Presidents Must Not Destroy Their Nations

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A leader’s capacity is determined by their ability to decide when to withdraw.

The war in Eastern Ukraine will effectively end when the key cities of Ukraine—Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Avdiivka—which are under attack by the Russian military fall. Many suspect that Russia will declare its victory when they take over these cities. Ukraine is resisting by making the most of its remaining resources, but its military has virtually collapsed. It is difficult to envision a victorious future for them.


Even With Mass Media, Power Difference Too Big

President Zelensky and President Biden, with their constantly wavering views rife with populism, falsely believed that those with the support of the media could win and roused war advocates. Master Okawa, who has been predicting the defeat of Ukraine, stated that this was a mistake (*1).

Imagine Yokozuna and Makushita(*2), or perhaps a lowest-ranking sumo wrestler, are fighting on the same ring. [Zelensky and others] claim that ‘those who receive the loudest support from spectators will win.’”

In regard to their national strength (population, territory, economic power, military power, etc.), Russia is the Yokozuna and Ukraine is the Makushita. This is a reality that President Zelensky cannot flip, even if he makes use of his experience as a comedian to rein support of the mass media.

In the meantime, President Putin focused on creating a strategy to win the land battle as well as preparing for Western economic sanctions. In terms of overall ability, it seems that he surpassed both the media pleasing Zelensky and Biden.

If things continue to go in the current state, Ukraine and the U.S. will lose militarily, and “the mass media democracy” that stirred up the war will lose politically.


The Best Timing to Retreat Is When Support Terminates

A single person builds a nation, and a single person destroys it—. Master Okawa saw through the true intentions and skills of the leaders by predicting the series of events that were unexpected by the West. He now states that Ukraine must not miss the moment to cease fire (*3).

What will happen in the end? We know for sure that [the greatest support of the war, the U.S.,] will end its support at some point and run off, so that’s when they should withdraw. If Zelensky misses this point, he is at danger of losing a nation. There’s still a chance that Ukraine can remain a nation, but if he doesn’t understand this and instead dances like a clown, then the whole country will disappear. This is, however, the responsibility of a leader.

As mentioned previously, the Western nations of the U.S., Germany and France are already thinking about Ukraine’s defeat. The public interest is moving towards inflation and away from Ukraine.

The Western nations may be in a rush to put an effective end to this before winter, when demand for electricity peaks. Otherwise, they fear that they may experience a similar fate as Napoleon, who lost against Russia with the arrival of the rigorous winter.


President Zelensky Does Not Anticipate the Worst

President Putin’s true objectives are the suppression of Eastern and Southern Ukraine. There is a high probability that he will be inclined to make diplomatic negotiations once he puts a railroad through the southern harbor and achieves his goal (*4).

However, the guardian spirit of President Zelensky has no intentions of compromising with Russia. Instead, he revealed that his ultimate goal was to have the U.S. shoot an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) into Russia. It was as though he did not mind starting a world war for the sake of Ukraine (*5).

Master Okawa holds a harsh perspective towards President Zelensky with his undeserved views.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky strategized to rally the support of the media, producing many news stories that promoted his advantageousness. However, the Ukrainian citizens are being led to their deaths because they elected the worst possible president. President Zelensky does not foresee the worst possible case and does not know how to retreat. It is difficult to measure the capability of politicians, but those who destroy their nations are the worst.

President Zelensky immersed himself in the former Japanese military-like, all-or-nothing belief in victory. He does not anticipate the worst-possible scenario and does not think about retreat. This is reflected in his continued denial to converse with Russia, and he does not seem to have a plan B.

There is the fear that Russia will go into a full-scale war if President Zelensky continues to deny the possibility of retreat and fights without consideration of human lives. If Russia decides that conventional warfare will not do, then they may determine that this is the next best scenario. He may throw in the approximately two million soldiers which he has reserved into battle. They will cross the Dnipro River that flows through the center of Ukraine and march towards Kiev. This will turn the entire nation into a battlefield, burning everything to ash.

It is possible that they will intensify their threats of using nuclear weapons, and a nuclear war may be approaching. President Zelensky is steadily taking the path to becoming the “worst president,” both to the citizens of Ukraine and the whole world.


Ukraine Should Neutralize And Coexist With Russia

Master Okawa was already suggesting that Ukraine should “neutralize” when the war initially began. He suggested that “[Ukraine] stop resisting, cease fire, talk with Russia, place a pro-Russia president in place and look for a path to coexist with Russia by maintaining neutrality between Russia and E.U.

Experts around the world have expressed similar opinions to follow that perspective.

For example, the U.S. University of Chicago professor, John Mearsheimer, has warned that the expansion of NATO into the East will bring destructive results. This has unfortunately already happened, he claims. He has proposed the following scenarios as his ideals (*6):

  • Ukraine should neutralize and attempt to coexist with Russia. There is no evidence that Russia is scheming to control all of Ukraine to resurrect the Soviet Union.
  • The U.S. should not waste their time and energy on Eastern Europe. It is foolish for the U.S. to pick a fight with Russia. Realize that only China is the true victor in this war.
  • The U.S. should form an anti-China network swiftly by cooperating with Russia and India (the U.S. should form an alliance-like relationship with Russia). China poses a world threat, and the U.S. should focus on this.


Nation Will Perish Unless War Stops

As aforementioned, once the U.S. ends its support for Ukraine, and Germany and France, who relies on Russia for its energy, acts according to their true intentions, then it’s a matter of time until a cease-fire.

From the beginning, there was no chance of victory for the Biden-led U.S.  President Putin virtually owns double the number of nuclear warheads as the U.S. with higher destructive power. He has also been prepared to go into a nuclear warfare if necessary.

It is not clear what kind of future awaits President Zelensky once peace negotiations start and a ceasefire is agreed. Either way, “a president who destroys their nation is the worst.

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(*2) In Japanese sumo wrestling, Yokozuna is the highest rank for sumo wrestlers in the highest division, and Makushita is the third highest division.
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Presidents Must Not Destroy Their Nations
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