How about CO2 Emissions Are Not Really the Issue!
Nothing as “Green” as Carbon Dioxide


University of Tokyo Professor Emeritus

Tadashi Watanabe

Expert in engineering. Has published approximately 190 books, including “The ‘Global Warming’ Frenzy” (Maruzen Publishing, not translated from Japanese).

There is a strong image in society that CO2 is bad.

Happy Science CEO and founder, Master Ryuho Okawa, has received the following heavenly guide in late September: “‘Faith in Greta consumes this world, but what lies beyond is a downfall like the Niagara Falls.’ It can’t be helped that this blows up as much as it can. However, we will soon realize the stupidity of this.

This heavenly guide was given by a spiritual being called “Ameno Mioyagami.” He came down to Earth 30,000 years ago in a spaceship fleet from the Andromeda galaxy and developed an advanced civilization, both in the mind and technology, on Japan. It is a warning from space, given by an omnipotent being who watches over Earth’s fate.

Ameno Mioyagami also emphasized that “carbon dioxide is not really an issue.” This is yet another major misunderstanding that humans have towards nature.

Dr. Tadashi Watanabe, an Emeritus Professor at the University of Tokyo, who has studied the mechanisms of photosynthesis for many years, stated: “What do you think are the only things that are unrelated to the photosynthesis of plants or carbon dioxide on our dinner table? Only salt and water. In the truest sense, plants are the only things that produce substance, and animals and humans are living, only because of their parasitic reliance on plants.”

Plants live by using carbon dioxide to perform photosynthesis. Animals either eat those plants or eat other animals that have eaten those plants. Those animals exhale carbon dioxide, which further nourishes the plants.

“This “harmony between the living organisms and their environment (ecology)” is maintained by the most ecological substance, CO2.

From the fossils of ginkgo nuts, we have estimated that the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere was about four times higher 100 million years ago than it is now. In other words, modern plants are in a poor, “carbon dioxide deficient state” in which they have to endure the decreasing carbon dioxide. In fact, there was a vinyl greenhouse experiment that doubled the carbon dioxide concentration from 400 ppm (the current carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere) to 800 ppm, which increased the rice yield — while lower carbon dioxide concentration caused plants to die (photo 1).

Photo 1 : CO2 increased green

From left to right, higher carbon dioxide concentration increased rice yield (*1).


There are over 5,000 research papers that have duplicated similar experiments.

Doubling the carbon dioxide concentration will increase the yield of grains, vegetables beans, and everything” (Dr. Watanabe).


Carbon Dioxide Decreases Starving Populations!

It is true that the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere has been increasing for the past 200 years. According to the data observed at 123 points around the world, the concentration increased by 15 percent, from 360 ppm in 1995 to 415 ppm in 2020.

However, the greens on Earth have increased by approximately 10 percent since the 1980s, along with the increase in carbon dioxide (figure 2). Moreover, it is said that the Sahel region on the south side of the Sahara Desert, often referred to as the area with the most serious desertification, has greenified the most.

Figure 2 : CO2 increased Earth’s green by 10 percent

The areas painted in green are regions that greenified from 1982 to 2010 (*2).


“The NHK program often uses pictures of ‘global warming that caused the desertification in the Sahel region,’ but this is a complete lie. There are 800 million to one billion starving people in the world right now, but the rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased Earth’s greenery and food, leading to a decrease of this starving population. Carbon dioxide is nothing but a blessing, and only good comes out of the increased carbon dioxide,” said Dr. Watanabe.

However, we should also note that this increase in carbon dioxide does not have much to do with human activity. “It is increasing at a clear, linear manner. If the carbon dioxide that we are emitting is the cause of this increase, then there should be more fluctuations in the rise,” said Dr. Watanabe.

The carbon dioxide threat theory seems to be a paranoia created by humans.


Watanabe Speaks: Why Science and Politics Lean Towards Zero-Carbon Emission

The movement to reduce carbon emissions began around 30 years ago under the leadership of the United Nations (U.N.). Because each country worked for environmental purification in the 1970s, environmental initiatives progressed by the latter half of the 1980s and the works of environmental personnel almost disappeared in bureaucracies and government. Around the same time, the Cold War ended, and the U.N. lost its task. They were seeking a new mission when James Hansen from NASA spoke at a U.S. public congressional testimony in June of 1988: “We can ascribe with a high degree of confidence a cause-and-effect relationship between the greenhouse effect and the observed warming. Certainly, further study of this issue must be made.”

The environmental activists and the U.N. jumped at this opportunity and established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), an intergovernmental body of the U.N., in the same year. Global warming countermeasures were in reality “unemployment countermeasures”.

Research in global warming is now a giant project with a budget of hundreds of thousands to tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, which has made it the interest of some people. This movement will not stop immediately because money is involved. Politicians who have no understanding of global warming are being played by experts and businessman who profit from global warming.—Dr. Watanabe


(*1) S. Von Caemmerer et al, Science, Vol.336, 1671(June 2012)
(*2) R. J. Donohue et al, Geophys. Res. Lett., (June 2013)
How about CO2 Emissions Are Not Really the Issue!
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