NASA’s Uyghur Engineer Reveals: Nine Million Compatriots Already Lost

An Uyghur activist who left China’s fast track to career progression and achieved success in America revealed a shocking local report.


Erkin Sidick
About Erkin Sidick
Dr. Erkin Sidick served as a teacher at Xinjiang University upon receiving his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Xinjiang University. Dr. Sidick immigrated to the States in 1988. He received his master’s degree in physics in 1990 from California State University at Northridge, and his Ph.D. in electrical engineering in 1995 from the University of California Davis. After engaging in research as a post-doc, he worked in Silicon Valley. He joined NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), part of California Institute of Technology, in 2004. Dr. Sidick is currently a senior optical engineer.

Dr. Sidick: Xi Jinping was inaugurated as China’s President in 2012, and in 2014, he decided to extinguish the Uyghurs. His specific tactics are slaughter, assimilation and conversion.

For instance, the Chinese government is pushing for forced marriages between Han Chinese men and Uyghur women. This is part of their assimilation tactic. The Chinese government even advertises that Han Chinese men can obtain land, a house and an Uyghur wife upon moving to Xinjiang, and they hand out “Uyghur ID” to the Han people upon immigration to Xinjiang. Even if the United Nations conducts investigative fieldwork, they won’t find any evidence of slaughter because the Han people are already living as Uyghurs. By conversion, it’s a little different from assimilation in that they convert the Uyghurs into “automatons” – machines that obey the Chinese government’s orders.


Concentration Camp Guards Use Uyghur Women for Prostitution Business

Dr. Sidick: It has already been reported that horrible torture and “systemic rape” are being inflicted upon Uyghurs in concentration camps. It has also been pointed out that the guards who manage the Uyghurs even include former prisoners who were trained to torture the Uyghurs, as well as policemen from other parts of China.

In the concentration camps, these guards are using Uyghur women to conduct “prostitution business.” The customers are those who visit the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region from Han provinces in China.

Women get pregnant, of course, but it turns out that the Chinese army is training the children that were born, as spies. Their facial features are different from Han Chinese people, so it is easier for them to camouflage with commoners in foreign countries.


Xi Jinping Spoke of an ‘Uyghur Massacre Plan’ in a 2014 Secret Meeting

Dr. Sidick: In actuality, we don’t even know the exact population of the Uyghurs. As you know, the Chinese government manipulates the numbers however they want. The government gathered population statistics of each region in 1990, but when it came to organizing the numbers, they excluded ethnic minorities like the Uyghurs, and concealed statistical data.

Based on information I gathered from people familiar with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Xi Jinping held a private meeting in 2014 with about 10 CCP executives and made the following comment:

“Kill a third of the Uyghurs, lockup a third and leave only the remaining third alive.”

In September 2018, Victor Gao, vice president of the Center for China and Globalization, China’s state-owned think tank, responded in an interview with Al Jazeera, a Qatari news channel, that there are between six to seven million Uyghurs in Xinjiang. If you piece these together, the estimated Uyghur population before 2017 was approximately 20 million, and Xi Jinping intends on keeping only six to seven million Uyghurs alive.

I have several information sources in China including some within the CCP. Based on those sources, nine million Uyghurs have already been locked up or killed since 2014. It is believed that four million people are locked up in concentration camps and forced-labor factories in Xinjiang, and an estimate of over 1.8 million Uyghurs have been moved from the camps to jails. Meanwhile, it is estimated that 2.1 million Uyghurs have been moved from Xinjiang to Han provinces where they are imprisoned or executed, or their organs harvested. Of these people, it is speculated that over one million Uyghurs have either been killed by the Chinese government, or they are dead from the after-effects of torture.

I hired some people and started gathering information on forced labor facilities in East Turkestan, starting with Urumqi, listing them up. The number came out to be over 14,000. Let’s say 200 people per facility, as a simple calculation. That means over 2.8 million people are subjected to forced labor in Xinjiang.

