Unknown to World China’s True Identity

China hides their horrendous national plans and weaknesses with Internet censorship. However, this clearly shows their fear of the system collapsing when information is disclosed. Now is the time for a “Paper Revolution” to overcome digital censorship and aim for democratization.
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  • Three Pieces of Evidence That Prove COVID-19 Is a Biological Weapon
  • Covid-19 May Be Followed by an Enhanced Ebola Virus
  • The Horrors of China Turning Humans into ‘Monsters’


Three Pieces of Evidence That Prove Covid-19 Is a Biological Weapon

It was revealed in the 2021 February issue that China is using the coronavirus to wage world war. In this issue, we introduce in three parts of evidence that proves, without a doubt, that Covid-19 was created as a biological weapon.


1.Covid-19 Is a Combination of Several Viruses

There remains a mystery for researchers around the world: how did the novel coronavirus infect human beings?

The most promising origin of the coronavirus is a Chinese bat virus known as RaTG13 (has 96 %-match with the coronavirus gene sequence).

However, the virus will never directly transfer from a bat to a human. Therefore, China spread the “natural origin theory” that claimed that the virus spread naturally from bats to some other intermediate animal, then to human beings to the rest of the world. The “biological weapons theory” advocated by ex-Hong Kong University virus researcher, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, denies this head-on (later escaped to the U.S. sensing that her life was in danger. See the column below).


Remodeled to ‘1000 Times Infectivity’

According to Dr. Yan’s papers, the coronavirus is indeed based off a bat virus (a type called ZC45 or ZXC21 instead of RaTG13 as mentioned above), but the spike proteins on the protrusion that invades human cells have very similar sequence to that of the SARS virus (see below figure).


What is interesting is that the protruding parts of the virus have four “letter” in its amino acid sequences that cannot exist under normal circumstances, which make it 1000 times more contagious to human beings than the original coronavirus (*1).

In addition, some experts claim that some part of the coronavirus’ structure is similar to that of a highly virulent bird flu and HIV, making it more likely for those infected to fall ill.

Combining these completely different viruses together at last created the coronavirus that is both extremely contagious and harmful. This binding of completely different viruses cannot occur organically. According to Dr. Yan, artificial synthesis is the only plausible explanation.

As a note, the claim that the coronavirus originated from the bat virus RaTG13 was merely a claim made by the researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

It has been pointed out that China already destroyed any evidence that the coronavirus leaked from the virology lab, making it impossible to confirm that such a bat virus even exists. This may well be a camouflage to popularize the natural origin theory while wiping out the biological weapons theory.

Footnote 1: Essay, “SARS-CoV-2 and bat RaTG13 spike glycoprotein structures inform on virus evolution and furin-cleavage effects”


2.The Existence of CRISPR, Which Leaves Behind No Evidence

You might be wondering, “Is it really possible to create an artificial virus?” It is entirely possible, however, with a genetic engineering technology called CRISPR.

CRISPR can freely modify the DNA of any living thing on Earth. Moreover, the change is indistinguishable from a natural mutation, leaving behind no trace that the genes were artificially modified. Experts point out that this technology can be used to create the virus without leaving behind any evidence, as Dr. Yan stated.

“Technologically, it is possible to artificially mutate the coronavirus to bypass PCR tests and target particular races,” said Nariyoshi Shinomiya, a professor at the National Defense Medical College (*2).


Astonishing 96 Percent False-Negative PCR Test Rate

For example, the B117 strain that exploded in the U.K. since the end of last year has spread throughout the country because of the frequent occurrence of false negative PCR tests. According to U.K.’s three test locations, the false-negative rate was reported to be as high as 96 percent. As Dr. Shinomiya recounted, the virus can be artificially mutated using gene editing technology to intentionally bypass PCR tests and gain entrance into other countries.


