Interview:Chinese Soldiers Camouflage as Myanmar Soldiers to Slaughter Myanmar Citizens

It seems like the Myanmar military coup erupted out of nowhere. What is actually happening at the scene of the action?

Myanmar’s pro-democracy activist confesses a surprising truth that Japanese media are reluctant to report.


Pro-democracy Activist
Win Kyaw

Joined the Myanmar pro-democracy movement in 1988. Afterwards, moved to Japan while continuing to support the movement in his home country. Also partakes in activities to support Myanmar students studying abroad in Japan.

Q: You participated in pro-democracy movements with Ms. Suu Kyi, and many current parliament members are your pupils. What was the society like when it was governed by the military administration of the Armed Forces?


It was a “controlled society,” a tragedy. For example, if you wanted to spend the night at a certain house, you had to submit a request to the military and get pre-approved. It wasn’t uncommon for the military to barge into your homes, count the number of shoes and check that the house only had the registered number of people. In addition, they sold motorcycles owned by civilians without permission, and the citizens basically had no human rights.

Under the military administration, many Myanmar citizens traveled to Japan and Western countries and experienced democratic societies first-hand. These young people who learned the value of freedom are at the center of pro-democracy movements today. They want many of their fellow, suffering comrades to know the value of democracy. They yearn to realize democracy in their homeland, Myanmar.

In 2015, I was able to vote for the first time and saw the birth of the NLD administration. At that moment, I was so happy and wanted democracy to last forever. That is why I will firmly stand against the military coup that stole this away and crushed the people’s human rights. I cannot let this movement end so easily for the future of Myanmar.


Coup to Uphold the Lifestyles of Military Personnel

Q: Why did the coup occur?


If the NLD administration continued, the influence of the Armed Forces would weaken in parliament and income from bribery for military personnel would reduce, starting from the executives. The police also favor the military administration since many of them go to military-affiliated corporations after their retirement, and thus their lifestyles in later years depend on it.

As retirement approached the Armed Forces’ Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Hlaing, he visited Ms. Suu Kyi, asking her to make him president so he can maintain his earnings prior to the coup. It is said that the military started a coup and slaughtered many citizens because Ms. Suu Kyi rejected this request. In other words, this military coup was created to maintain the lives of military personnel.

The other factor was that the Suu Kyi administration was trying to become independent from China. The majority of the income from military-affiliated companies comes from Chinese capital.

For instance, the national gas and crude oil pipelines that run through mainland Myanmar were built under a contract which gave 75 percent of income to China, 15 percent to the Myanmar Armed Forces and 10 percent to the Myanmar government. Ms. Suu Kyi amended this contract so that China’s share went down to 49 percent, the military to zero percent and the Myanmar government to 51 percent.


Anticipated image of the pipeline

The pipeline is essential for China’s economic infrastructure strategy, the Belt and Road Initiative (see below figure). The Myanmar Armed Forces safeguard this infrastructure, shooting any civilians nearby. The military is criticized for this as being “China’s pawn”.

Furthermore, China is trying to construct a dam on the upper side of Irrawaddy River in northern Myanmar. Not only does this construction severely damage the environment, but it also will send 90 percent of the electricity generated to China’s Yunnan Province for some reason. Many Myanmar people including the Suu Kyi administration opposed this.

China, who still wants to carry forth this plan, forcibly proceeded using Myanmar’s Armed Forces. It is already as though the planned construction site in northern Myanmar is “China’s territory,” with people being prohibited from entering and leaving freely.

There are many more of these examples, and Chinese capital is infiltrating Myanmar’s economy. The Suu Kyi administration tried to change this. Almost all Myanmar people know this fact, so they are protesting against the coup as well as against China.

China must find these protests infuriating. There was an incident where a Chinese factory caught on fire, but this was part of China’s plan to use the Myanmar people’s anti-China sentiment. If the factory is burned, they will earn fire insurance and can also propagate the lie that citizens turned into mobs and destroyed the factory, thereby justifying the military’s coup. China is constantly using unfair tactics like this.




‘Sanctions Are Ineffective’: A False Claim

There were a lot of witnesses reporting that Chinese soldiers wearing Myanmar military uniforms mingled with the Armed Forces, and photos were captured of the Chinese army providing weapons and vaccines to the Armed Forces. No matter how we look at it, China is the mastermind behind the coup.

Myanmar’s military oppression cannot be tolerated by any means, but the scale of this situation goes beyond the single nation of Myanmar. I have emphasized to the Japanese media many times that China is behind the coup, but they never mention it. I would like the Japanese people to know that China is invading Asia and take action.

Q: However, the Japanese government fears that sanctioning the Armed Forces will drive them to side with China.


The Armed Forces are already on China’s side. The Japanese government should realize that negotiating with them is pointless. Almost all of the Myanmar people want Japan and the international community to impose strong sanctions on the military.

The Liberty is advocating for the Self-Defense Force to be dispatched off the coast of Myanmar. I cannot be more grateful for this recommendation, and all of the Myanmar people will be delighted if it is realized.


Mr. Win Kyaw (center front) welcomes Ms. Suu Kyi (left) on her visit to Japan.


A made-in-China bullet used by the Armed Forces. There are many other photos on social media implying Chinese involvement.


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Interview:Chinese Soldiers Camouflage as Myanmar Soldiers to Slaughter Myanmar Citizens
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