Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture in which he reveals the spiritual truth of the Korean Peninsula (*10).

There is a devil, a poisonous spider, in North Korea’s Hell, which appeared as a transformation of the first supreme leader Kim Il Sung. The spider guides the Kim dynasty (including the second and third supreme leaders). It is also a double layered scheme where the spider is guided by another poisonous spider (a space alien) from a parallel universe.

The novel “Shaken” reveals that “North Korea’s threats of nuclear development and firing of ballistic missiles originate here.”

Master Okawa warns: “If they use North Korea as the singularity point, they may be able to absorb the entire civilization and change it into something completely different. There may be a force like this acting in the world” (*10).

The novel “Shaken” also reveals surprising news that the Unification Church leader Sun Myung Moon has turned into a poisonous spider in Hell and is being advised by a poisonous spider-like space being. Its objective is to take over Japan and make it a dependent state—Eve’s nation—while unifying Korea and prospering as Adam’s nation.


Behind the Foreign Policy Chaos

This is not all. “The Unknown Stigma 3 (The Universe)” portrays malicious space people from the dark universe being involved in countless historical events. This includes various confusions in world religions, the communist armed attacks in the French revolution and the assassination of the U.S. president.

The April edition of The Liberty titled,“China Manipulated. And Possibly Even the U.S.” introduced the fact that malicious space people walked in on leaders during the abnormal expansion of the Mongol Empire and during World War II. They did this to spread the ideas of “atheism and materialism,” “survival of the fittest” and “dictatorship.” The Liberty has also raised the alarm at space people having walked in on General Secretary Xi Jinping and giving him the idea of using COVID-19 as a biological weapon, aided by satellite and cyber technology development. The evil space people are supporting military development behind the scenes so they can accelerate China’s world domination, which will help them invade the Earth.

This is a staggering truth, but we must understand that there are beings from parallel universes behind the various crises and chaos on Earth.

Master Okawa presents us with the following question:

“If [the dark universe] wants to invade ours, then we must ask ourselves this question: are we going to protect this world or are we not?” (*10)

We are approaching a time when we need to seriously think about the existence of the dark universe in order to protect world peace.

(*10) “About the Novel ‘Shaken’” (temporary title, not yet translated)


The Battle Traversing Spacetime And Parallel Universes, Portrayed in ‘The Unknown Stigma 3 (The Universe)’

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As stated before, many space people who appear on Earth travel across space and time. Among those are beings who interfere and intervene with intent to invade. These beings come from a parallel universe, in particular the dark universe—.

Whether humanity acknowledges it or not, Earth is part of an immense war that extends across spacetime and parallel universes.

This is touched on in “The Unknown Stigma 3 (The Universe).” The novel depicts a battle between forces who side with God and beings from the dark universe. We would like to introduce a scene that portrays the immense scale of the universe, that spans across space and time.

  • 1. In the book, the space being Yaidron and others who side with God chase the leaders of the dark universe. They are led to Saturn’s moon where there is a tunnel to a parallel universe.
  • 2. They follow the enemy commanders in, which takes them through ominous space.
  • 3. They end up in the Sombrero Galaxy (tens of millions of lightyears away). But as soon as they emerge from the tunnel, they are sucked into another black hole at the center of the galaxy.
  • 4. Everyone loses consciousness.
  • 5. They exit, this time to a planet in the Small Magellanic Cloud. They appear in the middle of an interstellar war that occurred 30 years ago.
  • 6. Similarly, the defeated space people appeared in ancient Earth 330 million years ago, but the Creator Alpha put them in place and accepted them as Earthlings.
  • 7. However, the enemy commanders Kandahar and Ahriman continued to invade other planets before appearing in present-day Earth. It is inferred that they used a route through the dark universe to perform this interstellar travel (*11).

Yadiron is startled: “Did the two enemy leaders who should’ve been destroyed travel through the black hole to appear in a future solar system?”

(*11) “An Interview With Space Being Yaidron, the Protector of Our Savior” (temporary title, not yet translated)


‘The Law of Same Wavelengths’ Attraction’ Penetrates the Universe
‘Faith’ And ‘Right Mind’ Will Protect the Earth

Many people will be surprised by the “cosmic map” above that straddles the past, future and parallel universe. However, this is undoubtedly the reality that Earth is part of.

Master Okawa warns that the influence these evil space beings have on Earth is currently accelerating (*12). This lines up with the fact that China and North Korea are threatening other countries with their military expansions. What awaits us is the enslavement of all humanity and the transformation of the entire Earth into Hell.(*13)

In response to the crisis that humanity faces, Master Okawa stated, “you must start by knowing the facts and understanding the current situation” (*12). Given that, knowing the true identities of the beings that target Earth and those that protect Earth is the first step in dealing with this crisis. To this end, it is essential that we investigate and understand the “view of spacetime” and “parallel universes” that are key to their existence.

However, we must not make the mistake of thinking that the key to protecting Earth lies in the simple improvement of space technology to fight against the evil space beings.

According to Master Okawa’s spiritual investigations, the key to the dark universe’s forces connecting to Earth and influencing its leaders lies in the Law of Same Wavelengths’ Attraction. In other words, if evil and conflicts on Earth intensify and the minds and collective thoughts of leaders and the people of Earth resonate with the values of the dark universe, a “hole” will open to the dark universe and draw them in. On the other hand, if we increase the number of people who believe in God and pursue right mind, we can protect the Earth. By building nations in accordance with God’s will, we will be on a different wavelength to the dark forces and be able to “seal” them out (*14). What we need right now is a “spiritual battle” (*12).

Humankind needs to come to a new understanding of the universe that is rooted in the laws of the mind.

(*12) “The Laws of Hell
(*13) Various spiritual investigations reveal that space people walk in on world leaders to effectively colonize nations and expand the realm of Hell to open a hole to the dark universe. They are ultimately scheming to flip Heaven and Hell on Earth.
(*14) “The Spiritual Reading of R.A. Gore” (temporary title, not yet translated), etc.


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Parallel Universes Exists
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