Reasons for Severity Differences by Race

In addition, it is another mystery that symptom levels of the coronavirus widely vary between Western nations, India and Japan; this can be explained with CRISPR technology. It has been pointed out many times that “China has probably done research to make it as unlikely as possible for them to catch the coronavirus and as likely as possible for Westerners to catch the coronavirus” (*3). One piece of research strikes out from this perspective. It argues that “the ancient Neanderthal gene makes it at most three times more likely for the coronavirus to worsen.” The percentage of people with the Neanderthal gene is especially high in Southern Asia (around India), where there are many infected people, followed by Europe and the U.S. Conversely, the numbers infected in China and Japan are extremely low (*4). To summarize, the varying severity of the virus depending on country can be explained by genetic differences.

If China can use CRISPR technology to synthesize a virus that specifically reacts to specific genes (for instance the Neanderthal), then a biological weapon targeting a specific race is complete.

It is common knowledge in the medical community that China has been desperately collecting genetic information from foreigners in recent years by hacking U.S. health insurance companies, for example. Given this fact, it seems reasonable to assume that China succeeded in developing a virus to target a specific race, and Covid-19 was its first product.

Footnote 2: From the Yomiuri Quarterly Summer Issue, 2020.
Footnote 3: R.A. Goal’s spiritual massage, recorded Jan. 1, 2021.
Footnote 4: Thesis published in the English scientific journal, Nature, on Sept. 30, 2020.


3.Stated as long as 20 Years Ago, ‘We Will Use Biological Weapons against the U.S.’

China has a long history of biological weapons research. In fact, this topic has been consistently and systematically tackled for around 20 years specifically as a strategy against the U.S.

In a top-secret speech to a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2003, Mr. Chi Haotian, who served as the Minister of National Defense despicably said, “We are not as foolish as to want to perish together with America by using nuclear weapons. Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.” (*5). He also suggested they work on the development of biological weapons targeting Anglo-Saxons to bring down the West.

Behind these statements is the looming, serious crisis that China cannot secure a place to live because of their rapidly increasing population and destruction of nature. The only way to overcome this is to secure new land and disperse the population, Mr. Haotian said. The most bothersome existence to achieve its goal is the U.S. It can be said that China has steadily developed viral weapons to weaken the U.S. as secretly as possible.


Why Natural Origin Theory Gained Popularity

In the first place, there are many contradictions to the theory that the coronavirus originated naturally. When the infection was first discovered in Wuhan, it was said that the infection came from bats traded at the market. However, Wuhan does not have a habit of eating bats, and China has not yet disclosed information on “patient zero”. Furthermore, they have twice and thrice changed their explanation for the origin of the coronavirus, and now blatantly claim that “the frozen food imported from the U.S. brought the virus into their nation.”

Many scientists and medical practitioners have not yet discovered the truth behind the coronavirus. It is unbelievable for most people to think that China would commit such a mass murder on a global scale (*6). They assume that China cannot plan such brutality, and firmly hold on to the belief that the coronavirus originated organically no matter the amount of evidence that comes out.

However, when considering the abnormalities of the atheistic nation China, (such as superhuman soldiers, etc.), which will be discussed later, in the part of “The Horrors of China Turning Humans Into ‘Monsters’“, the emerging information examined from an unbiased standpoint will clearly show that China is using the coronavirus to wage world war. The world must immediately realize this truth.

Footnote 5: Indian magazine, Great Game India, February 2020.
Footnote 6: From the spiritual reading by Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa, “Yaidron’s True Thought,” released Dec. 28, 2020. Yaidron is a messianic space being.




Covid-19 May Be Followed by Enhanced Ebola Virus


(Image from Dr. Yan’s Twitter)

A leading expert on the theory that the coronavirus was built as biological weapon, Dr. Li-Meng Yan (former researcher of the University of Hong Kong) strongly warns that “the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) owns many, completely different types of viruses.”

