Japan Has a Mission to Save Humanity Against China

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We interviewed a Chinese writer who defected to the U.S. about the evil of the communist regime that restricts freedom.


Professor, Boston University


Ha Jin (哈金)

Born in 1956 in Liaoning Province, China. Ha Jin came to the U.S. as an exchange student in 1985, and decided to defect to the U.S. after the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. In 1999, he won the National Book Award for his novel “Waiting”. He has written numerous books.

――You said, “The policies of the CCP are against all art. In order to strengthen soft power, the state should not interfere with artists and allow them to create their works freely”.

Artists in China must toe the Party lines. There is censorship in every aspect of arts in China, where the Communist Party promotes only the red culture. As a result, artists have to wear bridles when they speak and create their works. How can great arts come into existence without free souls?

I want to become a significant artist and to claim my existence as a valuable individual. Those are my ultimate ambition.

――It has been reported that President Xi Jinping has issued a notice to music education universities in China to ban all foreign classical and religious music.

Xi Jinping has implemented similar bans lately, such as no more English finals in middle schools and common Chinese citizens must not speak with foreign reporters. As I said before, Xi is incapable. At most he is just a crude hoodlum, selfish and megalomaniac. He is willing to sacrifice the Chinese nation to protect himself. Worse, he is also a hypocrite. If English is unnecessary, why did his daughter major in comparative literature at Harvard?


The Deification of the State Is the Same as That of the Nazis

The Communists have deified the country while banning all religions. Like others, Chinese people have religious longings too but have no gods to worship, so they fulfill their religious loingings by worshiping the country. The deification of the state is the basis of the Nazi ideology. The Chinese government has been doing the same thing. The Communists don’t understand that in the West, communism is an equivalent of fascism.

――Mr. Xi seems to think that he is practicing the rule of law, but it seems that he is abusing the rule of law to make laws that are convenient for the governing side and to purge any violators.

A: In the beginning many people had high hopes for him. By now, clearly they can see that he is a power maniac. Worse, he is foolish and a curse on the Chinese nation. He has kept speaking about black swan and gray rhinos. He is the largest gray rhino in China.


“Don’t Interfere in Our Internal Affairs” Is a Criminal’s Excuse

――When China is criticized for its suppression of human rights in Uyghur, Hong Kong, etc., it responds by saying that outsiders must not interfere in its internal affairs.

It is just a criminal’s excuse. Where human rights are concerned, there’s no national sovereignty to speak of. Any violation of human rights is a crime against humanity.

Japan Has a Mission to Save Humanity Against China
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