Western countries report that over one million people are confined in concentration camps, but that number is wrong. We have already lost over nine million compatriots, including the deceased.


Over 500 Uyghurs per Day, for a Month, Possibly Shipped From Shanghai for Organ Harvesting

Dr. Sidick: Organ harvesting is another serious issue. Particularly, the Chinese government is selling the Uyghurs’ organs to Islamic countries as “halal organs” . The Chinese government aggregates the Uyghurs’ biological data such as their DNA, and their organs are ready for shipment at any point in time. Based on local data I gathered, in East Turkestan many hospitals are being built next to concentration camps.

Furthermore, based on highly confidential information I obtained from inside the CCP, Chinese military crafts were shipping 500 Uyghurs per day for a month to Arab countries back in 2018. When I first heard this, it was unclear whether the Uyghurs were being shipped, or rather, their organs were being shipped. I wondered if the harvested organs could last over 10 hours of flight time.

Last August, it was reported that the Chinese government is running a secret jail known as “black site” in Dubai where they are containing Uyghurs, after a Chinese woman said she was detained there. After this report, I now think it is highly likely that the Chinese army is shipping Uyghurs alive to Arab countries, and containing them there, making them ready for organ transplants at any time.

I don’t consider the people buying halal organs as Muslims. Their actions are the opposite of what God wants, and they’re not qualified to be called Muslims.


Religion is the Core of Morality

Dr. Sidick: I graduated from Xinjiang University in East Turkestan in 1983. While I was still a student, I served as vice president of the All-China Students’ Federation. The chairman at the time became a minister for the Chinese government upon graduation, so you could say I was riding the fast track for career progression.

At the time of my graduation, the party secretary of Xinjiang University came to me and said they will prepare a position for me. I would have a chauffeur and a personal chef, and my job would be to participate in parties and banquets most of the time. They told me I could be highly paid.

But I am someone who can’t lie to myself. I said I couldn’t handle such a high position, and decided to choose the path of a university instructor, or what the university described as a “pitiful job.”

After working as an instructor for several years, I studied abroad in Japan, and moved to America in 1988. Currently, I am working as a senior optical engineer for the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab.

It seems to me that American people discipline themselves with morals while enjoying their God-given rights. Meanwhile, in China, the absolute must is “how to govern the people.” To do that, the people are left with either kissing up or flattering someone, or looking down on others. China is a pyramid-like society, and they can’t see each other as sacred beings who have equal divinity within them. This goes against the original human nature that is given to us by God.

After coming to America, it dawned on me that the morality of its citizens comes from religion, or a creed that is similar to religion. About 65% of Americans are Christians (2020 survey), and this plays a central part in their morality.

Japan is the same as America. It doesn’t seem as if they strongly believe in a specific religion, but they believe in the afterlife. This is very important.

As a student, I grew up receiving anti-Japanese propaganda of the Chinese government. But once I came to Japan, I found Japanese people to be wonderful, disciplining themselves with morals. I felt like they were true “Muslims” that their God desired.


Chinese Driver Who Kills Pedestrian Because They’re ‘Cheap’

Dr. Sidick: Over the past 30 years, the materialistic, communistic Chinese government has been emphasizing monetary values. Now, many things are revolving around money. For instance, there was an incidence of a driver who hit a pedestrian, and upon realizing the pedestrian was still alive, the driver hit the gas again and killed the person. The reason was that it was cheaper to kill a person rather than pay his/her hospital fees.

The Chinese government claims that religion is an “opium,” but the opium is materialistic communism itself. In the last several decades, we became materially abundant. But, perhaps our dignity as souls of human beings has diminished. The people of China have lost their way of life, and they are suffering. They need to revive religious spirit.

Many companies, including those in Japan, are gaining profits through the Uyghurs’ forced labor, right? They’re putting “substance” as their highest priority. “Money worship” based on greed is sweeping the world. This is not an idea I support, and it doesn’t seem right from the eyes of God.

NASA’s Uyghur Engineer Reveals: Nine Million Compatriots Already Lost
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