According to her remarks in TV or Internet programs such as London Real, a British channel, Dr. Yan stated that many kinds of virus strain candidates are needed even when trying to develop just one type of biological weapon. “An upgraded Ebola virus might come next after the coronavirus,” she said. Ebola has an average mortality rate of 50 percent, making it a deadly virus.

“The virus laboratory in Hong Kong that I worked in could make many kinds of artificial viruses. It had all the tools, materials and technology, just like a kitchen,” Dr. Yan said. In China, 14 research institutes have modified different parts of a viruses’ DNA. It is said that the PLA will assemble them together as a biological weapon.

In 2019, a Chinese scientist working at a Canadian research institute caused an accident during an attempt to bring Ebola back to their own country. In a separate occasion, Major General Chen of the PLA, an expert in Ebola and Anthrax virus, was dispatched to Wuhan. China is enthusiastically studying the Ebola virus.


The Horrors of China Turning Humans into ‘Monsters’

China’s biotechnology-based military revolution does not end with biological weapons. What is the “superhuman soldier” that they are spending immense research money on?

They survive in gunshot-full battlefields even when shot; they continue to fight nonstop without sleep—. China is actually trying to create “super soldiers,” monsters that should only appear in movies.

In an article that the former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, contributed to a U.S. newspaper last December, Mr. Ratcliffe fiercely criticized such Chinese plans and declared, “the People’s Republic of China (PLA) poses the greatest threat to America today.” In addition, PLA expert Elsa Kania specifically pointed out that “there are indications that Chinese military researchers are starting to explore its (CRISPR’s) potential [to increase human capabilities on the future battlefield ]” (*7), stimulating public discussion.

The paper stated that “[a Chinese researcher] argues that because CRISPR holds such ‘great potential’ [for human performance enhancement], China must ‘seize the initiative'” (*8). Jennifer Doudna, who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for establishing the CRISPR technology, also admits that CRISPR can be used to modify human genes and expand human capabilities. This may sound like a fantasy, but China’s bioresearch level has already risen to alarming heights.


Experiments with Modified Animals

In China, animal experiments utilizing CRISPR technology have already been reported, which may a precursor for superhuman soldiers. For instance, they have manipulated animal genes to remodel their organs into something similar to a human’s to use in human organ transplantation. Qihan Biotech, a Chinese company focusing on this research, raised large amounts of funds in 2019 to continue their research.

Moreover, China reports that “animals with abnormally increased muscle mass and chimeric species, obtained by crossing different animals, were born through genome editing.” They say that they limit their experiments to animals, but if they are moving forward with the PLA’s concrete plan, it is only a matter of time before it will be applied to humans. It is horrifying to think that human experimentation is actually conducted.


Has Human Experimentation Begun?

As Mr. Chang, an expert on China-related matters stated, China bred the world’s first genetically modified baby through genome editing. The developer was imprisoned after receiving criticisms from an ethical standpoint from all over the world. However, there is no doubt that research on human genome editing is continuing under the surface backed by the Chinese government (PLA).

Last December, a human enhancement plan was revealed by the BGI Group, China’s largest biological research institute, and it is said that 58 genome-edited babies were born. Considering that a messianic space being, Yaidron, spoke in a spiritual message that “in reality, human experimentation has already begun a long time ago,” there is high possibility that the animal experiments are already being applied to humans. Even though there are ethical concerns to this experimentation, China can easily conduct them because of their secretive nature.

Mass production of clone troopers, like those from Star Wars, awaits us beyond human modification. In other words, these are soldiers with identical faces and strong bodies who never fall… Such a plan may steadily be in progress. Impossible, you might think. But at the core of atheism and communism is the belief that humans can be looked upon as animals or robots.

Footnote 7: Referring to genome editing technology, CRISPR-Cas9. Genetic information can be freely manipulated with this technology.
Footnote 8: Elsa Kania and Wilson VornDick’s paper, “China’s Military Biotech Frontier.”


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