Master Okawa’s First Message of the Year: Pressure China With ‘Nations That Have Faith in God’ Versus ‘Atheist, Materialist Nations’


On Jan. 9, Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa gave a lecture entitled, “A Lecture on ‘The Laws of Messiah’” at Tokyo Shoshinkan, a Happy Science facility in Tokyo, Japan. 2022 is predicted to be a difficult year both at home and abroad. Master Okawa shared his outlook for the future using the latest Laws series, “The Laws of Messiah,” as a reference text.


Covid Attack Catches Biden Off Guard

In the beginning of the lecture, Master Okawa said, “An incident has some kind of cause, motive and outcome,” as he spoke about the cause behind the resurgence in global Covid-19 cases and the advent of the sixth Covid wave in Japan.

The motive becomes clear when you consider who will benefit the most from a given outcome,” Master Okawa said.

Master Okawa pointed out that Covid cases increased after the United States imposed economic sanctions and military intimidation on China and announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. He added that cases surged in the United Kingdom after it dispatched an aircraft carrier to Japan in an apparent effort to protect Hong Kong, and in France after it advocated for a penalty on goods produced in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

As for Japan, cases are rising in areas related to U.S. military bases, such as Kanagawa and Okinawa prefectures, as well as in Hiroshima and Yamaguchi prefectures near Iwakuni. According to Master Okawa, “It seems like [China is] saying, ‘There will be outbreaks around U.S. military bases,’ and telling left wing people in Japan to ‘Protest against U.S. military bases.’

One conclusion is drawn when you combine these things… [China is] catching [Biden] off guard and taking advantage of the fact that he is somewhat indecisive and doesn’t state a clear conclusion,” he said, regarding President Biden.

Master Okawa pointed out the following.

Over 800,000 people [in the U.S.], nearing one million people, have died, and tens of millions of people have been infected. If [Biden] still doesn’t realize that his country is being attacked, he has degraded considerably as a president. At least in America, the president acts as the commander-in-chief so I believe it is fatal for him to be unaware.

To put my conclusion bluntly, we are already in a state of war [with China],” Master Okawa said.


The Mission of the ‘Messiah,’ Born in the Modern World

After all, very few people attain true enlightenment, and Buddha was a savior of this world. What he was saving people from, was, that the people living in this world are actually blind, and while they can use their hands to touch things, what they think they are touching is only imaginary. He taught people that [this world] is fictitious, and the real world exists in a world in which we cannot physically feel things. [Buddha] is a person with this kind of mission.”

A person chosen as the Messiah has a strenuous life, as they have a mission to reverse pre-existing worldly values and awaken people to the truth.

It is normal for the coming of the Messiah to be a matter of life-or-death,” Master Okawa said. “The reason being that the established authority is quite powerful, and the values to be overthrown have piled up considerably, so it is very difficult to fight that.

Regarding the great mission bestowed on the Messiah, Master Okawa spoke about the difficulties associated with countries that possess modern weapons.

Even if Gandhi were born in today’s Hong Kong, resisting with his doctrine of non-violence, I think it is highly likely that his activities would have been wiped out within three days,” Master Okawa said.

Both the British, when they ruled India and met resistance from Gandhi’s non-violent movement, and the Americans during the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King Jr., were religious and believed in God. Therefore, they felt remorse for continuing to attack non-violent opponents, and finally, they reached a breaking point.

On the contrary, there is nothing to deter murderous acts by enemies who lack religious faith and see everything in this world from a materialistic viewpoint, because they equate human beings with machines.

You become sort of merciless when you become materialistic and atheistic, and you hold a view that the advancement of scientific technology is the only certain thing.


Make a Strategic Shift to ‘Nations That Have Faith in God’ Versus ‘Atheist, Materialist Nations’

With totalitarian China in mind, Master Okawa said that atheist, materialist countries require us to have a “fundamental philosophy.”

In this respect, Master Okawa recommended changing the framework of President Biden’s China strategy.

Since his inauguration, Biden has framed the U.S.-China rivalry as a democracy-versus-autocracy matter. Master Okawa spoke on this point.

It is not reasonable to decide what is good or bad based on political system alone. Each of these systems is run by people, so unless you have a higher plane, even the argument for human rights will become superficial and flimsy.

China and North Korea are the only perfectly materialistic countries, according to Master Okawa. He said that countries other than China and North Korea must collaborate as religious countries and put pressure on the two materialistic countries.

There is a chance of winning if the framework becomes ‘nations that have faith in God’ versus ‘atheist, materialist nations.’

Master Okawa then noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin has religious faith.

The Soviet Union was atheist and materialist, so the Russian Orthodox Church could only conduct underground activities. Mr. Putin accepted Russian Orthodox practices, and he himself has faith as an Orthodox Christian and goes to church. Thus, there is a clear distinction from [China],” Master said. “That’s why I have been saying that Russia should be pulled into western powers, but alas, I don’t think it will reach Mr. Biden’s head.

Furthermore, he said that Islamic countries are “similar to China’s communist, one-party dictatorship” and gave guidance on the future path that Islamic countries should take.

There is inflation because [Iran’s] rulers don’t understand economic principles. As much as they might hate the idea, they have to incorporate modern, western principles to some extent.

Master Okawa also said that the original reason why Islam prohibited idolatry is that “God is a bundle of light in the spiritual world, a bundle of mercy, and all they meant was that it is difficult to even portray his figure.

Thus, he rebuked the destruction of the Buddhas in Bamiyan for idol-worship as “a shallowness of human wisdom.” This issue has even permeated to the destruction of the World Trade Center, according to Master.

Master Okawa spoke on the ongoing religious conflict that has yet to be settled, from the standpoint of a supreme being that has sent numerous messiahs from the spiritual world.

If Christians tolerate Judaism, they should also tolerate Muslims…I’d like them to put an end to religious conflicts, as much as possible.

At the end of the lecture, Master Okawa took a firm stand against military-first politics in China and North Korea, giving a “fierce warning” in the event that China launches a military invasion of Taiwan.

The lecture covered a range of topics other than those mentioned in the article. You can watch the lecture at any Happy Science temple or branch by clicking on the following link: Find Your Nearest Happy Science.


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Master Okawa’s First Message of the Year: Pressure China With ‘Nations That Have Faith in God’ Versus ‘Atheist, Materialist Nations’
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